The founder of women’s climbing community Flash Foxy on the problem sexism in climbing gyms

It takes more than dedication to reach the podium. Athletes are bolstering raw talent with finely tuned training plans, power-packed meals, and catamarans that fly over the water.

House bill to sell national forests passes committee

The president of The North Face on President Obama’s support of the National Park Centennial and outdoor recreation

Foreign import tasked with rivaling dominant brown bear

And Charles Lindbergh’s grandson thinks he’s found a quieter way to fly

Who should we blame for the death of the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla? We can start with ourselves.

A new proposal to further entwine the National Park Service and corporate advertisers takes us further down a path we never should have embarked on in the first place

If the owners are responsible, the presence of off-leash dogs can actually make the outdoors a better place

While some groups celebrate the American bison as a conservation success story, we're slaughtering the animals by the thousands

IndefinitelyWild's weekly roundup of news from the outdoors. This week: More on Fort McMurray, the Federal Government's poop fetish, and the real reason Chris McCandless died

IndefinitelyWild’s weekly roundup of new and interesting developments in the outdoors. This week: Grizzly Bears, lionfish, wolves, And Rhinos. Oh my.

IndefinitelyWild’s weekly roundup of new and interesting developments in the outdoors. This week: ultralight tents and New Jersey on fire.

IndefinitelyWild’s weekly roundup of what’s new and interesting in the outdoors. This week: adventure bikes spied and urban spelunking underneath freakin’ Chernobyl.

Protesters have made genetically modified food a bogeyman, but it may be the key to feeding a growing planet

National Park Service director Jonathan Jarvis has ordered a survey to determine if misconduct at the Grand Canyon represents a widespread problem

IndefinitelyWild's weekly roundup of what's new and interesting in the outdoors. This week: how Moby Dick sunk Ahab's ship using his "junk."

The beer maker pulled its latest commercial shortly after launching it

Welcome to the first installment of IndefinitelyWild-on-Outside’s weekly news roundup. Here we'll feature interesting developments in the outdoors, tell you what we’re up to, and give you a peek behind the scenes as we make you great stories. Here we go! For American Visitors, Mexico is Safer than…

A new initiative aims to bring lumberjack fitness to city folk. How much eye-rolling should follow?

The animals currently face two great threats to their survival: global warming, and the U.S. government

One of nature’s most captivating big cats is so inbred that the species may be doomed

The California Coastal Commission's decision to oust its executive director has set in motion a chain of events that could change the character of the state's iconic coastline

Efforts among lawmakers across the west to help mule deer populations by allowing hunters to bag coyotes and mountain lions won’t work—it never has

After making billions of dollars in revenue from our national parks, Delaware North Companies is aiming to extort the federal government for even more. Enough is enough.

It's expensive, demanding, and in the eyes of the many cities that have refused to throw their hats into the five-ring circus, a total scam

A new bill could allow pipelines to make their way into your favorite wild lands

As the Paris talks continue, the brand's president calls for a concerted effort to bring about real change

Without hard numbers to demonstrate the value of our public lands and the recreation they support, Congress won’t take our needs seriously

Pro skier Angel Collinson lays out how the state’s refusal to obey federal clean air standards is costing athletes, businesses, and visitors

From the Sierra Club: The best way we have of maintaining recreation areas across the country is in danger of being cut off entirely.

When you’re stuck in the backcountry and need help, several states could bill you for the trouble of saving your life. It’s worth knowing where you might be held liable.

Three men BASE jumped from the One World Trade Center in September 2013. Six months later they were arrested. Their ongoing—and, many would say, harsher than necessary—legal battle raises the question: How serious a crime is leaping off a building?

It's time pro women got an equal number of slots to compete in triathlon's premiere World Championship event.

It's time for their doors to be shut once and for all

Climate change and the global demand for oil will persist whether or not Keystone is built

A hydrologist lays out why Great Plains groundwater is safe from possible leaks in the pipeline

It's been a national park for 50 years. One more step will ensure that it's safe forever.

The grizzlies of Yellowstone are about to be removed from the endangered species list. The surprising thing: that's probably for the best.

Plastic toys, on the other hand, rule! That's the takeaway from a recent Toys"R"Us advertisement. Fortunately, some recent public policy changes bode well for getting kids in need more than free toys.

The paragliding community is spitting mad about a video that purports to show a paramotor provocateur chasing and assaulting an owl for nearly seven minutes. But how do you identify the guy?

Cats are being blamed for killing billions of birds and small mammals in the United States every year, but off-leash, free-roaming, and feral dogs are responsible for a fair bit of damage to wildlife, too

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The world's best gymnast is a 16-year-old African American. Shani Hilton explains just what that means.

The best stories, videos, and photos I didn't post—until now. OLYMPICS A sprint and a leap into unknown, The New York Times  One of the most dangerous roads to the Olympics, The Christian Science Monitor  Meet…

https://youtube.com/watch?v=9YVp3U_5mqI The best stories, videos, and photos I didn't post this week—until now. ADVENTURE Allow South Sudanese runner Guor Marial to compete in the Olympics Marathon, Change.org Guor Marial to compete in the Olympics, ESPN Summit of Nanga Parbat and…

Through years of misinformation, they've gotten lumped in with ATVs, snowmobiles, and other maligned vehicles

In the wake of the Caster Semenya gender controversy, the International Olympic Committee is in the process of convening a panel of medical experts to draw up a set of guidelines for future issues surrounding gender ambiguity.  In…

A peek inside the dog-eat-dog world of archaeological sleuths, historic aircraft buffs, and serial entrepreneurs trying to solve the mystery of what happened to one of the greatest aviators of the 20th century