Everything a beginner needs to know to become a competent marksman

A 20-year fight between energy and environmental interests over some of the country's last undammed rivers has finally come to a close

A movement to imbue land, rivers, and entire ecosystems with legal personhood status is gaining ground in the U.S.

'Living Refuge' is a series of upcoming short documentary films that highlight the work of biologists who study, manage, and protect the biodiversity and wilderness of the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Gear and apparel manufacturers are big chemical users. A new overhaul of the Toxic Substances Control Act has them scrambling to innovate—minus the toxins.

'Douglas Tompkins: A Wild Legacy' is a film about the life, work, and passions of The North Face and Esprit co-founder Douglas Tompkins

Watch sunrise from the summit of Hermannsdalstinden, the tallest peak on Moskenesøya Island at the end of the Lofoten archipelago in northern Norway

A new study paints a grim picture of how vulnerable open areas in the West are to all types of developments. Stopping it is out of the question. But maybe we can slow it down.

According to a recent report from the World Economic Forum, there will be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans by 2050

In a bit of political theater, a beekeeper protesting pesticide use is going to deliver a truckload of rotting honeybees to Capitol Hill today

Professional wildlife photographer Aaron Baggenstos travelled to Costa Rica to photograph the incredible biodiversity that teems throughout the country’s jungle

In our ongoing Weekly Escape series we aim to transport you from your desk to an incredible place in two minutes or less

As light pollution continues to crowd out the stars, a small group of activists and scientists are examining how it’s damaging humans and wildlife—and what can be done to fix it

Carbon capture and storage is getting better. But is it too little, too late?

In filmmaker Matty Brown's short video 'Love Earth', stunning visuals from all over the globe are accompanied by the words of poet Clint Smith

Zimbabwe just put its wildlife up for sale. What does that mean for the animals?

On Friday, June 3, activist and Yellowstone grizzly expert Doug Peacock asked the White House to add the iconic animal back to the endangered species list. With the help of luminaries like E.O. Wilson and celebrities like Harrison Ford, he's hoping to get the federal government's attention.

It’s time to move beyond the divide between conservation and recreation

The public trust doctrine is increasingly invoked by environmental groups seeking sweeping, long-term solutions to problems like global warming, ocean acidification, and destructive resource extraction

A new proposal to further entwine the National Park Service and corporate advertisers takes us further down a path we never should have embarked on in the first place

The material is ultra tough, durable, and lightweight, and it may be the future of outdoor apparel if Patagonia and a California startup have their way

'Power of the River' is an adventure documentary that features a first-ever fly fishing expedition on unexplored waters in Bhutan

The United Arab Emirates wants to build an artificial peak to make it rain in the desert-bound cities. Let's just say the experts are skeptical.

In the aftermath of deadly earthquakes this year in Ecuador and last year in Nepal, California structural engineer Kit Miyamoto went in to get a read on the damage

NASA crunched the numbers on 16 years of lightning strike data

Veteran Marty Pigue lives and works on the side of Highway 62 in Southern California, picking up trash to protect the environment.

This all-women expedition team set out to ski first descents along the western coast of Greenland.

New rapids present a danger to whitewater rafters, and a steep price for the National Park Service

Spaceports and wildlife refuges have traditionally gone hand in hand. But with so many new commercial launch sites in the works, it's time to ask whether nature can handle the 21st century space race.

I always get the post-workout chills, even when it’s warm outside. What causes them, and is there anything I can do to avoid it in future?

On December 24, 2009, a 6,600-pound orca killed trainer Alexis Martínez at a marine park in the Canary Islands. Two months later, trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed by an orca at SeaWorld Orlando. With the OSHA trial on trainer safety at SeaWorld Orlando starting September 19, Tim Zimmermann asks: Should Martínez’s death have served as a warning about the lethal potential of killer whales being trained for our entertainment?

An interview with Barack Obama about energy and the environment

With their nifty new windmills, tidy techno-homes, and enviro-crusading queen, the Dutch are busy creating the cutest little ecotopia on earth—while stoking a booming hypercapitalist economy. What does tiny Holland know that America is too big and dumb to figure out?

What's that smell? It's a teeming avian sanctuary—and a sump of troubled waters. It's a mess that we created—and a puzzle we can't solve. It's California's Salton Sea, a hypersaline lake that kills the very life it shelters.

Along the 43rd parallel in North America, raising pumpkins isn't just a sleepy backyard pursuit—it's an extreme sport. And nowhere are the stakes higher, or the intrigues thicker, than at the annual weigh-off of the World Pumpkin Confederation, the Olympics of garden-patch gigantism.