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The film crew fights the Bering Sea to make Discovery's top-rated series.

The Anti Cam is ready for testing. Matt is about to find out whether his vision is pipe dream or possibility.

How to prevent the cold from wearing down your batteries.

Outside's K9, Danger, trains for mountain search and rescue. By Allison Otto, Outside Serac Adventure Film School…

Climbers talk about the relationship between break ups and climbing.

Colin Haley used the Cascades as a springboard onto the world's hardest-to-reach summits.

Conrad Anker, Renan Ozturk, and Jimmy Chin weather a storm while attempting an unclimbed route up India's Meru Peak.

Snowboarder Jonaven Moore searches for the perfect line

Walker fights his final battle on the summit.

Interviews with Alex Johnson, Chris Sharma, and Bohannon about climbing.

Kayaker Paul Kuthe wakes up in the middle of the night to find water rising around his tent.…

Perfect tube rides in Caroline Islands from TGR's 06 surf film Shack Therapy…

Athletes navigate down chutes and around spires of the Mount Aspiring National Park region of the Southern Alps.

Outside sat down with Dos Equis spokesman Jonathan Goldsmith

Chinese climbers Zuda Ma and Xuhua Pan compete in the Bouldering World Cup. By David Harris, Outside Adventure Film School…

Advice on how to get a mixture of shots to give supporting footage context.

Photographer Jeff Lipsky on shooting Jack Johnson for Outside's cover.

A year after her last surgery, Anya is back in form, sending hard, tall and proud problems.

Advice on types of gloves to wear for cold weather filming.

A professor goes on a vision quest to switch career gears. By Dr. Dave Stephan, Outside Serac Adventure Film School…

Getting access to high profile athletes.

Whether he's on glassy Indonesian waves or fresh Bachelor powder, 61-year-old Gerry Lopez understands the ins and outs of carving.

An exclusive clip from Masters of Stone VI…

November in Whistler was one of the best months of skiing ever, yet Jonaven Moore was no where to be found.

Director Michael Brown gives advice on making a great adventure film.

The most physically and emotionally demanding day of Bill Barkeley's life.

First Ascent kayaker Ben Stookesberry and crew venture into an 8,000-foot gorge for a first descent.

Ian Walsh surfs Maui's Jaws in TGR's 2006 film Shack Therapy…

An all out race to the finish, a day of tricks, and jet boating after the event.

Bikers turn tricks and catch big air at the Slopestyle competition. By Troup Wood , Outside Adventure Film School…

Advice on how to shoot close-ups of your subject's face.

Go behind the scenes of our December 2007 cover.

Kelly Slater, the Malloy brothers, and others star in this documentary about catching Ireland's biggest waves.

Getting key shots requires staying motivated in cold weather.

Dave Hahn on Everest and the guiding life. By John Gates, Outside Serac Adventure Film School…

Getting the shots you need for a great adventure film.

Ultrarunner Krissy Moehl experiences a lifetime of joy, tedium and wonder during 100-mile races.

An intimate look inside one of the most successful Mount Everest expeditions ever.

Skiers and snowboarders try to best each other with big air and high-flying tricks.

The best places to shoot from to capture drama and perspective.

Colin Haley prepares for Patagonia.

Mikala Jones & Peter Hayes hit the waves in TGR's 2006 surf film Shack Therapy…

Anglers strategize over the best flies to use for the fly-fishing comp. By Arik Skromme, Outside Adventure Film School…

Advice on how to set up your lighting to make your subject comfortable.

Photographer Jeff Lipsky shoots the Friday Night Lights star.

Rush Sturges, Tyler Bradt, and co. star in this new movie about pushing the limits of whitewater kayaking.

Skier Chris Davenport stars in the trailer to the new documentary from Granite Films.

A look into the life of gear testing in the outdoors. By Kyle Dickman, Outside Serac Adventure Film School…

Tino Specht prepares for a freestyle event.

Haunted by George Mallory's story, Conrad Anker heads to Everest to unravel the mysteries surrounding his disappearance.

A hysterical behind-the-scenes look at the making of Gone Missing.

Follow an expedition to ski North Africa's highest peak.

How to balance risk when making an adventure movie.

How to think ahead and gain an edge when filming.

Krissy takes on Western States, a 100-mile ultramarathon.

John Harlin III climbs the mountain that claimed his father's life.

How to shoot a conversation to avoid confusing the viewer.

The creator of the Slopestyle course breaks down how it was built. By Steve and Brody Zaccardi, Outside Adventure Film School…

Advice on how to shoot close-ups of different body parts.

 Mark Synnott, James Pearson, and Alex Honnold join Jimmy Chin and Camp 4 Collective to climb the towers in Chad’s Ennedi desert. Read Synnott’s account of the trip in Outside‘s April issue.

A new film to inspire and captivate all who love the sport of flyfishing.

A preview for Teton Gravity Research's 2006 ski and snowboard film…

A photographer's cautionary vision of outdoor fun. By Paolo Marchesi, Outside Serac Adventure Film School…

Pro kayakers Dustin Urban, Eric Jackson, and Specht land big tricks.

A new series by Fitz Cahill and Bryan Smith explores the lives of five adventure athletes as they push their limits.…

A sneak peak at Gone Missing: Vanished in Papua airing November 2.

How to vary shots and edit them together.

How planning can improve your summit shot.

Matt has three shiny pieces of gear, a renewed enthusiasm, and a date with the guillotine flake.

A film about Teton Gravity Research's 10 yrs in Jackson Hole…

A small elite fraternity of high-altitude skiers climb the highest peaks in the world in pure Alpine style, carrying their skis for the trip down.

Alec Puccio returns to Teva to defend her Bouldering World Cup title. By Austin Haugh, Outside Adventure Film School…

Kayaking's first family travels the country competing in whitewater events.

Alpinist Colin Haley faces the routes that scare him most.

Follow four athletes in different extreme sports on this adventure series. For more go to…

Chris Collins's triple back flip on skis in TGR's '06 ski/snowboard film, Anomaly.

Ed Lucero and other whitewater kayakers push the envelope for life. By Sam Bricker, Outside Serac Adventure Film School…

A cruiser and a mountain biker team up to check out Vail's bike scene.

Kayaker Paul Kuthe started canoeing as a small child with his father before graduating to whitewater kayaking and picking his own lines.

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