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The consumer-friendly iteration of the bestselling S/Lab Ultra shoe is comfortable without added bulk

With waxed cotton fabric and no external pockets, these bags are a far cry from Osprey’s traditional fare

Plastic joint casings from certain production batches could break, causing the chair (and user) to fall

Smith claims these sunnies can help you focus better. Do they actually work?

A new commuter pack, waterproof adventure blanket, dog bowl, and insulated pint glasses round out Yeti's growing collection of lifestyle gear

This European gear giant is trying to disrupt the U.S. outdoor market with its $2.50 backpacks and $49 tents. But is the product any good?

Pins in certain bindings from 2017/18 could break, posing a fall risk

This is the first innovation we’ve seen in closed-cell foam pads in nearly two decades

No need to simply toss your flips after running them into the ground

We can’t help but get excited about this new featherweight jacket

After years of making some of our favorite running hydration packs, Salomon is launching the Advanced Skin 8 Set

Hefty canvas and denim work apparel is experiencing a resurgence. A panel of experts at Outdoor Retailer explained why.

Don’t let the StairMaster aesthetics fool you: this thing can move

Portraits of five powerhouses you should know about

Sometimes the best gear comes in small packages—and at low prices

Next month a community initiative will present guidelines for companies on how to define, talk about, and respond to inappropriate behavior

Pulling back the curtain on the industry’s biggest product launches

Brands go to great lengths to make their products stand out. Here are the five wildest examples.

The first-of-its-kind approach shoe returns in spring 2019

Heavy-duty and highly visible, the Nordwand Advanced HS jacket is making a splash at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

Essentially a three-person paddleboard base with a mesh tent upper and nylon fly, the Universe is happy on the ground, in the air, and on the water

Once again, our gear editors head to the industry's largest trade show to scope out the latest, greatest outdoor tools and toys

Outdoor Retail Summer Market 2018 is here, and the industry is abuzz about new gear. We hit up Confluence and Commons Parks to get in some testing time.

Last year we featured this bike, calling it “the ultimate toy for big kids.” Now it’s going to be used by law enforcement.

Tough and waterproof, it fits everything you need for a day

The California Stonemaster and Five Ten founder changed the way we all climb

An enduro mountain-biking pack, an adventure-travel duffel, and a hiking pack are coming to shelves this February

Durable fabrics, intelligent design, clean looks, and plenty of storage make this one of the best office-outdoor crossover bags we’ve tried

With ripstop fabric, drain holes, and a water-resistant phone pouch, this endurance-racing vest is ready to get messy

The e-commerce behemoth is on its way to becoming the biggest marketplace for outdoor-recreation products and its influence over the industry grows every day. Is this the apocalypse for the shops and brands that have fueled our love of adventure? Or can they learn to fight back without destroying one another?

We had the chance to see the brand’s new packs, running shoes, hiking boots, and apparel nearly a year before they’ll hit shelves.

New tech automatically adjusts settings to keep the watch in tracking mode longer, without sacrificing accuracy

This rotomolded beast is bigger, tougher, and better insulated than your classic plastic jug

Digital tools to help you get into (and out of) the backcountry

These mailers, made from upcycled vinyl billboards, can be used up to 2,000 times

The goal: to give your trail runner an extra layer of armor

The electric rigs and bike computers are on the latest list of Chinese imports to be slapped with the 25 percent tax

The messaging device uses a pay-as-you-go model that’s more flexible than the monthly contracts required by other companies

Gear companies like Arc'teryx and Gore are desperately seeking ways to enter the approximately $15 billion market. They're making headway, but distributors say they still have a lot to learn.

The Ranger and Scout are designed to bring the trademark Traeger cooking experience to the campground

The family of three watches gets even fancier navigation features, and the 5X Plus gets a pulse oximeter

The textile company launched its Power Fill last year with 80 percent recycled material. Now it’s gone 100 percent.

We got our hands on the British cycling brand’s new commuter gear, which is designed with your gadgets in mind

After two weeks, I learned something: I'd do it again

It's smaller and lighter than its predecessor but still ready to handle the toughest high-alpine conditions

A foundation run by the family of Chris Farley believed that Trek was capitalizing on the late comedian’s name

Through a new program called North Face Renewed, customers can purchase used and refurbished gear online

Judy Gross started LightHeart Gear out of her house in 2006. Today, her shelters are favorites of thru-hikers across the country.

Our favorite ultralight filter gets a welcome upgrade

We got our hands on the first in-house gear from the Utah-based e-retailer.

The products mark the company’s first water cooler and a new addition to its Panga line

The shoe brand worked with a pair of Honolulu artists to incorporate home-grown indigo plants into its fabrics

Four class-action suits claim that the retail giant broke the law when it nixed its lifetime guarantee

Chacos and NRS teamed up on these special-edition sandals in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

We tested the Squamish XL, which is full of tech-oriented features to keep your gear organized and safe while you travel

The partnership between Brooks, HP, and Superfeet uses biomechanical analysis and 3-D foot scanning to create a pair of shoes built especially for you

You're a woman who rides a bike? I'm assuming you've been the target of lewd comments, threats, and maybe even outright assault. It has to stop.

This detachable anchor system makes a bold yet unnerving promise to deliver full-length, single-rope rappels. Is it the holy grail for rappelling or an accident waiting to happen?

The company behind the smart bike helmet just launched a watch. Here's our take.

The Boston tech company is now selling monthly access to its Strap 2.0 data-tracking device

The founder of the Boulder Running Company is opening a new store and merging it with his physical therapy business

The cooler giant is making its famous (and very, very heavy) Tundra more portable

With the X, the company refreshes its flagship device

If you've ever dreamed of operating your own outdoor brand, here’s your chance.

Jackets are getting trimmer and thinner. Are the weight savings worth the money?

Three years after the pioneering ultralight backpacking brand declared bankruptcy, it's relaunching under new ownership

The new collection is durable and ready to haul, with an emphasis on comfort and easy access

The handheld satellite communication device is significantly smaller than its predecessor but has almost the same functionality

The California resort will be the first major bike park in the U.S. to allow the motorized rigs—meaning the war over two-wheeled access to public lands is about to heat up

Depending on the vote Tuesday, some products from big names like Banana Boat and Coppertone could soon be missing from shelves in the Aloha State

The company made a name for itself making replacement lenses for other brands' frames. Now it's making its own shades.

The International Trade Commission passed a restriction on the import of products that infringe upon patents for Nite Ize's popular Steelie family of dashboard electronics mounts

With Yeti in the hot seat over a feud with the NRA, competitors are jumping at the chance to win over new customers by declaring their allegiance to the Second Amendment

The two-person pod is a departure from the brand's traditional aluminum design

The NRA claims that Yeti refuses to sell to its foundation. Yeti begs to differ.

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