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The fuzzy tops we’re reaching for when summer adventures turn cool

Here are the nine pieces from the 2022 Summer Gear Guide that our gear editors are obsessing over

For comfort and storage space, this shelter is hard to beat

A portable three-person tent for deep backcountry adventures

You’d be hard pressed to find a better deal on a fully built camper van

Take the whole family along in this distinctive camper

This is the most innovative camper we’ve tested in years

Upgrade to these versatile trip staples

With the right tent you can protect yourself from the weather, spread out in luxury, and settle into a home away from home

From the park to the podium, the Privateer 141 does it all

This shoe brings carbon-plated speed to the masses

We reviewed 341 pieces of gear. But these ones stood above.

These bags and pads will keep you warm and promote healthy sleep without weighing down your pack

These bags redefine carrying comfort

Clothing and accessories for urban riding

This nifty container makes gear organization a cinch

These bags’ innovative features make them standouts for adventure travel

Winning shades for every kind of adventure

Rigorous testing was no match for these pieces

Blisters are history with this snug, no-slip pair

This featherlight racerback doesn’t sacrifice support

A cycling outfit that everyone will love

We adore these easy breezy on-the-road pieces

These shelters score major comfort points

This travel speaker impresses with studio-quality sound

Round out your trail kit and get riding

Step up your cycling game with these road, gravel, and spin shoes

Keep your pup safe and stylish on the trail with these seven accessories

Embrace the heat and take your practice deeper

Don’t be afraid to sweat it out in these running pieces

Fend off water and wind with these breathable, packable jackets

Carryall solutions for every kind of run

These top-notch lids won us over

Focus on your session—not your clothes

There’s a lot more to these bottoms than meets the eye

This shelter is a versatile three-season performer

A beginner friendly backpacking pack with everything you need—and nothing you don’t

This pack bridges the gap between ultralight and ultracomfy

Don’t be afraid to sweat it out in these running pieces

From the backcountry to the airport, this pack has you covered

Purpose-built platforms for a variety of experiences

Unlock your project with this cragging gear

A reliable workhorse that will last for years

Focus on your session—not your clothes

Feast-making cookware that won’t slow you down

Rigorous testing was no match for these pieces

Quality rubber is the most important part of your crag bag

The best gear for staying put outside

A lightning-fast water filter makes staying hydrated on the trail easier than ever

There’s a great new wearable for every kind of athletic goal

These accessories might not make or break your trip, but you’ll sure be glad you packed them

The best gear for capturing your adventures

341 field-tested favorites for summer adventure

This compact solar panel will juice up your next long-distance trek

This portable, packable device will repel mosquitoes no matter where you take it

A cool kit for eager little adventurers

A five-star kit for base-camp meals

Rigs to put a smile on anyone’s face

Leave the heavy lifting to these pieces

Scarpa is pushing approach shoes to new heights—and distances

Devices bringing innovation to the trails and beyond

These motor-equipped rides are both fun and functional

A new wave of inflatables is approaching shore

Top-notch rigs for riding where the pavement ends

Allied’s new gravel-road crossover bike is the best two-in-one we’ve ever tested

The best comfort and performance for all levels of activity

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