Mount Everest


Lhakpa Sherpa ​​has climbed Everest more than any other woman—​and now she's on the mountain trying for her seventh summit​.

Lowe’s climbing partner, Conrad Anker, and his widow, Jenni-Lowe Anker, talk about a dramatic discovery that comes more than 16 years after he and climber David Bridges vanished in a Himalyan avalanche

Instead of making Sherpas carry ropes and hardware over the dangerous Khumbu Icefall, helicopters are now doing it

"We Sherpa people have a great respect for the mountain. We call Everest 'Chomolungma'. She's the mother god of the earth."

One Sherpa talks about his role in the Mount Everest climbing industry.

Research shows that higher temperatures around the world’s tallest peak are thawing its glaciers, which could spell doom for villages in the Khumbu Valley

A California kid’s plan to attempt the highest mountain in the world is raising concern among some in the alpine community

After two years of unimaginable tragedy, everyone from outfitters and Sherpas to would-be climbers and the Nepalese government is questioning the future of commercial mountaineering. And then there’s Morton, a veteran guide who spent the past year asking: What happens when you try to leave the world’s most lucrative mountain forever?

Two experienced mountaineers want to show the world what it really takes to climb the world’s highest mountain—and capture the whole thing on Snapchat

As a three-time Everest summiter, I'd like to see new regulations put in place to improve the climbing experience for everyone on the mountain

After deadly disasters on the world’s highest peak the past two years, demand for climbing Everest is low and some mountain guides are taking the season off. But there are still hundreds of climbers making their way to Base Camp right now.

On April 18, 2014, a massive avalanche crashed down Mount Everest and killed 16 Sherpas. At Base Camp, director Jennifer Peedom (“Solo”) and her film crew followed the tragedy as it unfolded, capturing the immediate reactions of the Sherpa community, their families, and the Western adventurers who were getting ready…

Stock your physical and digital library with these must-read and must-see works that capture the fun, danger, and beauty of the cold.

A painstaking reproduction of the boots George Mallory wore in 1924

Our continued fascination with the highest mountain on earth spawns a virtual reality “experience”

What would a ban on inexperienced climbers look like? And who would be affected?

You've seen the images from Everest Base Camp and Kathmandu, but one village was hit so hard that it ceased to exist altogether. Half the population was buried. The others had to find a way out. This is their story.

The complicated relationship between high altitude workers and Western climbers is on display in ‘Sherpa’

To capture professional-grade footage on the world’s highest peak, the makers of Everest turned to a Colorado cameraman who got his start shooting for Warren Miller

It depends who you ask. But I just can't wrap my brain around sending a child up the highest mountain in the world.

Does the catastrophe that gave us 'Into Thin Air' still have the power to captivate? We talk to the cast and crew of the new movie 'Everest' about making an adventure epic roar to life for a new generation.

With a blockbuster film about the deadly storm in the works, we spoke with one of the climbers who made it out alive about the tragedy

A first-hand account of the April 25 temblor that rocked Nepal from a local Everest guide

It's technically allowed, but it may be nearly impossible.

More than 100,000 have already left the city

Chinese announce that Everest and all other mountains in Tibet are closed for the season

The veteran climber explains the decision to close Everest's north side to climbers, and how teams are working through the aftermath of the earthquake

Though the Tibetan side is closed to climbers, at least one team is considering a climb up the southern side of Everest

Rule number one: Find organizations that are genuinely making a difference. These 10 grassroots non-profits, focusing on long-term reconstruction, are a good place to start.

Across the Web, the Silicon Valley executive has been recognized for his role in bringing Street View to Everest and his other accomplishments at Google. Here, two close friends recall the spontaneity and energy that made him so endearing.

Back in Kathmandu after treating the Everest wounded, dZi Foundation’s Ben Ayers takes a moment to share the scope of the devastation

A photographer with 6 Summits Challenge, an international team of climbers lead by Nick Cienski, whom Outside senior editor Grayson Schaffer spoke with yesterday, captured these images during the rescue efforts.

In a remarkable rescue effort, helicopter pilots ferried dozens of climbers to safety from Camps I and II. Meanwhile, reports continue to come in from other Himalayan peaks—including Makalu and Annapurna—that were hit by powerful avalanches.

Two German climbers capture the horrific scene at Base Camp as it unfolds

As rescue efforts continue at Base Camp, attention shifts to dozens of climbers trapped at Camps I and II

After falling rocks and ice tore through Base Camp on April 25, stranded climbers struggle to care for their wounded and dead.

Explaining Everest’s controversial garbage collection agency.

We broke down the cost of a hypothetical expedition to find out what exactly you get for the roughly $60,000 it takes to get to the roof of the world.

High-altitude workers put everything on the line, hauling climbers’ gear up and down the mountain, and aren’t compensated fairly. Their lives are worth more.

Last year’s avalanche reignited a debate about the complicated role of helicopters in getting gear up the mountain and mitigating the danger to Sherpa. Outfitters weigh in on whether more helicopters will make Everest safer or even more dangerous.

Why is the roof of the world covered in our shit? Lots of reasons, but it might come down to common laziness.

Base Camp ER founder Luanne Freer talks triage, altitude illness, and body recovery.

The avalanche that effectively closed Everest last spring hasn't stopped crowds of climbers from flocking to Base Camp. These are the stories that will define another controversial season.

With a 40-pound camera system and a mission to photograph the world, Google takes us to the Himalayas for a closer look at the Sherpas who call the mountains home.

Before 'Into Thin Air,' the firsthand report on the 1996 Everest disaster, became a best-selling book, it was an Outside story. Now it's been immortalized as an opera.

A new study shows that climbing teams from countries with rigid social structures are more likely to summit Himalaya mountains—but also more likely to die trying. Can the data predict summit success?

Would you buy a $400 tie—if it's been to the top of Everest?

The true story of the mountain's most horrific day, the Sherpas who paid the price, and the aftershocks that will change the mountain forever

Norbu Tenzing Norgay is deeply familiar with Mt. Everest—his father famously made the first summit with Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953. But alongside the beauty and adventure, there's real danger, especially for Sherpas. It's time to make a change.

Veteran Everest guide Adrian Ballinger was one of many leaders who cancelled their costly expedition this year. But it wasn't due to money, politics, or even danger.

When a Sherpa and a native Nepali paraglided off of Mount Everest in 2011, they flew into history. Now a new book chronicles their extraordinary journey.

Some climate scientists argue that it's getting warmer faster at high altitude. And that could spell disaster for mountaineers.

The climbing season may not be closed for business just yet this season, but it may be tough to convince the mountain's most important climbers to carry on.

Climbing Sherpas suffer the highest mortality rate on Mount Everest. We ran the numbers, and the results will shock you.

For the first time, armed police will patrol Everest Base Camp. just don’t expect them to curb the growing conflicts.

A daredevil's plan to jump off the top of the world

California guide Adrian Ballinger makes his play to become Everest's top dog with a climbing model that's fast, light—and very expensive.

After a near-fatal motorcycle accident, Hells Angel Tim Medvetz recovered by climbing the world's tallest mountain. Now he's taking wounded veterans on the same journey.

In an exclusive interview, a Sherpa involved in the incident speaks out on the now infamous scuffle with Western climbers

For more than a century, Western climbers have hired Nepal’s Sherpas to do the most dangerous work on Mount Everest. It’s a lucrative way of life in a poor region, but no service industry in the world so frequently kills and maims its workers for the benefit of paying clients. The dead are often forgotten, and their families left with nothing but ghosts.

In just six days in May, the British climber completed a trilogy that had never before been attempted: Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse—three of the world's highest mountains—in a single push.

Already an Everest record-holder, the 29-year-old climbing great shares what it takes to reach the top

Bolotov, who was attempting a new route on the Southwest Face, died Tuesday in an apparent fall. A veteran mountaineer pieces together what is known.

We met Aydin Irmak last year when he was attempting to summit Everest with his bike. This year, he surprised us by returning to the mountain, summiting early—and finding himself in the middle of the brawl on Everest.

Although initially reported as the result of altitude sickness, the death of DaRita Sherpa on May 5 was likely the result of a cardiac event. We take a look at why Sherpas are less susceptible to altitude-related illness.

“I went out and this whole crowd was there, maybe 100 people. When I saw they had their faces covered, I knew this was going to be really bad.”

The Harlem Shake, a sheik, and a badass grandfather

From Everest Base Camp, professional climbing guide Garrett Madison has been following developments on the fight between Ueli Steck, Simone Moro, Jonathan Griffith, and a group of Sherpas. He gives us the insider perspective and what the media got wrong.

Mountaineer Garrett Madison has summited Everest with 28 clients in the last four years and is one of the world's top expedition guides. He shares his first update of the Everest 2013 season from Base Camp.

In the 16 years since Into Thin Air, Mount Everest has become safer in many ways, with better storm forecasting and amazing high-altitude rescue helicopters. So why did 10 people die in 2012?

A brutal beating high on Everest threatens to raise tensions in Tibet

A Q&A with an Outside in Aspen participant

And is it likely that another deadly traffic jam will form this weekend? Grayson Schaffer, who has living been at Base Camp for the past month, has the answers.

Disaster strikes world's highest peak with only human error to blame

Over the last five years, alpinist Chad Kellogg has lost nearly everything and everyone—wife, brother, climbing partners—close to him. In the next few days, when he plans to make his second attempt to break the speed record on Mount Everest, he'll be carrying an understandably heavy load.

This is shaping up to be one of the deadliest seasons on record, with 10 deaths so far and too many helicopter evacuations to count. Here’s a sneak peak at the doctors on the front lines of the world's highest clinic.

The fact that Kobold's new Himalayan Edition watch is built with a few chunks of rock that, technically speaking, were removed illegally from Everest has caused a minor hubbub