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The ice climber, kayaker, and paraglider continues to explore uncharted territories into his fifties

No one can stop you from skiing in jeans. And really, doing lots of other things in jeans.

Editor Jeremy Rellosa talks about when it's time to replace your climbing rope, quickdraws, harness, climbing shoes, and helmet

New York City's least kid-friendly gym and its obsession with a "proper session"

Tucked away among farms and barren grasslands in a forgotten corner of the state lies one of the best bouldering destinations in the country. Our video producer, a Roy fanatic, outlines how to visit the growing location without harming its fragile ecosystem.

How witnessing a bad fall changed my perspective on climbing

On November 27, Brad Gobright died in Potrero Chico, Mexico. He was 31.

Despite decades of conflict, Palestine is home to an up-and-coming climbing scene centered around top-notch—and untouched—limestone. A new guidebook hopes to show locals and foreigners alike how to navigate the region's rock safely and help foster cross-cultural understanding.

What could have been a fatal fall is just a stepping stone on Harrington's path to become the first woman to free climb one of El Cap's hardest routes in a day

Whether you're bouldering, sport climbing, or jamming splitters, choosing the right shoes is about more than fit. These are the best models.

Climbers at Lion Rock have joined the pro-democracy movement in the city's struggle with Beijing

Looking for an outdoor mentor? So is everyone else. Here's how to make yourself a little more competitive.

Sending indoors can be fun. Here are our favorite tools.

Hint: your first investment should be rock-climbing shoes

A local legend challenges a pro climber to a 64-route race

Two climbers commiserate over the hypothetical, much worse situations they could find themselves in than the one they’re in right now

The climber fell 80 feet from a climb in North Carolina

She's the youngest person in history to climb the iconic 3,000-foot route

Black Diamond gave us the lowdown on its brand-new line of approach shoes, which includes two technical and two lifestyle models

With varying degrees of success

*these tactics also work if you climb 5.11, or 5.10, or 5.8

Jorgeson's 1Climb foundation and Adidas are partnering to build 10 climbing walls across the country

From Black Diamond, 'The Lifer' profiles legendary climber Russ Clune​​​​​​​, steward of an iconic New York climbing area

Meet the activists, community mobilizers, and athletes creating their own space in climbing

Are you curious about what Olympic climbing will look like in 2020? We are, too. Here's what you should know before it all begins.

Jim Reynolds is a name you’ve likely never heard, but his free-soloing feats top those of Alex Honnold—if not in difficulty, then in length, commitment, and style

The Arc'teryx Oriel tights are light enough for summer heat but stand strong against errant branches and rough rock

Black Diamond and Alex Honnold strike again in their ongoing April Fools' shenanigans

The Tension Flash Board is a crag essential

It's the first climbing film to receive such broad mainstream acclaim

In 'Uruca II,' climbing partners Lipe and Hugo find themselves on an alpine ascent when things get a little sketchy

‘Slave Rock’ features David McKenzie Grant​​​​​​​ as he and his team attempt to set a new route in the Faroe Islands

Soft and sensitive, the Scarpa Furia S is ideal for steep sport routes and technical boulder problems

Sender Films shares some of the strategies it used to push the limits of what’s possible in big-wall filmmaking

According to the world-class climber, greatness is mostly mental, no matter your age

This eight-year-old company has become a fan favorite overseas and is starting to catch on here in the United States

Has being the subject of arguably the best climbing film ever made changed him? Absolutely.

From Arc'teryx, The World Above showcases three big wall climbers making the first ascent of Ruby Supernova - 5.12C.

People are worried. But, naturally, it's usually about the wrong things.

In Lowe's final interview with a journalist, the legendary climber reflected on risk and what a climb was really worth

Falls put 3,000 climbers a year in hospital, costing more than $20 million, according to a new study

In their new film, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin capture Alex Honnold’s historic ropeless El Cap climb and the emotional toll it took on everyone around him

Filmmaker Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi doesn’t climb, but her determination to shine a light on what drives extreme mountaineers produced two of the best adventure documentaries of the past decade

Avery Shawler left her Idaho apartment one morning in 2016 to hike a prominent peak. But the day outing quickly took a turn for the worse, and Shawler would end up needing a lot of luck—and all her backcountry skills—to make it home alive.

The Californian pioneered many of the most famous routes in Yosemite during the Valley's Golden Age

A legal fight over access and an endangered frog has shut out climbers for 13 years, but the Forest Service has a plan to reopen many of the routes, as well as a section of the Pacific Crest Trail

It's all fun and games until you're hiking alone with Kevin

To keep the small-run calendar project afloat, the photographer washed dishes in Argentine Patagonia and cleaned carpets in Yosemite Valley. But he never made money on it, and now he's decided it's finally time to call it quits.

Twenty-three years have passed since the first voluntary climbing closure on Devils Tower during the month of June, yet hundreds of climbers still ignore the ban

The first of its kind, the Revo is a belay device with a true auto-locking mechanism.

The founder of the Women's Climbing Festival talks about the influence female athletes are having on a sport long dominated by men

A new collaboration with The North Face will offer programs to earn badges in outdoor skills like backpacking, rock climbing, and trail running

Last week, Tommy Caldwell and Alex Honnold set the speed record on the Nose. But even they're not sure it was a great idea.

Summiting the world's tallest peak puts humans through some of the most extreme conditions on the planet

Over the past week, the duo has made repeated attempts to climb the Nose route on Yosemite's El Capitan in under two hours. They finally succeeded.

Days after Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell broke the speed record on the Nose, two experienced climbers died on El Cap. Has speed climbing gotten too deadly?

The athlete-activist is on a mission to get more people of color into the sport he loves

If you can't afford the $50 per month membership fee, this gym will let you in anyway

Forget brightly colored plastic holds. In the future, we'll climb realistic 3D-printed rocks.

The International Rescue Committee hopes that by teaching kids how to conquer the crag, they'll also be better off facing challenges in their daily lives

The Land of Maybe features a trip to the Faroe Islands with climbers Cedar Wright, James Pearson, and Yuji Hirayama.

For Santa Fe native and climber, Ben Hanna, the Bat Cave has been his proving ground for over 5 years.

Mountain, from director Jennifer Peedom, analyzes the relationship between humans and mountains.

The Reluctant Enthusiasts explores humankind’s relationship with wild places through the words of Edward Abbey.

In back-to-back days, Michaela Kiersch and Paige Claassen secured the first and second female ascents of Necessary Evil, a 5.14c in Arizona

Who cares how you funded your nice van or thru-hike? What matters is that you're spending time outside.

Big wall free solo climber Alex Honnold reflects on why he’s so enamored with El Cap in this recent animated film called Walls Are Meant for Climbing from the North Face.

Wild and Wonderful from advocacy group New River Alliance of Climbers and filmmaker Tara Kerzhner documents the persistence it took to make the PsicoRoc deep water solo competition happen.

From director Jon Glassberg and writer Caroline Treadway, this film documents Heather Weidner's attempt at trad climbing China Doll.

Meet Ray Verseau, widely known as the world's best belayer. Not only has he created a career out of belaying, he's made it into a lifestyle.

Beckey, who has often been called the country’s ur-dirtbag—a climber who eschews riches to pursue climbing full-time—was widely recognized as North America’s most prolific mountaineer

The ReelRock 12 Film Tour highlights this year's best climbing accomplishments from across the globe.

And how we can use that data to possibly prevent accidents on the crag

Plotting the sport's first ascents and groundbreaking advances

In short, it's smartly designed and great looking

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