The massive global demonstrations planned for its 50th anniversary were canceled. Luckily, there's still plenty that environmentalists can do from home.

From poetry to nonfiction, these books celebrate everything we love about our planet

This year's most at-risk rivers, the Lower Missouri and Upper Mississippi, provide water for millions of people in the Midwest

Surfers Belinda Baggs, Liz Clark, and Moona Whyte​​​​​​​ reflect on their relationship to conservation

For those without a green thumb who want an inexpensive way to grow indoor plants, succulents are the way to go. We put these cuttings in a pot with well-draining, damp soil, and they’re still thriving six months later. Succulents do well inside and generally only need a light watering…

Video producer Emily Reed uses this kit to grow mushrooms because it’s easy to care for and comes with everything you need, including organic soil with oyster mushroom spawn and a spray bottle. Bonus: this makes for a simple, kid-friendly project.

Lessons from Wendell Berry, Wallace Stegner, and my neighborhood trees

The architect Charles Bello has spent the past 52 years restoring forests from logging and protecting the land on his 400-acre Bello Ranch in Northern California. Here's what he's learned along the way.

Electric vehicles are becoming popular among the environmentally conscious, but are they realistic for road trips to more remote destinations? I took my Tesla to Utah to find out.

Get these products for a future trip and their companies will give back to those most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak

The coronavirus package is a missed opportunity to take meaningful action on carbon emissions, putting us decades behind on climate action

Is it tone-deaf to talk about climate right now? Or is this an opportunity to tackle major global problems in tandem?

Ensure your winter gloves last as long as possible with a little TLC

Last year the jackpot was $311,652. Watching ice melt just got really interesting.

As the temperatures warm, heavier snow is likely to become the new normal

The latest film adaptation of Jack London's classic novel is a kid-friendly reminder that wild spaces are important. Harrison Ford, the film's star, is a bit more blunt.

A little goes a long way (for your ego)

'Where I Belong' tracks the affection for wilderness that environmental lobbyist Chris Hill has and what she's doing to defend it

Big brands are investing more and more resources in delivery and curbside pickup. Convenient? Maybe. Good for us? Maybe not.

Allegations of abuse have surfaced at a Bangladeshi factory whose multinational owner manufactures for some of the most popular outdoor brands we love. Here's why that should surprise no one.

With over 8,000 different "sustainable" hotel certifications, how do you know what's greenwashing and what's the real deal? We consulted experts to find out. 

Sustainable finance has finally hit the big time. Is it time to risk your wallet to save the planet?

In 'Cat Tale,' a longtime environmental journalist documents the dramatic saga that brought this state animal back from the brink of extinction

You don't have to spend a lot to show someone you care

Analyzing cuts to the National Park Service, Environmental Protection Agency, and Land and Water Conservation Fund

First Bears Ears, now Slickrock. Why should we trade high-value recreation for low-value extraction in Utah's mountain-bike mecca?

Anxiety, hypochondria, OCD, and travel might sound like a recipe for disaster. But I've seen the world despite my mental health. Here's how I manage my mind on the road.

Despite pending lawsuits, the administration is forging ahead

Artist Jane Kim's massive new mural in San Francisco is an attempt to wake us up to the plight of the suffering species

What we're most excited about for the upcoming season

Australia's bushfires have scorched 27 million acres, more than 10 times the area burned in California's catastrophic 2018 wildfire season. The way that Australia is dealing with devastation, and how quickly that devastation came, feels like a spooky portent for what’s coming next.

Bluebird Backcountry is an avalanche- and ski-patrolled ski area where you'll have to climb to earn your turns

Fluorinated glide wax is being banned from elite competitions, and big brands like Swix say they’re searching for environmentally friendly alternatives. But the seductively speedy—and noxious—compounds are unlikely to loosen their grip on the sport anytime soon.

After 30 years, Ktunaxa First Nation, with help from the Canadian government and Patagonia, finally shut down the Jumbo Glacier ski-resort development

In the new photo book 'Fierce Beauty,' celebrated photographer Eric Meola chases wild weather across the Great Plains

It's going to take a lot more work to move from plastic to compostable packaging

Italian students will soon be required to learn about global warming. American kids? Not so much.

As we begin a critical new decade for the environment, we need to look toward the light

As one of the northernmost settlements on earth, the Norwegian hamlet of Longyearbyen has become a magnet for adventurous souls looking to start a new life. But when an unsettling crime happened, it brought home a harsh reality: in the modern world, trouble always finds you.

Scientists estimate Australia’s devastating bush fires have killed more than one billion animals. What does that mean? 

There have been countless reports denouncing travel in the fight against climate change. This environmentalist thinks you should consider the bigger picture.

A documentary about elephant poaching in Kenya follows three men—a poacher, an ivory trader, and a wildlife ranger—ensnared in the deadly industry

Skier Greg Hill attempts big-mountain pursuits with only electricity and a front-wheel-drive Chevy Bolt

New Year's resolutions be damned. We like things just the way they are.

The chemistry doesn't do much to keep you safer—and it may just add toxins and cost innovation

'Hana Ku,' from Olukai, profiles a small Hawaiian village's traditional cooking and harvesting methods and its focus on eating sustainably

An online environmental vigilante plans to publish a blacklist of influencers who trample flowers and deface nature for clicks. Some say it's bullying.

All the advice in the world only matters if people actually follow it

All I want for Christmas is … carbon offsets?

The Bureau of Land Management has rented new headquarters in Grand Junction, Colorado, and given D.C. employees 30 days to decide whether to move. Why is the agency fleeing the capital for new digs?

President Trump was right to say that other issues are more important. When it comes to the environment, we need to make fundamental shifts in how we live our lives.

Three new books document how much we're already spending to mitigate the effects of global warming and how much more we have to lose if we continue to burn fossil fuels

As a climbing community, we may be politically diverse, but we all share the same passion, so let's come together to protect America's public lands

Sourdough is delicious and good for you, and with just a little practice, you can make it at home

How do we deal with the prospect of losing the places we love?

Stasher’s sandwich bag was our Gear Guy’s favorite piece of gear from 2019. Made from silicone, the bag is an environmentally friendly alternative to standard plastic bags. The sealable container is also highly heat tolerant, so it can handle boiling water. Did we mention it’s dishwasher and microwave safe?…

This natural alternative to plastic wrap is made from organic cotton cloth coated in beeswax, so it’s an earth-friendly purchase you can feel good about. Plus, the wraps are fully compostable and work as natural fire starters that don’t contribute to a landfill.

We love Alpine Start’s original instant version made from high elevation Arabica coffee. It’s easy to brew, perfect for backpacking and actually tastes good. One dollar from each POW x Alpine Start purchase will go to Protect Our Winters to mobilize the outdoor sports community against climate change.

We included these chopsticks in our roundup of under-$50 food and drink essentials. Elegant and simple, the Wabuki Chopsticks are collapsable and come with a carrying case. The stainless-steel handles and bamboo tips are designed to last, so you don’t have to use disposable wooden chopsticks when eating sushi…

Each one of these packs are one of a kind and made from repurposed fabric. The 24L Luzon is a bigger version of the 18L Luzon which we praised as a solid lightweight carry-all. This pack doesn’t have an internal hydration sleeve, but it does have two external water…

Yes, you should fly less, but it's complicated. Here's a guide to when you should take a plane, when you shouldn't, and how to be a more conscious traveler.

Patagonia's latest film explores the troubling takeover of fish bred by man

What happens if nature, humanity—or both—disappear or run amok? These latest releases examine such (hopefully wrong) possibilities.

John Plant created a huge following on his channel, Primitive Technology, by making silent videos of himself fashioning tools and erecting shelters with just what he finds in nature. Now he's releasing a book so his fans can join in.

Saola’s Cannon shoe is one of our favorite pieces of eco-friendly gear. Each part of the shoe is environmentally friendly or sustainably sourced. The soles are built with Bloom foam, which takes harmful algae out of water systems while the uppers are made of recycled canvas and plastic bottles.

Combating climate change means getting a grip on our food waste problem, but it's harder than you might think to go waste-free

Do it poorly—or not at all—and you could start the next catastrophic wildfire

Cycling is already mainstream. It’s time for the media to catch up.

Getting involved in local and state elections can lead to big changes in the fight against global warming

The fight to balance recreation with wildlife is coming to a head

The once idyllic coastal area of California has been besieged by tourists, and residents worry that lasting environmental damage is being done. But how can you tell visitors not to come when tourism supports so many? One local, Josh Marcus, looks for solutions.

The NPS announced last week that it would begin allowing ATVs to drive on roads in Utah’s parks. The move is intended to bring NPS regulations in the state’s parks in line with state law.

Reconstructing the history of civilization through beer labels

In her new book, ‘On Fire,’ Naomi Klein sparks a blaze for the next generation

A Bundy-esque BLM leader, an office building shared with oil companies, and now a solicitor borrowed from Koch Industries…what does this all add up to?

Use the best open space NYC has to offer: the water

America's parks are confronting the past in an effort to create more inclusive wilderness spaces

Outdoor companies and major athletes are showing their support for the worldwide Youth Climate Strike today

Millions around the world took to the streets to protest inaction on the climate crisis. In New York City, they got to hear from the commander-in-chief herself.

Why one California couple chose to stand and fight an inferno