Rock Climbing


For climbers Carlo Traversi, Kevin Jorgeson, and Tommy Caldwell, multi-discipline climbing has become a top priority. Emerging from a conversation about pushing limits these three set up a new challenge: climb a 14'er, a 5.14, and V14 all in the same day.

From Never Not Collective, this the trailer for Pretty Strong which is an upcoming film project starring only women climbers.

The Czech climber continues to dominate the climbing world, sending the world's first 5.15d in Norway

Sometimes people are looking for more than a good belay

After an injury to his hand, climber Bernd Zangerl tries one of the hardest routes of his life, Into the Sun.

Margaret Wheeler of the American Mountain Guides Association walks us through the steps it takes to clean an anchor.

While living on a portaledge—a suspended platform about the size of a double bed—you still need to perform basic bodily functions, including, yes, answering calls of nature. This is how it works.

The summer heat in Mallorca, Spain is no joke, but climbers have the perfect antidote, deep water soloing.

Hollywood screws up a lot of action-sports sequences, but rock climbing continues to make pivotal appearances in films both lousy and excellent. From Christopher Nolan epics to overlooked Disney films, here are our top 10 on-camera climbing scenes.

The focus-demanding sport could affect the brain more deeply than we know

After three days of climbing and bolting in this area, we headed home, convinced that rural Indonesia has the potential to become a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts

He's not just the greatest climber on the planet—he may be the greatest person, period

These nonmetal signifiers could save your hand when playing outside

Watch to find out what climber and gear editor Will Egensteiner thinks about BD's first shoe, the gym-specific Momentum.

How to prepare physically and mentally before tackling your first wall

The sandstone boulders of Rocklands, South Africa has drawn many amateur and professional climbers to this proving ground.

Sarah Laine gets to create rock climbing routes for a living, and she's one of few women who do it

From the shoes to the harness to the chalk, here are a few tested basics to get you on the rock

After searching far and wide for a pinnacle project, he found a cave in southern Utah and bolted a route called Bone Tomahawk.

Outside's love guide is here and answering your most pressing questions about dating, breakups, and everything in between. Today, we discuss dating as a climber and how to handle breakups when there's a dog in the mix.

This January, in the heart of the Middle East, a crew of rock climbers set out to establish an 1,800-foot, 14-pitch, 5.13+ route up Jordan’s Jebel Rum.

Your guide to the United States of climbing. Plus, tips to stay injury-free and some inspiring words from the world’s best big-waller.

Rock climbers are flocking to world-class walls in Catalonia. Here's why.

Joe Hanson, Phillip Wright, and Dominic Joyce are three lads from England who challenged themselves to climb the Dawn Wall in 2016.

As a full-time science student at Depaul University in Chicago, Michaela Kiersch trains at First Ascent Climbing to prepare for her weekend road trips to Red River Gorge.

As a woman in climbing, I occupy two worlds: one defined by strength and grit, the other by beauty and traditional ideas of femininity. It’s something I still struggle with.

From filmmaker Eric Becker, A Higher Crawling is a film starring two titans of climbing. Shelby and Reyka are the rising stars of the under-6-month-old age bracket.

Watch to see what life is like during the world's wildest climbing event.

The craziest rock-climbing event in the world happens annually in the Ozarks of Arkansas, in a u-shaped canyon with enough routes for 24 straight hours of nonstop ascents. They call it Horseshoe Hell, but don't be fooled: for outdoor athletes who love physical challenges with some partying thrown in, it's heaven.

It goes without saying that Meagan Martin is an astonishingly talented athlete. This video from Kyle Berkompas, Meagan Martin - Motivation, displays how in order to achieve greatness, she's training harder than ever before.

The climbing legend passed away on Tuesday, March 14. Here, we assembled reactions from those who knew, loved, and were inspired by him.

Rock climbing legend and big-wall pioneer Royal Robbins died on Tuesday, March 14, at age 82. Anyone who has ever climbed outdoors owes a debt to Robbins.

Hayes made history by becoming the first woman to climb a 15.5a—the 131-foot La Rambla line up El Pati wall in Siurana, Spain. These photos follow her journey from the bottom of the crag to the anchors.

Visiting the Colorado outdoor mecca and want to hone your climbing skills? Here's where to start.

Finnish climber Nalle Hukkataival made an estimated 4,000 attempts on what's currently the world's toughest bouldering problem before finally conquering it last October. His new film, out next week, documents the quest.

From E9 Clothing Company, Because I See is a reflection on the sport of rock climbing.

Faced with immense amounts of time and little money, Gaz Leah set out on a project that would turn NYC bouldering on its head.

With Ethan Pringle at the forefront, El Capitan takes a look at the presence of mind brought on by climbing.

Jason Momoa is most known for his rugged exterior in Game of Thrones, but this film looks at his humble beginnings.

We sent photographer Max Whittaker to hang out with Alex Honnold last month in Yosemite and get a peek at his new adventuremobile.

Photographer Max Whittaker got to peek inside the new digs late last month while Honnold was climbing in Yosemite.

For Wes Price, growing up in the church left something to be desired. He didn't find it in the four walls of a church, or through partying, so he went outside.

While editing Haywire, Cheyne Lempe escaped to Kalymnos, Greece to decompress. Awake in Me is an attempt to reevaluate and relearn how to move forward from such a traumatic experience.

The world’s most reclusive climber just became a father and opened a gym, which means he's had to dramatically rethink how he stays in rock shape

In 1973 the faces of Yosemite were strikingly, male. For Lynn Hill, Sibylle Hechtel, and Bev Johnson this just became unacceptable.

The Reel Rock Film Tour is celebrating its 11th year in 2016, and with this lineup, it's a year for the ages.

Luckily for you, these involve no slot machines—only glassy waters for paddling and natural playgrounds for climbing

The rock climbing veteran talks his career on El Capitan and the psychology of climbing with Alex Honnold

'The Traverse' traces California poet Brian Laidlaw as he boulders through Burro Schmidt's Tunnel in the Mojave Desert.

Coldhouse Collective's latest film follows British climber Leo Holding on the Mirror Wall in Greenland.

Pinches. Slopers. Jugs. Baby heads? Ever stop to wonder who makes the holds bolted to the wall at your local climbing gym? These guys do.

The most pivotal climbing moments in Yosemite’s storied history, from some of climbing’s most celebrated athletes and voices

"You know when your mom thinks you're going to be a pharmacist, and then you tell her that you want to spend your life as a rock climbing guide..."

"The thing that gives us so much joy and purpose in our lives can end it all in a second."

Cnoc na Mara, an iconic sea stack off the coast of County Donegal in Ireland, makes for great climbing

By European standards, Ireland’s County Donegal, tucked into the country’s far northwest corner, may as well be Mars. But for adventure travelers, it’s a hidden frontier packed with wind-bitten landscapes to mountain-bike, rowdy coastline to surf, and 500-foot sea stacks to climb. That is, if you’re brave enough.

In the 1920s, long before the days of soloists like Alex Honnold, pioneering climbers like Dawson put up daring ropeless ascents across the West

This generation’s best climbers built their skills in climbing gyms. Now they’re venturing onto big walls.

Earlier this year, Outside sat down with two of the world's best climbers, Sasha DiGiulian and Emily Harrington, to find out why they switched their focus from climbing in gyms to tackling big outdoor walls. While both women continue to build their skills on…

Ashima Shiraishi, 14, and Kai Lightner, 16, talk climbing in caves, high school life, and Olympic dreams

Climbing is one of those sports that can seem way out of reach for newcomers. But it doesn't have to be.

The niche sport boasts an impressively gender-equal set of star athletes. A group of filmmakers wants more people to know about it—and get involved themselves.

In 2010, professional climber Majka Burhardt saw a photo of the 2,000-foot granite face of Mount Namuli. Fueled by curiosity, Burhardt led a team of biologists, conservationists, and rock climbers on a daring and unconventional expedition to Mozambique’s second highest mountain and one of the world’s most ­threatened…

A pioneering big-wall climber who made his mark in Yosemite and Joshua Tree died unexpectedly earlier this week

Seele Aus Stein (“Soul of Stone”), an official selection at Telluride Moutainfilm 2015, is a short film from Taylor Zann and Rainier Films that profiles iconic barefoot climber Bernd Arnold. In the film, Arnold, who has more than 980 first ascents in his 67 years, reflects on overcoming fear…

Salty air speeds up corrosion on bolts at rock climbing routes near the ocean, making them potentially deadly. But groups around the world are finding a unique solution.

Jeremy Collins is something of a dirtbag Renaissance man. He’s put up bold first ascents in his home crag, northern Arkansas’ Sam’s Throne.

The climbing guide is pushing limits with the soles of his feet

This excerpt from A Line Across the Sky, a Reel Rock 10 film from Sender Films and Big Up Productions, features Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell in the middle of Patagonia's Fitz Traverse earlier this year. The pair became the first…

While most of us were waiting in airport security and Thanksgiving traffic, a couple hundred climbers were heading south to Indian Creek, Utah. The Creek, 40 miles south of Moab, is a crack-climbing mecca, chock-full of legendary routes for those willing to suffer.

Chances are you've already heard of teenage rock climbing sensations Kai Lightner and Ashima Shiraishi. They've been making headlines for a while now, but in Generation Up!, from Clif Bar and Sender Films, we get to see them climbing…

Boulder climber Brad Gobright works as a busboy, shares a house with five other dudes, and climbs stuff most of us would never dream of—without a rope

With his first book, the famous climber seeks to put his daring stunts in perspective

Bolts are corroding, and experts worry that could translate to more accidents, injuries, and deaths

Frank and the Tower, a film collaboration from Duct Tape Then Beer, Semi-Rad, and REI, profiles long-time climbing guide Frank Sanders. Sanders, known for his larger-than-life personality, found himself at Devil's Tower National Monument in the early 70's and has…

The artificial holds and lines devised for gyms and climbing competitions don't just happen—they're created and placed by devious people who want to force you to stretch, contort, curse, fail, and fall. We go behind the scenes with the masterminds who make this booming sport a serious challenge.

You already know her as one of the best climbers in the world—and only 14—but this fierce competitor will also school you on mental strategy

An increasing number of well-designed tools help rock climbers train more effectively

Alex Honnold and other Yosemite locals weigh in on what will become of the route that was wrecked when a giant chunk of granite detached earlier this week