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Andrew Taylor is a 30-year-old mountain biker who has spent the last two years on the road. This is the rig that made it possible.

It comes down to better organization, capacity, and accessibility

Thinking about designing your own rig? Here are some tips from a pro.

Each year, Flagstaff, Arizona, turns into an overlanding mecca for a weekend. Last week I set out in search of the sweetest, most eye-catching vehicles at the event. They weren't hard to find.

The ceiling can hold us, so we're throwing tents up there.

Maximize your under-the-bed storage by choosing gear that packs small without compromising on function

From Expedition Overland, this episode of Oh Hey There with Jeff walks through the Adventure Trailers Habitat Truck Topper.

Design, luxury, and practicality—all for $600 per month

These things from Go Fast Campers can actually go off-road

The trucks, SUVs, and crossovers that keep going when the pavement ends

This new Jaguar E-Pace is also the roomiest small crossover

Big SUVs are a necessity for some families. Finally, they drive as well as they haul.

And how you can do it, too, for $120K less

The legendary Mercedes SUV gets softer and more manageable for more drivers

Move over, Tacoma. There’s an all-new Ranger in town.

A small but mighty subculture navigates a lot more than the unpredictable conditions of living on the road

Nine small but useful essentials

The all-new 4x4 is the best Jeep Jeep has ever made

Free up some space inside your car by storing your gear on top

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Overlanding, where you use your vehicle to explore and camp in off-the-grid spots, can be done in almost any car or truck. At Tactical Application Vehicles, Walt Wagner specializes in helping people decide which upgrades are necessary, and then carefully adds those new components to their rigs.

The all-new 2018 Wrangler will be more capable both on- and off-road

The new three-row car is the largest Subaru has ever made

Forget the cooler. In-car fridges make fresh food way more convenient in the outdoors.

From a $150 cooler to a $645 SUP, this list exclusively features gear that enables adventure.  (Courtesy Isle) Isle Cruiser Soft Top Paddleboard Kit ($645) Why a soft-top SUP? Because you’re not in a race. The Isle Cruiser Soft Top Paddleboard kit includes a paddle and bungees to hold your gear. …

Stuff you can add to your truck to make it better for off-road travel

The first car-based Range Rover honors the brand's off-road legacy, even though the on-road experience could use some improvements

The shell of this Ducati was lovingly hammered from three sheets of raw aluminum and then melded with mahogany veneer panels.

You could turn your Jeep or Tacoma into an off-road beast. Or you could just buy this bad-ass side-by-side buggy instead.

The 18-foot Mantis trailer (from $32,500) is just short enough to fit in a standard garage, but long enough to sleep four adults, and high enough to stand in

Roomy, safe, fast, and affordable, full-size trucks are the ultimate adventure enablers

Cheap, bigger inside than a NYC apartment, and it goes off-road. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well...

This sleek little unit is great weekender, but it’s no match for our 23-foot-long Artemis when it comes to permanent road life

With one of these on the back your truck, you can camp in ultimate comfort even in the most off-the-grid spots

Handcrafted in Italy, the Bike Butler ($4,265) is much more than just a bike hanger. An Elipson IC4 Bluetooth speaker is mounted inside, and there's also a wireless phone charger and four USB ports to charge accessories like bikes lights and a GPS.

Outrageous is the only apt descriptor for this 888-horsepower Mercedes G-Wagon from Brabus ($784,781).

The most luxurious rally car ever made.

A fully electric Volkswagon bus.

A badass Mercedes adventure rig.

A limited edition motorcycle inspired by a jet plane.

Ford Australia is teasing a Ford Ranger Raptor. Could it come to the U.S.?

Electric cars are the future for commuters, but can they go the extra mile on a road trip?

When you're pulling a big trailer, you need a big engine to match

Looking for a practical, versatile car that's luxurious and well-designed? Take the all-new 2018 Volvo XC60 for a test drive.

Not Just Another Badass Adventure Trailer

This Australian teardrop (from $42,300) unfolds like origami into a proper backcountry basecamp.

Gear tips from a couple that’s perfected the art of road life

This Heritage Edition Defender 90 was one of the last Defenders to roll off the line before Land Rover ceased production on the beloved SUV. Now it's for sale.

Here's why you might consider an overlanding trailer: it's heavy to tow, but capable of going almost anywhere. And, once you park and set up camp, you're free to use your truck.

A custom Ducati to benefit the Shiners Children Hospital

A Defender that's just as comfortable on the pavement as it is off road.

This ATV is literally built like a tank

A moped that you can ride like a motorcycle or pedal like a bike.

A crew of our editors recently attended the Flagstaff event to check out the latest overlanding gear and the thousands of vehicles that drove in from around the world. Here are 11 of our favorites.

I spent three months camping with the trailer, which costs a fraction of most of its competitors. Here’s what I found.

A Made-in-America Motorcycle That You Can Actually Afford

Buttoned down, the camper on this Defender 110 ($54,650) doesn't look like much. But once the top goes up and the sides slide out (just like an RV), there's enough room for a bed, shower, toilet, and kitchen. Out back, a rack drops down for an instant wood deck. The whole setup process…

An expedition ready teardrop for less than $10,000.

A seriously badass Jeep Wrangler.

The door handles are water bottles and the arm rest is a sleeping bag

One active couple's tips for life on the road

We drove the luxury Italian brand's first SUV in the snowy Alps

Transform your dirt bike into a bona fide snowmobile for less than $4,000

The perfect car for outdoor lovers just got even better

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