The company behind one of our favorite products just launched its Health Tag, a tiny tracker designed to stick with you 24/7

A software update brings phone-free music experience to the Watch

The new Watch is a more sophisticated fitness tracker than its predecessor, with an updated operating system, upgraded hardware, and cellular connectivity. But will it be enough to win over athletes?

Over two years after introducing the Watch, Apple has finally made it the ultimate fitness wearable

One of the leading labs in health and food science is under fire for shoddy research. The implications for the science community and journalists who report on the field are vast. But how much does the research matter for the average person?

The newest crop of wearables are cleverer than ever. (Spire) Spire The Spire won’t measure heart rate or really anything beyond the number of steps you’ve taken. But it will analyze your breathing, providing a constant record of your stress levels. When the pebble-size sensor notices you’ve gone awhile without taking a…

Our online editor was sent a summer’s worth of coffee to share with the office. On National Coffee Day, he finally owns up to why it never made the rounds.

Sponsored by Senators Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch, the Human-Powered Travel in Wilderness Areas Act would give local land managers the discretion to allow mountain bikers into wilderness areas

Everything an adventure companion needs for out-of-town journeys

In Jay Blahnik's first extended interview since Apple hired him to help launch the Watch, the company’s director of fitness for health technologies insists activity tracking is overemphasized, elite athletes have a sitting problem, and the real breakthrough apps for the device will probably be created outside of Cupertino.

After three years of failing on the slopes, online editor Scott Rosenfield finally discovers the beauty—and pain—of downhill skiing.

With times of 2:04:11 and 2:24:35, respectively

The hardware was mostly predictable, but the software could transform workout data

Blame the late introduction of the Under Armour suits, plus other crucial mistakes

Author of The Snow Leopard and regular Outside contributor

After 150 days and 3,750 miles at sea

Vail, Taos, and other resorts report dusting

Enough drinking water to last 70 years

Companies reporting increased sales

Presidents allegedly hid doping and solicited bribes

Missing in the Santa Fe National Forest

Details regarding his ex-wife and UCI presidents

Skis for the fist time since injury

300 Firefighters Join Yosemite Lines

Boasts cheap venue space and top flight security

Hampered by rain and lack of chairlifts

Funds for Desert Conservation Center running out

Giant sequoias and drinking water at risk

Was set to collaborate with "Frontline"

But only 2 blood transfusion tests given

9th attack in the state this year

Animals are dying at a rate 7 times higher than usual

Protects against diabetes and heart disease

Doubts the performance of most athletes

A week outside resets your body's biological clock

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Will cease to sanction mountain bike events through the body

More animals have been spotted in recent months

Four riders appeared on the list of 1998 positives