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A plan for a drive-up climbing center on the north side of the mountain also includes the mainstays of a modern resort: lodging, restaurants, and a museum. Is this the future of the world's highest peak?

Professional athletes have more direct influence than ever before thanks to massive social media followings. Now’s the time to start using it.

Fresh off their acquittal in Oregon and emboldened by the election of Donald Trump, the Bundy brothers are promising more extremist takeovers across the West

For decades, the Property and Environment Research Center has extolled the virtues of free-market environmentalism. Could their ideas save our parks?

The Wyoming state government recently released a study weighing the pros and cons of transferring federal lands to the state. The results were unequivocal: it's a terrible idea.

Outdoor tradition or dangerous, polluting, wasteful relic of the past?

Utah-based Mountain Hub is out to crowdsource backcountry safety

Parks are for people, and people today want to be able to share their wildnerness experience with their friends online

Climate change is affecting America’s recreation meccas—from Yosemite to Yellowstone—in profound ways. As the planet heats up and weather patterns shift, so will the ways we interact with the outdoors.

What do you get when you combine VR, Camp 4 Collective, and some of the best extreme athletes in the game? A series of immersive videos that could get more people into both VR and adventure sports.

Deploying genetically modified mosquitoes to stop the spread of Zika is just the tip of the iceberg. Scientists are cooking up all kinds of DNA changes to insects and animals that could benefit humanity.

The government contractor's latest filing indicates that the future of wildfire fighting could involve artillery shells