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The upgrades to the Apple iPhone 15 series cameras are kind of a big deal

Fixed-length lenses offer higher-quality glass and wider apertures, but they’ll also train you to become a more talented photographer

On paper, the Amazfit Cheetah Pro is the brand’s most complete offering, but does the AMOLED-screened, multi-band GPS watch deliver on its promises?

Sometimes the simplest experience is all you need

Simple and versatile rolltop bags make travel easy

Four testers logged over 1,000 miles in 10 pairs of sunglasses. These stood out from the pack.

Eight testers tried fifteen bags. These ones came out on top.

We’re living in the golden age of digital image making

We tapped a gaggle of testers—from a search and rescue pro to an aspiring tennis star—to sort the top sport watches for any activity

We reviewed 386 pieces of gear. But these ones stood above.

Seven test dogs tried 42 pieces of gear. These ones came out on top.

15 testers tried 17 blades. These ones are a cut above.

We tested 32 new products to find the best audio quality for every listener and budget

A collaboration between Sitka Gear and the James Brand combines the finesse of a chef’s knife with durability in camp

We tested the Garmin Fenix 7X Sapphire Solar and Suunto 9 Peak Pro for months to determine which is the best

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For outdoor excursions big and small, here’s everything you need to be more than ready

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With ZOLEO, you can be off-grid without being out of touch

Ten situations where my powerful pocket flashlight has been just what I needed

Long a staple of quality fixed-blade knives, the grippiest handle material is now adding traction to folding knives, too

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The latest technology from Iridium keeps execs and entrepreneurs online in the most remote parts of the world

COROS just launched the APEX 2 Pro Kilian Jornet Edition, and it comes with the chance to join a 12-week virtual training program with the GOAT himself

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Nature documentary meets virtual reality with Into the Now, a new series by award-winning photojournalist Michael Muller

The activity tracking company received criticism after raising fees based on a user’s region, billing type, and date of signup

Sure, everyone has a light on their phone, but preparedness nerds, we need something more

Snowtrekker’s new release is the perfect portable, wood-burning dry or wet sauna. Fire it up to unwind after a long winter run or cozy up before bed.

Should the Yonder replace your Nalgene?

Who says smartphones take you out of the moment? Used smartly, they can open your mind and make you more present than ever.

Reliable weather apps are crucial for summer adventure-planning, so we spent a month testing dozens to find the best ones

Reusable canisters power our backyard grill, so why not our car-camping stove?

These essentials will make your life a whole lot easier, and more fun, when you’re deep in the backcountry

Garmin's new small satellite communication tool is simpler, but it's their new app that makes the real difference

From binoculars to artisan robes, we put together the ultimate 62 gift ideas so you can spend less time browsing and more time getting outside with your loved ones this season

Help your loved ones brave the cold with these adventure-ready picks

Long travel days are no match for these stylish, convenient accessories

Make your loved ones’ lives easier with these cutting-edge products

The Ultra’s battery life doesn’t measure up to that of other top-end adventure watches, but it still has plenty to offer

We found the most effective tools for getting great workouts in the comfort of your living room, basement or garage

These snow-ready indulgences will revive you after a long day on the mountain

Seven testers took 45 pairs of sunglasses out into the world. These are the ones that came out on top.

Wintry parking lots and cumbersome ski gear have finally met their match

We put a pair of $200-plus haulers up against a ubiquitous $14 box so you don’t have to

Take advantage of the best time of year for exploring by bringing a tool that won’t add any weight to your pack: meet Gaia GPS, a powerful navigation mobile app and website that empowers you to create your own adventures and stay on the trail. Master the app with Outside Learn’s new course.

Thanks to advances in everything from noise cancellation to battery life, they’re my go-to for long runs, long meetings, and long flights

I wore the new Apple Watch Ultra for a week of workouts and a mini-triathlon to see if it was a novelty act for serious endurance and outdoor athletes or a legit contender in the long race

New webbing straps made by a company called Austere offer a tight-cinching alternative when you need to tie things down

Smart upgrades remove most of the frustrations with previous generations of the ubiquitous action camera

Thanks to a new emergency SOS feature and significantly improved camera, Apple’s latest version of the iPhone is a great piece of gear for those of us who spend a lot of time outside

The next time you find yourself camping by a wild body of water, catch your own dinner with this packable fly fishing kit

It carries well, quickly flips open, and gets the job done

The Ultra gets a titanium case, sapphire face, significantly better battery life, and better GPS and off-grid route-tracking features, making it a much more robust backcountry tool

Simple application, nongreasy formula, and a light scent are a winning combination

Less time digging through bags means more time nailing the perfect shot

How a satellite communicator helps me tamp down panic in the wilderness

With these key first aid items, you’ll be significantly safer when heading into the backcountry

In the era of megafires and fire bans, we need a new way to hang out at base camp. Howl Campfires are genuinely warm, easy to transport, and safe to use.

Make your next trip better with these items

Essential gear for any type of summer travel and adventure

You’ll want to know about these earbuds

Here are the nine pieces from the 2022 Summer Gear Guide that our gear editors are obsessing over

The Revolution Go is an ideal machine for toting your favorite records to picnics, park days, or anywhere else under the sun

After months of testing, it’s proven to be everything I need for adventuring. And then some.

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Kick off hiking season with the most revolutionary water filters yet

We reviewed 341 pieces of gear. But these ones stood above.

These bags’ innovative features make them standouts for adventure travel

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The best gear for capturing your adventures