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After enduring a wet, cold hunting trip, I’m going to make a versatile, ultra-lightweight shelter an essential piece of my backpacking kit 

These shelters will keep you warm and dry—no matter the weather

Durston Gear, beloved by ultralight hikers, is finally overcoming its inventory woes

Using vintage vibes, natural fibers, and old-school designs, this Salt Lake City–based manufacturer has inspired a devoted user base—and Instagram fans—all over the world

The knowledge you need to find the most effective gear on a budget

For comfort and storage space, this shelter is hard to beat

A portable three-person tent for deep backcountry adventures

With the right tent you can protect yourself from the weather, spread out in luxury, and settle into a home away from home

These shelters score major comfort points

This shelter is a versatile three-season performer

My buddy switched the price tags on a tent to pay a lower amount on a more expensive setup. I was unaware, and now I feel terrible.

I was a lifelong glamping skeptic, but after seeing how much my four-year-old enjoyed the comforts of a Stella Bell tent, I’ve given up on the hate. We’re glampers now.

Is it possible to add heat to normal tent efficiently and effectively—without starting a fire? I spent the past two years finding out.

Now is one of the best times of the year to save on camping essentials

One should be a staple in your outdoor kit

The cost of your backpacking tent shouldn’t keep you awake at night. These double-wall, two-person shelters are all $300 or less, and will put your mind—and body—at ease with their dialed combinations of performance and price.

These shelters make vast wilderness feel like home

Whether you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime splurge or a cozy canvas tent minutes from Lake Powell, there’s something for everyone at these newly opened stays

We asked a gear consignment pro how to save money and still sleep well outside

Some brands offer portable tent systems that promise an authentic wood-fired sweat experience—at a fraction of the cost of permanent installs

Having fun on an overnight adventure with your kids is all about preparation

Go Fast Campers SuperLite 50 is the lightest, most-affordable hard-shell rooftop tent ever—and it’s made in Montana

In the Northeast, you'll find many of the nation's oldest and most interesting gear shops—and some of its younger and most innovative

Superior lodgings for weekend jaunts and extended outings

The retail giant wants to increase participation and diversity in the outdoors by lowering the cost barrier

The Extreme Off-Road Deluxe Camper from Hiker Trailer packs a ton of features into a surprisingly wallet-friendly package

Stuck at home with your kids? You might as well make the most of it.

If you've done everything in your power to salvage it, and it's still not working like it used to, maybe it's time for something new

Be prepared for every obstacle, and save a ton of money by making your own equipment and learning how to fix your stuff when it breaks in the backcountry

You can't just throw a quilt into a rooftop tent and expect to sleep comfortably.

And how to tell if you really need one

So you want a rooftop tent? Here's what you need to know before deciding which type best suits your needs.

Tents, cargo, and tools don’t belong on top of your vehicle

The chemistry doesn't do much to keep you safer—and it may just add toxins and cost innovation

Give an old tent new life with at-home fixes

Give an old tent new life with these at-home fixes

From unexpected snowstorms to below-freezing bathroom breaks, winter camping is a wild adventure. Some nights, you relish the hilarity of navigating tent poles with numb fingers. Other nights, you'd rather show up, sit back, and crack open a beer. If you're ready for the latter—a mix of chilly excursions and heated luxury—it's time to treat yourself at one of North America's best winter glamping sites. Here are our favorites.

Fixing it yourself is a cheaper and faster solution than waiting for a gear shop to do the job

Getting ready for next summer starts now

From green trucks and biodegradable garments to thinner and warmer wetsuits and on-demand insurance for athletes

After nearly a month of testing in Alaska and Yosemite, the shelter can best be described as a guilty pleasure

From the mouths of hikers mid-trail

Including an easy-to-set-up tent, an ultralight camp chair, and a sleeping bag made almost completely from recycled materials

Gear hacks for a good backpacking trip when the weather goes bad

Because, really, what's not to love about someone providing a luxe tent for you in these awesome locations?

Stuff to keep you comfortable for a day (or a month) on the trail

Camping on top of your car or truck is easier than ever

There’s no painful mortgage, but a few key factors should guide your decision when shopping for a tent

Shelters that rise above in affordability, sturdiness, and headroom

Paying top dollar isn't always an option, but that doesn't mean you need to skimp on quality

Don’t bring a tree tent to Antarctica, and other sound advice

Don't be so quick to throw that worn-out equipment in the landfill

Not every shelter requires futzing with poles, guylines, and rain flies

For those of us who aren’t backcountry beasts, there’s the 2 Seconds pop-up tent

A lucky few will receive $2,000 and gear

Watch to get a tour of the new Tepui Lightning Rooftop Tent.

Trekking the span of the frigid southernmost continent alone and unaided demands durable equipment

Is the massive rack-maker's investment in rooftop tents a good thing?

With a new year and new gear right around the corner, it's time to take a look back at our favorite products from the past 12 months

The Swedish car-accessories maker says the fan-favorite rooftop tents won't be changing under its ownership

REI’s Flash Air hammock strings up between two trees but has the mesh and rain fly of a ground tent.

Elevate your camping experience

As your family grows, so will your family's tent needs

Tried-and-true practices to prevent an early death for your tent

Which rewards you with the most bang for your buck?

This European gear giant is trying to disrupt the U.S. outdoor market with its $2.50 backpacks and $49 tents. But is the product any good?

We spent five days reporting from the floor of Denver's massive outdoor-gear trade show. Here are the top stories.

Once again, our gear editors head to the industry's largest trade show to scope out the latest, greatest outdoor tools and toys

Essentially a three-person paddleboard base with a mesh tent upper and nylon fly, the Universe is happy on the ground, in the air, and on the water

The Tiger Wall UL was not designed to break records. Instead, it tries to do more with less, while keeping in check its weight and price and remaining very easy to use.

A budget-friendly list of the gear you should—and definitely shouldn't—save money on

Everything you could possibly want to know about the various car-camping sleep setups out there. Plus, when to just use a freaking tent.

It's smaller and lighter than its predecessor but still ready to handle the toughest high-alpine conditions