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We both break the law from time to time. But it's not even close to a one-to-one exchange.

When it comes to killing with cars, anything goes as long as you’re sober

Spend any time on Twitter and you'll quickly conclude that everyone is outraged about everything. It's time we put that energy to use in the real world.

The Supreme Court nominee wrote a troubling diatribe in 2013 against workers' rights

Maine’s coast is one of the last border disputes between Canada and the United States.

If the BSA wants to welcome female Scouts, it needs to start now—not next February

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A sincere discussion about the ethics, practicalities, and responsibilities of packing heat on the trail

Statistics from Los Angeles County demonstrate just how deadly doing it for the ‘Gram can be

The Time to Vote campaign, which includes almost 150 companies, gives employees time off to vote in the midterm elections

Nearly a century ago, a small group of women pilots flew terrifying early airplanes, broke flying records, and raced—and beat—male pilots in air races

Idaho issued only a single bear tag, but conservationists are still concerned about the consequences of picking off just one bear in a state that has played an outsize role in grizzly management

Want to de-bro cycling? Build more and better bike lanes.

Last week, surfing became the latest sport to close the prize-money gender gap. So where does that put us on the greater path to equality in sports?

Hugo was the worst hurricane to ever hit the U.S. Florence could be worse.

When it comes to riding a bike, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do

Think the death of specialty outdoor retail has been foretold? Don't let your favorite local shop go down without a fight.

Why helmet giveaways are an act of surrender

For decades, women in the Forest Service and U.S. Department of Agriculture have been trying to bring justice to those who have discriminated against them. A new investigation reveals that the inaction is due to a much larger problem: a system set up to make their complaints go away.

And I resent that I’m safer in the woods than I am in the place I live

Adjust your mindset and your bike will follow

For decades, the staff of Grand Canyon National Park has lived with a culture of bullying and harassment. Can the park's first female superintendent heal the old wounds?

When it comes to committing seemingly minor infractions while operating a vehicle, it only takes a split second to kill a cyclist

Last week, the Interior Secretary outlined his ideas on what causes wildfire. Here's what he's right and wrong about.

Newly created state offices are promoting outdoor recreation as a major contributor to local economies and the public good, but they need a lot more support to be successful

In today's carbon-framed fat-tubed push-button bicycle landscape, it can be difficult to find a bike that truly stands out. Enter the Drysdale Special.

The organization posted two videos in response to an article I wrote last week. Let's review what its representatives said about me and the story.

What did I learn after watching every stage of this year’s three-week race? The supertuck needs to go, Peter Sagan is as entertaining as ever, and Stage 17 was epic.

These women chose to have both a family and a job as a pro skier or mountain guide. But they're often subjected to a public narrative that either villainizes or discredits their decision.

There’s still joy in riding a bike that’s out of style

Brands need to do more to prove they're using this imagery in a respectful way—and hiring Indigenous people to design it

Outdoor towns tend to be overwhelmingly homogenous, which can make for a tough decision for people of color who want to move somewhere they can play outside

America's proudest tradition should never be used as an excuse for anti-American politics

Major outdoor companies like Patagonia, REI, and others say they’re committed to building a workforce that reflects the makeup of America. Are they doing enough?

Most people are pro-bike—it’s time to stop pretending otherwise

Most of mountaineering's teachers are white, but one group wants to change that through new hands-on workshops

The new mega fires raging across the West are polluting the air above states like Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming the worst

One-upmanship on social media reaches its logical conclusion. Again.

It's the most powerful conservation tool in the world—and it needs to be updated

Roadside shrines marking the site of cycling tragedies are showing up everywhere, a sign of how little progress we've made in making biking safer. It's time we organize.

We believe protecting public land and the environment matters

And neither are cargo bikes. It's time to let go of this silly notion once and for all.

Citizens of the island nation Kiribati have already had to evacuate their homes due to sea-level rise.

The third annual International World Extreme Sports Medicine Congress confirmed our collective willingness to wreck ourselves in pursuit of stoke

Encouraging children to race bikes would make the country—and the world—a better place

The 33-year-old started running as a way to cope with depression. Then she launched Harlem Run. Now she wields the sport as a tool to help the whole country.

The problem isn’t dockless bikes. It's dockless cars.

A new collaboration with The North Face will offer programs to earn badges in outdoor skills like backpacking, rock climbing, and trail running

As a reporter, I’ve been taught to keep my opinions to myself. But I’ve also visited Alaska's McNeil River—the world's greatest brown-bear sanctuary—and to hold my tongue about its possible destruction would make me complicit in the death of something truly remarkable and wild.

Marinel de Jesus, writer at 'Brown Gal Trekker' and a CEO, invites outdoor industry leaders to take concrete measures toward promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion

The Minnesota basketball coach launched Asiya, a brand with the goal of making playing sports better for hijab-wearing women everywhere

Drivers think cyclists hold up traffic. It’s actually the other way around. How many bikes do there have to be in order for us to realize that?

Think the effects of a warming planet are only theoretical? If you spend any time recreating outside, they're suddenly everywhere you look.

Rob Katz, CEO of Vail Resorts, on why smart, ethical immigration policies are required to keep ski towns healthy throughout the United States. Politicians, listen up.

The founder of Native Women's Wilderness talks about how she developed her organization and how far we still have to go

He may want to save the world, but the Tesla CEO’s distaste for traffic and clickbait could destroy us all

If we truly want more women in this sport, it's time to change the system for entering races

Outdoor Afro is dedicated to bringing inclusion and diversity to the outdoor world.

A 15-year-old who ignited a massive, expensive blaze in Oregon last year was fined $36 million. Does the crime fit the punishment?

Cycling in the afternoon is totally gauche

Fieldwork in far-flung places is exciting and rewarding—until it's not. Only recently have insiders—mostly women—been able to start changing the culture.

A job applicant, Alison Miley, alleges that Craig DeLuca offered her work for sex, and that the company knew about this behavior but allowed it to continue

It's time to lay down some guidelines for what counts as etiquette among rivals, friends, and professional athletes

Does not being moved by a tremendous cycling effort make you some sort of sociopath?

The Boy Scouts of America is dropping the gendered pronoun and allowing girls to be members. The Girl Scouts better adapt fast if it wants to stay relevant.

Pro climber Joe Kinder lost his job for harassing fellow pro Sasha DiGiulian on Instagram. Where do we go from here?

Six women talk about their experiences with harassment while recreating or working in the outdoor industry

What does the end of the 105-year partnership mean for Scouting's future?

Give drivers an inch and they'll take over your whole city