Donini, Lowe have extensive resumes

Hopes to be back on skis by November

Has yet to comment on accusations

Could bring in $15 million

Location, date to be determined

38 trillion gallons gone in seven years

Part of the Games since 1896

Arachnids spin webs in power lines

Group outlines measures in new article

Will star in new unscripted show

Neural pathways behind petting

Minesweeper damaged Philippine reef

Thirty pitches in three days

Forced down by -35 degree temperatures

Rescuers searching for more possible victims

Linked to drug factory raid

Plans to support Froome in Tour

As climbing moves toward its shot at the Olympics, the stakes are rising for the next generation of athletes. Will the temptation to get an edge be too much for some of them to handle?

Freak snowfall and cold conditions

Mother says she's "with the angels"

Safety malfunctions spark concern

Group holds candlelight vigil

Environmentalists supported bill, Murkowski says

Succumbed to altitude sickness

Spaniard Iñaki Lejarreta was training

First person to summit Annapurna

A high-profile accident is just the latest reason that climbers need to rethink the tools they've been using

Backtracks from earlier statements

Violators could face jail time

Failed to disclose financial ties

Fighting extradition to Belize

Pair marooned in Siberian taiga

This year, Czech climber Adam Ondra established the world's hardest sport route in Norway and onsighted the Red River Gorge's most difficult lines on his first trip to the United States. He talked to Outside about projecting 5.15d and pushing the limits of the sport.

Vonn sweeps Lake Louise; Ligety crushes in Beaver Creek

Cites decline of wildlife species

Ashenden, Walsh among members

Calls own suspension "injustice"

A new field guide and cookbook from the staff of one of New York's top restaurants offers a simple, gourmet take on wild foods

Olympian signs letter of intent

Hunt to take place this weekend

Utah, California, and Colorado

7.4 tremor won't threaten tsunami

Pair became stranded attempting a rescue

Gear failed below Angel's Landing

Could be the worst storm in 100 years

Will shutter Costa Mesa headquarters

Bodyboarder attacked off the same beach in 2010

As UCI declines to appeal sanctions

Though rare, northeastern quakes spread farther

Cyclist had testified in the USADA Armstrong case

Decreased incidence of lying in subjects

Bidder 70 headed to halfway house

MIT finds ice fracture increases with greenhouse gas

Cyclist admits he testified to USADA, feds