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The pro climber took to the red carpet wearing a wool and stretch-cotton suit built by designers from the brand's premium lifestyle category

A lucky few will receive $2,000 and gear

The announcement comes weeks after the controversial launch of the organization's outdoor equity pledge

Yes, we realize it's an ad, but we love it anyway

The man who led the retail giant since 2013 abruptly announced on Tuesday that he's resigning due to a mysterious investigation into potential conflicts of interest

Retro tech meets modern looks in the new Kelty Zyp and Zyro

The brand's spring catalog includes a shot of the famous climber scaling a delicate underground formation in Spain. The National Speleological Society is displeased.

We don't get the day off from school anymore, but warm clothes and a few accessories can still make storms fun

Brands get creative showing off their products. Here are a few of our favorite booths from the Denver trade show.

New gear that doesn't cost a month's rent

Emily walks us through the Gear of the Show winners from the 2019 Winter Outdoor Retailer Snow Show

First looks, analysis, and interviews, all delivered from our team at Winter OR

First looks, analysis, and interviews, all delivered from our team at Winter OR

First looks, analysis, and interviews, all delivered from our team at Winter OR

From magnetic skis to e-motorbikes, here's what we're excited about for the coming season

The M1 launched the footwear company we know today

A free trip to Sweden, apparel, lift tickets, a ski lesson, and a plus-one included

Outside has a five-person gear team and a number of contributors dedicated to writing product reviews. But with hundreds of new things launching every year and thousands of excellent previously released ones, we can’t write thorough reviews on everything. Enter Gear Picks, a new curated selection of featured gear that…

Just because your shirt is made from eco-friendly recycled water bottles doesn't mean it won't still end up in a landfill. The Renewal Workshop wants to stop that—which means a cleaner planet and way cheaper gear.

The leisure-focused gear company is liquidating all assets after seven years in business

Trekking the span of the frigid southernmost continent alone and unaided demands durable equipment

Don't travel with your rig without these nine things

The European outdoor-retail behemoth is flooding the U.S. market with $3.50 backpacks. Will wary consumers buy in?

The shoes-for-good company is the latest in a string of outdoor brands taking a stand on hot-button political issues

The apparel and equipment that were fixtures in our kits all year

From an everyday-carry knife to a luxury electric scooter, these are the campaigns that have us most excited this month

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Gifts with stamps of approval from all the 'Outside' moms and dads

The Swedish car-accessories maker says the fan-favorite rooftop tents won't be changing under its ownership

A portable cooler made comfortable. It’s ideal for carrying an icy six-pack on a day hike.

The fabric is knit to form air pockets, offering warming benefits without exposed fibers prone to shedding

The Canadian brand will loan you apparel, backpacks, and more to check out and test before buying

The two-year-old brand makes some of the most comfortable, best-fitting running kit we've tried

In an effort to garner support for brands with women in leadership roles, these female-led companies are banding together Wednesday

After several rounds of judging, this gear came out on top at last week's trade show

The only way to stop gear scammers is to stop clicking their links

The brand is rethinking how green plastic bottles are recycled

Sometimes the best gear comes in small packages—and at low prices

This eight-year-old company has become a fan favorite overseas and is starting to catch on here in the United States

Tough fabrics, comfortable suspension, and intelligent gear storage make these haulers stand out

The synthetic fill is designed to break down once it hits the landfill

A new online feature from the parent company of The North Face, Timberland, and Eagle Creek lays out the complete supply chain for ten iconic products

The blow-up back panel and shoulder straps create cushion and support in a lightweight, packable design

Like fiberglass origami, it snaps together for cooking and folds down to a small square when it’s time to hit the trail

The new women’s apparel we’re testing and loving right now

The Koch Brothers own the company that makes Cordura and its family of durable nylon fabrics, which are ubiquitous throughout the outdoor industry

These innovative products are worth the investment

The Texas-based cooler giant is seeking to raise $100 million in an initial public offering

They’re the best of all worlds, with the straps of a backpack, the capacity of a duffel, and the features of a suitcase

The Bobcat Down trail quilt is one of the lightest on the market

It’s allegedly as strong as a typical cycling lid, but it looks like a baseball cap and squishes down to the size of a water bottle

From camping equipment and running shoes to apparel and accessories, we get to test it all. Here’s what’s on our editors’ desks today.

From dialed fits and soft, wicking materials to intelligently placed pockets, these vests have the features to carry (and offer up) your kit more comfortably

The latest from the original action-camera maker promises unparalleled image stabilization

A cotton-alpaca wool blend gives this top the feel of your favorite everyday knit with the technical properties you need to run

The 100-plus-year-old brand is bringing its trademark quality and burl to a new line of outerwear designed to stand up to your hardest jobs

Days after the big-box retailer announced its new Premium Outdoor Store, at least five brands have dropped from the site

The already big-ticket stuff we love is about to get costlier under proposed new tariffs

The Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, one of the biggest 100-mile races in the world, kicks off Friday at noon ET. Pro runners showed us some of the gear they’ll be using.

Equipped with a new lightweight, low-to-the-ground stand, the classic PK Grill and Smoker is now tailgate-ready

Yesterday, the big-box retailer launched a new gear site with Black Diamond as one of its featured brands, allegedly without permission

The retailer has partnered with Moosejaw to sell product from outdoor-industry icons like Black Diamond and Yakima

After ten months of beta testing, the retailer's re-commerce program is growing up

The recycled-plastic ball picks up synthetic fibers shed from your clothing in the wash—before they go down the drain

The upgrade offers more accurate fitness tracking as well as new smart features, like quick notifications

The Charles are fashionable yet built for play, with a durable frame designed to stay put

Sales of the limited-edition climbing shoes and street shoes go to a nonprofit co-founded by Kevin Jorgeson, to build climbing walls in urban communities

Parent company VF will also bring Eagle Creek, Altra, and JanSport to its new Colorado headquarters

The consumer-friendly iteration of the bestselling S/Lab Ultra shoe is comfortable without added bulk

With waxed cotton fabric and no external pockets, these bags are a far cry from Osprey’s traditional fare

Plastic joint casings from certain production batches could break, causing the chair (and user) to fall

Smith claims these sunnies can help you focus better. Do they actually work?

A new commuter pack, waterproof adventure blanket, dog bowl, and insulated pint glasses round out Yeti's growing collection of lifestyle gear

This European gear giant is trying to disrupt the U.S. outdoor market with its $2.50 backpacks and $49 tents. But is the product any good?

Pins in certain bindings from 2017/18 could break, posing a fall risk

This is the first innovation we’ve seen in closed-cell foam pads in nearly two decades

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