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It’s not all doom and gloom. There’s good news about climate, too.

Officials in Savoie recently warned hikers to stop harvesting protected species of flowering plants from the hillsides

Heat-related deaths are on the rise across the Southwest, with multiple tragedies occurring in U.S. national parks

The new book ‘Becoming a Sustainable Runner’ offers a science-backed playbook for being an ecologically responsible athlete and citizen

There’s been a series of encounters in recent weeks. Research suggests that killing bruins isn’t the best way to prevent attacks.

An elaborate scheme targeted toy giant Mattel and the plastics industry by capitalizing on our big pink moment

Fifty years from now, we might be walking the Grand Canyon’s valley floor instead of running rapids down a healthy river

Our very own crazy dog person shares tips for keeping your dogs safe on the road in record-breaking temperatures. Plus, get his take on the perfect dogmobile.

The nonprofit leader learned that the best way to handle an environmental crisis is to trust that your community will move forward together

She’s always asking me to volunteer in our community. I wish I could help, but I have a busy job and two young kids. 

The CDT’s traffic is ballooning. In Montana, the National Park Service isn’t facing what that means for Glacier.

“First Cybertruck built,” claims Tesla. But here’s what's really going on with the Tesla Cybertruck release date, among other issues.

On an expedition to the arctic, the adventure photographer got a lesson from an orca on what happens when we really tune into nature

An unpopular, but entirely rational argument for the huge pickups everyone loves to hate

From growing plants from seeds, to repurposing food scraps, to turning trash into all-natural cleaners and beauty products, TikTok phenom Creative_explained will inspire you to waste less and save money

The massive cleanup clears tons of garbage from Oregon’s public lands

When treacherous weather rolled in during her dream trek in the Alps, the climate advocate knew that the only way forward was through

The renowned environmentalist knows that an effective revolution requires a movement, which is why he’s recruiting even the most unlikely activists

From the moment this story broke, I kept checking—and checking—the news. Distant tragedies can grip our minds and souls, put us there. I started thinking about why.

Our Outside experts examine the internet drama and nasty comments about this week’s Titan submersible catastrophe

Ironically, stronger, wetter, and warmer storms will shrink the snow line at many of the state’s most popular ski areas

Retreating from a wildfire during a backpacking trip inspired the nonprofit founder to share climate change’s impacts on nature with others

Save money and go easier on the planet with these tips and alternatives

Using a vehicle to travel to cool places is something pretty much all of us do. So why hate on people who do it well?

Or even cheaper if you have these common home supplies

Wildfire seasons are getting worse. The increase in smoke is harming heart, lung, brain, and skin health.

As America continues to grapple with political uncertainty and an uneasy relationship with the planet, the author and environmentalist makes the case for an expansive and inclusive grassroots movement

In his new book ‘The Swine Republic,’ environmental scientist Chris Jones tells hard truths about Iowa’s agricultural industry and how its farming practices contaminate water thousands of miles away

Make money and do the planet a solid by embracing the circular economy

In 2016, a wildfire jumped the Athabasca River and headed straight for Fort McMurray, an Alberta oil town 600 miles south of the Arctic Circle. In this excerpt from ‘Fire Weather: A True Story from a Hotter World,’ John Vaillant chronicles the moment the blaze enters town, forcing nearly 90,000 people to flee in what remains the largest, most rapid single-day evacuation in the history of modern fire.

Race director Megan DeHaan partners ultrarunning and agriculture to celebrate and protect open space

Learning how to buy, cook, and eat meat after eight years of vegetarianism

Apples no one has ever tasted are still out in the wild. Dave Benscoter, a retired FBI agent, has spent a decade searching for these 100-year-old heirlooms.

There are far better ways to deal with your shit.

Phoenix recorded its earliest 100-degree day in 80 years

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Plymouth Gin is all about keeping our oceans clean and the martinis dirty

Peter Kaestner has traveled the world on an adventure-filled quest to become the first birder to hit 10,000. Ornithologist Jessie Williamson hitched a ride on a rollicking South American mission that involved land, sea, and (you guessed it) air.

At five feet tall, she was the smallest wildland firefighter in her crew and worried she couldn’t keep up. But on her very first blaze, she discovered her strength.

A tax-deductible donation of any size can have a huge impact on these nonprofits, all working to get everyone outside and protect our planet. Pick an org and donate today in just a few clicks.

A crazy-sounding idea—build a tube from the Pacific to bring water to Utah’s Great Salt Lake—raises a larger question: Are we willing to do absolutely anything to fight climate change?

First there was altitude training. Then it was heat training. Now it’s… pollution training?

The $450 Lomi Home Composter doesn’t actually create compost. But the product is still awesome—if you can afford it.

‘Wild and Precious’ is a memorial to the beloved American poet and a celebration of her work

Despite the proliferation of destination marathons, some runners are making a conscientious decision to stay closer to home. But they wouldn’t judge you.   

In an excerpt from her new book 'Love Your Mother: 50 States, 50 Stories, and 50 Women United for Climate Justice,' Mallory McDuff profiles climate activist Colette Pichon Battle.

This nonprofit turned 40,000 miles of unused travel infrastructure into a system of walking and biking paths—and wants you to use them

How can our running practice leave a lighter footprint? This Earth Day, Outside Run editors share their favorite articles at the intersection of running and ecological responsibility.

Here are a handful of stellar eco-forward innovations that trail runners and race directors can add to their tool belts 

The waste that comes from athletic gear and apparel is a structural problem, but individual actions still matter

Climate change is rendering some of our most beloved landscapes unrecognizable. How can awe and wonder cultivated on the trail help us navigate the earth’s transformation?

Clean water is just the latest front in the GOP's judicial war on your rights

Show up on Earth Day with these easy, powerful actions

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Some unlikely new heroes are fighting climate change: American sheep and the people who care for them

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Backpacker and Outside readers joined the Sawyer team on the ground in Viti Levu, Fiji, to see the change in action

Sixty-seven percent of all new vehicles will need to be electric by 2032

In his daily conversations, diet, business practices, and play time, Jones is always working for the planet

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In Fiji and 99 other countries, the same Sawyer water filtration technology used by outdoor adventurers is helping to solve the global water crisis

Cyclists, snowboarders, and trail runners unite to discuss their journeys to climate action in this three-part series, which is playing on Outside Watch now

As a sponsor of the 2022 Defender Service Awards, Outside is helping to support the critical work of this nonprofit, which also gets to take home a brand-new Land Rover Defender 130

The marine biologist learned the hard way that we have to give people hope when it comes to the health of our planet

New studies confirm that spending time outside can ease physical symptoms

Ross Reid, under the name Nerdy About Nature, has been steadily gaining traction for his fast-paced, good-natured ecology lessons

It took a powerful experience on a glacier in Iceland for the scientist to see reason for hope in a rapidly transforming world

Therapy on the hiking trail couldn’t fix the new normal of Oregon wildfire season, but could it help me grapple with it?

After the ocean took away her partner, the marine biologist found a way to live with loss

A state-by-state guide to climate change impacts already unfolding, and how to get involved in local mitigation and resiliency projects

Researchers look into how robotic bees encourage queens to optimize egg laying and assist with agricultural disasters

After dreaming about performing the works of the acclaimed author for decades, Nick Offerman finally got his shot—and realized he wasn’t worthy

The bloodsuckers are waking up—and biting—earlier each year

How to handle plastic bags, batteries, milk cartons, metals, and...bowling balls

President Carter added protections to more than 157 million acres of public land and created 39 total national park units

The multidisciplinary artist was struggling with alcoholism when they joined a trail crew in the mountains on a whim. Out there, they found a new community—and reclaimed their life.

When the polar explorer was at his lowest moment, he learned his most valuable lesson: kindness matters

More than 300 athletes wrote a letter to skiing’s international governing body demanding steps be taken to preserver winter sports