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Tucked away near the border of Luxembourg and Germany lies a river that’s home to wild brown trout. It’s a great place to fly fish, but it’s more than that to the people who spend time on the river and in its nearby forests. Kristallklar, a film by Simon…

Leave the heavy lifting to these pieces

Kayla Lockhart was desperate for relief from the panic that plagued her. She found it at the edge of a stream.

Your ticket to trout-filled waters

Cast in comfort, even on the hottest days and most remote streams

Immerse yourself in stories about one of Bimini’s best bonefish guides, and meet a cast of Aussies exploring an outpost in French Polynesia

Tenkara fly-fishing in Colorado with Daniel Galhardo

'Going Nocturnal' gives us a glimpse of the annual hatch of a giant mayfly and the large trout that emerge at night to feed on them

After Hurricane Joaquin devastated his home, flats fishing guide Elton McKinney was left to rebuild

'Una Razon para Pescar' follows Miami tarpon fisherman Dan Diez as he explores how the sport is woven into his blood

How a dog and a fly rod can be the perfect prescription

'Rising from the Ashes' follows the scientists studying the summer steelhead resurgence in Washington's Elwha River

From setting up a vise to gathering materials, here's everything you need to tie a basic fly

Gear to make landing lunkers easy, no shooting required

Jason Cajune is a second-generation boatman building wooden dories in Livingston, Montana

In 'The Art of the Mini Adventure,' mother-daughter combo Els and Pippa venture out for a microadventure near their home in Vermont

This film, from the Flylords, examines how the women who fish in Martha's Vineyard have rallied around their collective identity

When the mine closed in Questa, New Mexico, in 2014, the town found itself in the midst of an identity crisis

Why a lifelong outdoor adventurer couldn't resist the siren song of fairways and greens

'Where I Belong' tracks the affection for wilderness that environmental lobbyist Chris Hill has and what she's doing to defend it

Maxine McCormick is already a fly-fishing legend. But how can a 15-year-old make her way through a world dominated by retirees?

Catch a big one in any kind of water

'Cast and Carve'​​​​​​​ chronicles a group of friends as they ride snowboards and cast for golden trout in the High Sierra

In this episode of the Hungry Life series, chef Eduardo Garcia visits one of JT Van Zandt's most prolific fishing grounds

The duo explores why this bug-eyed fish has taken the hearts of so many anglers and swaps stories about why fishing is so important to them

Why these are our dream spots to cast away

We rounded up our favorite fall fishing gear and this fly box topped the list. This 1.8 inch thick box “still opens wide enough to accommodate a mind-boggling quantity of flies,” our tester wrote.

Upgrade your kit with well-made essentials

Das Boat is a series of short films that follow a 50-year-old aluminum hull boat as it's towed all over the Southeast

The Orvis campaign 50/50 on the Water elevates the narratives of women in fly-fishing

This segment of 'Big Land' showcases the perils of an expedition to Canada's Labrador region, including bears and unrelenting weather

The key to making a top-notch fly-fishing film is just to watch literally any other fly-fishing film

The Sonic Pro topped our list of the best waders for women. They worked well for testers with a variety of chest sizes. They fit “more like your favorite pair of jeans than the balloon-style waders of yesteryear,” testers said.

The ranch​​​​​​​ of Henry's Fork, Idaho, is where anglers come to test their dry fly-fishing abilities

“What to Bring” showcases how too much or too little gear could ruin a day out on the water

Utah State University's first Outdoor Product Design and Development class created their own versions of everything from waders to bike pedals

Some believe the platform has made the sport more accessible and lucrative for female anglers. But not everyone sees it that way.

Take your children fishing. Then do that over and over again for the rest of your life.

'Motherfish' paints a portrait of how this mother raised her son to be a steward of the outdoors

Fly-fishing expert and guide Hank Patterson is out to prove that most of the squabbling is just a misunderstanding

Fly-fishing guides are out to prove that the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act is fraught with public misconceptions

'Koktuli Wild' tracks a group of paddlers as they explore the intricacies of Alaska's wild-salmon populations

'Running Shallow' features bonefish fly guide Prince Emmanuel, who's learning the ropes from a few of the veterans on South Andros Island

These runners-up to the 2019 Outside Summer Buyer’s Guide will help you make perfect casts to perfect fish

In this installment, More Than Just Parks features the Flathead Valley and its endless recreational opportunities

Smart looks and smarter design make this jacket the first thing we reach for when we head out the door

‘Paul’ documents one cancer patient’s relationship with a pristine river in Northern California, the McCloud.

In this video from Rio, sales manager Zack Dalton demonstrates how to properly rig a fly rod from start to finish

Three epic adventures you can give any outdoorsperson

The ‘Ghost of Steelhead Future’ extrapolates what could happen to a prized Oregon river

This short film features fly fishing guide Maddie Brenneman and her journey to find fulfillment in wild spaces

If you thought this was just another trout fishing video, think again

'Hang Tight' from Brothers on the Fly documents a fly fishing trip to Slovenia in search of a pristine river and the elusive marble trout.

Chef Eduardo Garcia travels to Mexico with fellow anglers Oliver White and Hilary Hutcheson.

Here's the gear I chose for my first fly-fishing setup

When Jen Ripple learned the rich history of female anglers, she thought it was about time they had their own publication

The Yellowstone River is the beating heart of Paradise Valley, Montana, but a proposed mine threatens the entire ecosystem.

Guanaja, along the Mosquito Coast in Honduras, isn’t friendly. It’s hot, humid, and pirates are a real threat.

‘Our Wild’ profiles three wildlife biologists and anglers as they immerse themselves in Wyoming’s public lands.

My Mom Vala from YETI and Tributaries Digital Cinema profiles its namesake character Vala Arnadottir.

A Normal Life, from Filson, profiles Russell Owen, a fly fishing guide on Alaska’s Alagnak River.

Because spending time together is more important than buying new gear

This film Laplanders from the filmmakers at Hooke​​​​​​​ encapsulates the arduous journey to hooking into a Baltic Salmon.

Walk softly and carry the right stick.

From Orvis, The Motivator is a dedication from filmmaker Aaron Hitchins to his mother Maureen.

From the filmmakers at Tightloops Fly, Study To Be Quiet is an example of seeking stillness in every adventure.

Say goodbye to too-wide, unstable boots. These are built for women's feet from the ground up.

In 1923, John Hill wrote a book about pursuing an elusive fish deep in Bolivia’s jungle, the golden dorado.

With Yeti in the hot seat over a feud with the NRA, competitors are jumping at the chance to win over new customers by declaring their allegiance to the Second Amendment

In an excerpt from Kirk Wallace Johnson's new book 'The Feather Thief: Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the Century,' Edwin Rist, a 20-year-old champion flytier, pulls off a very strange burglary at the British Museum of Natural History.

50/50 on the Water, a new film from Orvis, doubles down on the company’s initiative to strive for gender parity in fly-fishing.

'Of The West' from Orvis features silversmith Jillian Lukiwski sharing how her work is influenced by a life outside.

The Una River in Bosnia is known for its exceptional trout waters.

Camp Walker is a thirty-year-old fly guide in the south Florida, where the last thing they need is more fly guides.

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