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Earlier this year, journalist Amelia Arvesen participated in a ride for bicycling safety that ended in tragedy. Months later, she’s still figuring out how to process what she saw.

There’s the pathological response, and there’s the reasonable one

I’ve been unprepared for everything that’s happened to me since a criminal driver plowed into me in July 2019, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that I was also unprepared for the feelings that confronting my attacker in court stirred up

Each one is a reflection of our society—for better or for worse

During the height of the pandemic, bike sales and participation flourished—and things don't appear to be slowing down. Here's what you need to know to kick off your cycling season.

When it comes to public image for our elected officials, being seen on a bicycle is as fraught as a first dinner with the in-laws

The CEO of Thousand shares why she feels passionate about bike helmets

As part of our #2020CyclingDeaths project, we published the obituaries of Melissa Williamson and Coleen Huling, who were killed while riding their bikes. The driver has received a maximum sentence. But outcomes like this are still rare.

In the shadow of tragic events like this, can we raise awareness of the dangers cyclists face without scaring people away from bikes? And how do we maintain our own love of cycling?

A mountain guide, photographer, and cyclist had a sleepy moment on the road that resulted in her seriously injuring another rider. Here’s what she wants every driver to know.

There's a way to do it that won't end in mess and frustration

It took 16 riders several weeks—and countless laps—to find the most comfortable, protective, and versatile lids for downhill, cross-country, and everything in between

Here's the gear that will get you outside and pedaling in no time

Gravel may be all the rage, but nothing teaches you more about being a cyclist than riding on the road

On the bike, laws are secondary and survival is paramount

We keep hearing about the supposed dangers of shared e-scooters, but the numbers tell a different story

They may not seem luxurious in everyday life, but these things are blessings on a bikepacking adventure

Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced what he calls an "audacious" new proposal to address this year’s dramatic rise in cycling fatalities. It must only be the start.

The collaboration could answer some crucial questions about what happens to helmets during a crash and points the way forward for better testing and certification

Is the new construction as effective as Trek claims? Right now, it’s impossible to say.

It's a question of safety numbers versus safety in numbers

There are valid arguments for both wearing and not wearing a helmet. But shaming people for their choices is useless.

Helmets have been mandatory in the pro peloton for well over a decade. Where’s the data that it’s helping?

Lighter, more comfortable designs and high-end safety features make these helmets the best

Hot take! Making cars more dangerous will make our roads safer.

Put the beers in the snowbank. Drinking while shredding—or running or biking—is for Joes, Chads, Barts, and Squis

It not only illuminates your path but also projects a laser bike image on the ground to make sure drivers see you coming

Bike to work, get your exercise in—and look great, too

A group of researchers at Virginia Tech performed rigorous testing on 30 top bike helmets to find out which is the most protective

It’s allegedly as strong as a typical cycling lid, but it looks like a baseball cap and squishes down to the size of a water bottle

Why helmet giveaways are an act of surrender

Roadside shrines marking the site of cycling tragedies are showing up everywhere, a sign of how little progress we've made in making biking safer. It's time we organize.

Essentials to help drivers see, hear, and avoid you on the road

We put together a full, no-comprise setup for under $2,000

How to alert walkers, hikers, and runners to your presence—and why "On your left!" needs to die, already

Proper maintenance is key to keeping your mountain bike riding smoothly and safely. Watch to learn the five things you should always do before hitting the trails.

The Lumos Helmet re-imagines bike safety with its integrated LED brake lights and turn signals.

Eleven experts weigh in with their biggest, craziest ideas—all of which are eminently doable

Bomber, good-looking gear haulers

We sent out our writer Andrew Tillin to see just how easy it is to break a bike lock. Turns out, it was pretty easy.

The new Ellipse comes with a whole suit of smart anti-theft and safety features

The days are significantly shorter. Be prepared for your commute with the right lights and apparel.

Does your chain skip between gears when you pedal, phantom shift, shift twice instead of once, or refuse to shift when you need it to? Here's how to fix it.