Fly Fishing


From Happy Handgrenade Productions, Dogs of War follows fly fishing guide Lionel Song as he pursues the annual catfish migration which sends Okavango Delta in Africa into a frenzy.

Fly-fishing guide Camille Egdorf is putting an end to the good-ole-boys-club on the river.

In the first chapter of Blackburn Designs film series, Water Cycle, Brian Ohlen bikes around the west coast in search of Steelhead.

24 Hours In LA from Redington, follows a group of rowdy gentlemen as they explore the waters around Los Angeles.

The 161-year-old rod and tackle manufacturer is doubling down on its commitment to women’s gear

For the guys at Access Unlimited, they strive to show their clients that their limitations can be overcome. They are breaking down barriers for aspiring fisherman to get out on the water.

Though he's a married man, Landon Mace finds that theres only one thing on his mind, trout.

From the fundamentals of just picking up your garbage to the sophisticated ripple effects of a dam project on a watershed, this film explores the wide range of conservation efforts.

From The North Face and Helio, The Line follows pro-skier Tatum Monod as she recovers from a tibia injury.

From Yeti Cycles and Filmmakers Joey Schusler and Craig Grant, High Altitude Lines bring us along on a fly-fishing and mountain biking adventure through the San Juan high country.

Yeah, I know that price tag is absurd. But I've found the Austin brand's new Gallon Jug to be one of best ways to beat the heat while playing outside.

Advice from pro angler Camille Egdorf

Snag that monster brown you’ve been chasing.

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Watch fly-fishing guide Maddie Brenneman and her longtime boyfriend, professional photographer Nick Kelley, kick off the fly-fishing season by loading up an RV and heading for the border in search of pristine spring creeks.

From Octave Zangs, Together Against The Mines shares the success story of a campaign to disallow a nickel mine to be placed on the Hunter Creek watershed.

From Felt Soul Media and YETI, 120 Days follows tarpon guide David Mangum who's reputation in the area borders on scary.

High-performance tools to land the big one

In this episode of Redington's Find Your Water series, the crew takes us to Billings, Montana, an industrial town with incredible access to the outdoors

In honor of Outside's 40th anniversary, we're selecting our all-time favorite gear, places, accomplishments, and people. This month, we rounded up 40 of the best products we've ever tested, from legendary classics (Ed Pulaski's famous firefighting tool) to the newest kids on the block (DJI's crazy new do-it-all drone).

"Birthright", a film from Trout Unlimited, shares how the threat of "transferring" public lands is much more than just an innocent exchange.

'C&R - Crime and Reality' is a film from Brothers On The Fly about Germany's current policy making catch and release fishing illegal.

Here are five places that can teach you how to build everything from a surfboard to a teardrop trailer

We all covet the top-shelf stuff, but our most useful and well-loved kit is often nothing fancy

Sure, the Great Lakes have a lot to offer when it comes to recreation, but the region still doesn’t make many surfing or fishing bucket lists. But for those willing to fight the weather, there’s plenty of feisty winter steelhead and freshwater waves to be chased, all in the same weekend.

The 92-year-old gear innovator, guide, and teacher has fished with everyone from Ernest Hemingway to Tom Brokaw to Yvon Chouinard to Fidel Castro

When the sunlight grows rarer, the fish follow suit, but those fleeting instances of interaction make fishing all the more special

PTSD survivor and U.S. Navy veteran turned gear designer Chad Brown has a passion for fly fishing. He says it's his medicine, and now he wants inner-city youth and fellow vets to experience the sport's healing power for themselves.  

Ditch your five-weight for a more graceful (and portable) setup

I’ve never tried fly fishing, and it's hard to find a buddy who's willing to show me the ropes. What’s the best way to get started?

April Vokey’s crusade to save a foundering sport

Meet April Vokey, the steelhead-catching British Columbia guide who is changing fly-fishing as we know it. More to come on Vokey in June's XX Factor.