The sad situation is a reminder to visitors to avoid handling wild animals

A group of young hikers used Apple’s Emergency SOS system to trigger a rescue

We hiked, ran, skied, and climbed through the night to find the best illumination of the year

Officials say evidence suggests the men were caught by a flash flood. This is the second double tragedy in the famous slot canyon this year.

You don’t need to tote a frying pan into the backcountry to make a pancake breakfast. All you need is a canister stove with a pot, two or three ingredients, and a metal mug.

Matthew Read, 19, spent two days stranded in the woods

Encounters between bruins and campers led the forest service to shutter the areas

Lifesavers in Colorado recently rescued multiple hikers who had lost their footwear on the same slushy trail

Editor Adam Roy explains why his ultralight four-legged friend is the ideal backpacking companion

Rescue crews in SoCal are already warning hikers to skip the snowy San Jacinto Mountains

The bloodsuckers are waking up—and biting—earlier each year

A man says he required lifesaving when he accidentally ignited a 2018 wildfire. An Arizona court determined that his negligence made him culpable.

Backpacker executive editor Adam Roy has fully embraced the eccentric footwear after previously swearing them off. Here’s why.

Hikers in New Hampshire can already be charged for lifesaving, and a proposed law would punish those who refuse to pay. Editor Adam Roy thinks it’s a terrible and dangerous policy.

The Havasupai Tribe closed their lands—and the iconic waterfall—to tourists amid the pandemic. Guests who had reservations from 2020 will be allowed to visit in 2023.

A federal judge convicted Jeffrey M. Johnson for operating a paid guided tour without a permit in a national park

The real story is weirder and sadder than what we saw in the film’s bonkers preview

A campground located along the Bright Angel Trail will be called Havasupai Gardens following a government decision

Two agencies will investigate bringing grizzlies back to the Pacific Northwest

The Sonoran desert toad is under threat from hunters who seek their toxic secretions

As defenders of all things outdoors, we can’t let Paul Hollywood’s weird marshmallow hockey pucks stand

Some of you are thinking, Ewww, no way. But open your hearts to the truth: spiders are among the most fascinating creatures on earth, and great neighbors to boot (goodbye, mosquitos!). With climate change putting them in danger, they could use a few new friends.

Hiker Rebecca Clark says she ended up with a hole in her back and lots of stickers and thorns, but otherwise she is OK

Keep your hands warm all season long. Here are the winter gloves you need to ski, hike, snowshoe, and stay outside as long as possible.

Rescuers say Jetal Agnihotri, 29, died after being swept away by flash floods on Friday

Park Service officials believe the human remains are connected to a death that occurred near the Abyss Pool hot springs on July 31

Driven by closures and new parking rules, Colorado’s highest peaks saw a precipitous drop in hiker visits from 2020 to 2021

Feeling entranced by the cosmos? See the heavens in all their glory from one of these incredible trails.

Michael Charles Lombardo, 55, frequently walked the famed trail with his pet Chihuahua

The new slogan launches after a series of tourist encounters with the massive mammals

The 200-million-old fossil, which contained footprints from an alligatorlike reptile, is believed to have been stolen from the park roughly five years ago

The incident in December is the latest incident of vandalism to ancient Native artifacts

Bus 142 spent 60 years sitting in the Alaskan backcountry and saw thousands of visitors before it ended up at the Museum of the North in Fairbanks. Now a team of conservators, students, and volunteers face the challenge ahead.

That shiny sheet of plastic you have wadded up at the bottom of your daypack can help you stay alive. Will it help you stay comfortable? That’s a different story.

Exercise may not be enough to make up for thru-hikers’ bad diets, a new paper suggests

Despite warnings, rules, and common sense, tourists in Yellowstone keep approaching bears and bison.

Unpacking the buzz around the latest performance food

When the American cyclist quit the Tour, he did exactly what an athlete should do

You don’t need to go all in to reap health and performance benefits from the famous diet

The real takeaway: nutrition labels just aren't working

How to assemble your first kit.

A new cookbook seeks to make the world’s most restrictive diet palatable

A new cookbook breaks some traditional Paleo rules. Result: It's packed with recipes you'll actually want to make.

Tips from legend Lee Sheftel, who sent his first 5.14 after his 59th birthday

Scientists also investigating beetles, caddisflies

Join glowing cats, mice, pigs

Newlyweds take home gold and silver

Will release animals or transfer to refuges

Officials fear it may draw people to island

Fled during war, lived 40 years in forest

Photographer captures pictures from plane

Employees let go without warning

Will be dropped from plane at 14,500 feet

Was working as instructor in Oregon

Nepali team will monitor climbing, permits

UNC professor and CU student play concert

Could use stem cells from tissue

Caught up in Electroshock Therapy

Killed over trespassing dispute

Prototype funded on Kickstarter

Obviously illegal, probably impossible

Blaze headed toward Palm Springs

After fishermen drag camera