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Punch your ticket to all-mountain adventures

One of our favorite adventure travel brands will be relegated to the gilded halls of Ebay by the end of the year

With haulers this featured and well designed, you’ll be ready for anything

Shades that’ll make you, and the scenery, stand out

Bike design is evolving so you can go farther and faster

Kicks for getting faster, from race day to recovery jog

These shelters make vast wilderness feel like home

Fast tint shifts, seamless lens changes, and better antifog technology mean you can focus on your line

Speed demons, air addicts, and powder hounds, meet your matches

Coats for every adventure, from sunny singletrack to frigid summits

Versatile lids that keep your noggin safe, inbounds and out

Faster splits and higher summits are just around the corner

Shades for charging hard and aprèsing harder

This season's best boards charge hard, but they're a blast at all speeds

It's a strange time in the world of bicycles. That's one reason we chose two favorite road rigs: one for pavement and one for gravel.

Kicks to keep feet fresh no matter what your mileage

Shades that’ll protect your eyes and turn heads

Versatile bags to withstand your wildest journeys

Trail machines are more versatile than ever

Kicks to sustain your toughest blacktop efforts

Superior lodgings for weekend jaunts and extended outings

Comfortable, technical, light—sleep systems for every season

Our testers loved how playful Revel's Rascal was and how it provided confidence in any terrain

State-of-the-art protection, minus that clamped-down feeling

Finally, a winter hauler that hits the sweet spot

Spry and responsive foul-weather trainers for road and trail

Versatility reigns as decks with inventive shapes push performance to the edge

The season’s top performers from our ski test in Steamboat, Colorado, do everything you want them to, no matter what the conditions

Two newcomers shake things up, while a couple of old hands succeed with clever tech

Turns out performance and eco-friendliness can play nice together

Enter to win the gear we love most this season

Adventure-ready bags for cargo hold or overhead bin

Lightweight hikers that command the path

Retro style meets future tech

Seven supremely capable shoes for the pavement

Heavy has gone the way of the dinosaur

A space-age-looking inflatable with versatility to spare leads this year’s picks

Shelters that rise above in affordability, sturdiness, and headroom

At long last, full-protection shells that breathe, too

As the all-road market booms, bikes are becoming more capable and more niche

Paying top dollar isn't always an option, but that doesn't mean you need to skimp on quality

In the year of the long-travel 29er, the Ripmo's smooth ride and ability to handle any terrain with ease make it king of the mountain

Turns out big wheels and deep suspension play nice together

Watch to see why the Orbea Gain e-bike came out on top as our testers' favorite roadie for 2019

With a new year and new gear right around the corner, it's time to take a look back at our favorite products from the past 12 months

A complete revamp of a classic leads the cream of the crop from our test in Snowbird, Utah

Preferably one with gobs of comfort and safety features

New lens designs are improving the view even on low-contrast days

Gear haulers slim down and grow up

A drop in price, but you still drop the pack

Trail steeds get lighter but punch above their weight

Light up the trails with these all-terrain performers

Seven top performers for pounding the pavement

When weather rolls in, grab one of these

Finally, wires are a thing of the past