We believe protecting public land and the environment matters

She helped the Navy, the White House, and the entire federal government become more eco-friendly. Now Kate Brandt is tackling her most ambitious sustainability project yet.

Use these sunscreens now, and in 30 years your skin will thank you

These mailers, made from upcycled vinyl billboards, can be used up to 2,000 times

When it comes to our appetites, we’re no different than our caveman ancestors

After a spate of wildlife selfies and general landscape destruction, we put together our own set of guidelines for those lacking all human decency

Wildfires are going to become bigger and more frequent in the future. If you find yourself caught in one, this is what you need to do.

When in doubt, don't light that campfire

Dan Wenk was a career Park Service official who was well-respected by Republicans and Democrats. But he made the mistake of disagreeing with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

Lots of big brands are shifting toward more sustainable gear, without harmful PFCs. But for the industry as a whole, change is slow.

Through a new program called North Face Renewed, customers can purchase used and refurbished gear online

'You Are Mighty' lays out ground rules for getting your kid to help change the world

It protects you from ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas, but it does come with risks

Tribes and Native-owned corporations are making huge profits by conserving their forests for carbon offset programs—an effort that could revolutionize conservation

Noso’s Kelli Jones is building an outdoor business while reducing waste, one scrap of nylon at a time

A powerful storm swept the mountains over the weekend and killed more than a dozen people

Researchers studied 1,500 Rocky Mountain forests that had been burned by wildfires. They found that most of the woods aren't recovering after the blaze—and in some cases, they're not returning at all. The culprit? A warming planet.

Our bikes may be better now, but what about the world in which we ride them?

The retailer put forth new standards for environmental and social responsibility. How effective will they be?

Dress for success when you get snow, rain, and sunshine, all in 24 hours

Conservatives, liberals, 100,000 outraged public commenters—the interior secretary had trouble getting anyone behind his plan

Travel, be more productive, get the right degree, and customize your career

For decades, park leaders have predicted that swarms of tourists could ruin public lands. Is anyone heeding their advice?

Pet waste has become a major pollutant, both outdoors and at home

Creating a workplace that truly makes us happy and healthy takes a lot more than standing desks and on-site yoga. Thankfully, new research has sparked a growing design revolution.

The Secretary of the Interior's idea to support public lands with oil and mining leases isn't just wrongheaded—the numbers don't add up.

Ryan Zinke is using parts of an Obama administration–era idea that would've drastically changed the DOI. Now it's causing him trouble.

Because of drought and rising temperatures, wildfires in the West will grow so large and regular they could reshape entire forests

The National Geographic fellow on what he's learned from spending time with the happiest people on earth

That fact was made painfully clear Sunday night when an autonomous Volvo XC90 hit and killed a woman who was walking her bike across the street in Tempe, Arizona

Record low snowfalls have made national news, but it came as no surprise for the characters in the End of Snow, from Day’s Edge Productions.

With an environmentally friendly firefighting gel called Strong Water

The latest iteration of running for a cause

A new report finds that a startling number of environmental and conservation organizations aren't making efforts to report on internal diversity or actively pursue inclusion

The parent company owns outdoor brands like CamelBak and Giro, as well as Savage Arms, a manufacturer of AR-15-style semi-automatic rifles

Efforts to manage human waste in national parks have failed miserably. Now a creative scientist may have found an elegant remedy.

The interior secretary's idea to organize public land by watershed was a great idea when it was first voiced a century and a half ago. But it won't work today.

Ultrarunner and author Mirna Valerio on the TransRockies Run, snags, and just some of the things her body is capable of

As governor, Mitt Romney was an environmental champion. Presidential candidate Romney, however, fell in line with the GOP. What kind of Utah senator would he be if he succeeds Orrin Hatch?

To close out 2017, the president chipped away at protections meant to keep public lands, waters, and wildlife safe

Within the understaffed offices of the DOI, is any work actually getting done?

The new bill argues that lawsuits have made wildfires much worse, but its solution won’t do much to help

When she was in college, Jack Kerouac’s book The Dharma Bums helped the author find her place in wilderness and in life. She hoped it would do the same for her 16-year-old son as they embarked on a mother-son California road trip retracing Kerouac’s adventures.

A team of scientists entered a glass bubble in the desert to live for two years cut off from society. Things didn't go as planned.

Is riding with headphones really such a big deal?

Riding bikes may be green, but the manufacturing behind them can be far from it

Congress got closer to drilling in the "crown jewel" Arctic refuge with legislation that just cleared the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

We raise $3 billion every year for conservation, then we go out on those public lands and help manage wildlife populations—for free

Okay, maybe freak out a little. But here’s why it’s not quite as dire as it sounds.

Both brands just built websites that will help people shop for pre-owned products

The end goal: stop the environment from getting in the way of oil and gas extraction

Jean production is resource intensive and sometimes toxic—but it doesn't have to be

When Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke's advocates for "traditional uses," what he means is industrialization

The writer and activist's nighttime essentials

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune on why the land is worth more than just the resources that are on it

The new bill is part of the GOP's latest assault on public lands

There are 137 large wildfires raging across 7.8 million acres in what might be the worst fire season ever

On his new album, the king of mellow beach music takes a bold turn. We asked him why.

On his new album, the king of kick-back beach music takes a bold turn. He tells us why.

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson is creating a dream team to save our oceans

Despite overwhelming public support for preserving public lands, the Secretary of the Interior is still recommending Trump trim "a handful" of national monuments. He just won't publicly say which ones—or by how much.

The people have spoken. In a study released Tuesday, over 99 percent of people said they support the 27 monuments up for review. President Donald Trump, are you listening?

Some explored the unknown, some made scientific breakthroughs, some are working to save the world. All are pioneers whose names should be more well-recognized.

A new group of movers and shakers, aptly named Artemis, could be just what we need to get more politicians to care about conservation

Making your favorite tree or flower reproduce itself is easier than you think

A Scout is not Donald Trump, basically

To the protectors of Alabama’s swamps, the vanishing of an iconic river creature posses terrifying questions about the water we swim in and fish in and drink.

Thanks to a shrewd food marketing industry and slick packaging schemes, we're overpaying for products that make major health claims with little real nutritional payoff

Nicky Fitzgerald loves tourists, doesn't believe in work-life balance, and has a controversial approach to conservation that just might work

Two new books explore the lengths we've gone to engineer America's most celebrated "wild" resources

More than 396,000 people have spoken up so far about the Trump administration's desire to shrink or abolish the national monuments. Will the White House really read all of them?

And why is it so bad if the EPA overturns it?

Six steps to make a difference in a darkening world

Get maximum protection—and avoid nasty chemicals—with these eight natural sunscreens

Congressman Rob Bishop of Utah wants to transfer federal land to the states, gut the Endangered Species Act, and eliminate the Antiquities Act—and D.C. is starting to listen

Here are some innovative ideas towns and cities across the country have adopted to make the world a better place, one mile of singletrack at a time

For the first time, a new study from the Ocean Cleanup quantifies how much plastic the world’s rivers are pumping into the sea

Your burger and bacon may have a surprising new ingredient

If the budget is a political document that reflects a president’s priorities, Trump’s priorities are clear—and the environment, wildlife, and the Great Outdoors don’t rank particularly high

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