Calls own suspension "injustice"

A new field guide and cookbook from the staff of one of New York's top restaurants offers a simple, gourmet take on wild foods

Olympian signs letter of intent

Hunt to take place this weekend

Utah, California, and Colorado

7.4 tremor won't threaten tsunami

Pair became stranded attempting a rescue

Gear failed below Angel's Landing

Could be the worst storm in 100 years

Will shutter Costa Mesa headquarters

Bodyboarder attacked off the same beach in 2010

As UCI declines to appeal sanctions

Though rare, northeastern quakes spread farther

Cyclist had testified in the USADA Armstrong case

Decreased incidence of lying in subjects

Bidder 70 headed to halfway house

MIT finds ice fracture increases with greenhouse gas

Cyclist admits he testified to USADA, feds

Böhm claims first oxygen-free ski descent

Route could be hardest ever

Can't compare UCI presidents to Gaddafi

Trails and campgrounds closed

Plan draws conservationist ire

Nearly doubling its size

Digit came from wakeboarding accident

For Lance Armstrong investigation

Mick Fanning drops out in semifinals

Alberto Contador is set to testify

Ends oil exploration for the year

Health initiative will outlaw containers over 16oz

Ocean warming, acidification, and fishing at fault

Third ascent of notoriously difficult peak

Beaches closed, fishing restricted in Louisiana

Still hurting from Critérium du Dauphiné crash

Climber Alex Honnold and filmmaker Peter Mortimer talk about their new collaboration and the pressures of fame

Shortcut landed him in drainage tunnel

Earthquakes fractured pipeline

Study finds no evidence of long-term heart damage

Following spread of disease

Average miles per gallon to nearly double

And could shrink more

Raid found grow sites in National Parks

Ranger breaks Jornet's 11-day-old time

New satellite data surprises scientists

Remarkably like those used by humans

The International Olympic Committee is set to add a new sport for the 2020 Summer Games, and climbing is on the shortlist. Here's why the Olympics needs it.

Ownership of archipelago hotly contested

Mistakenly climbed technical route

Endurance athlete is at it again

An Oregon firefighter suffered burns

Animal attacked Scoutmaster

Meb Keflezighi shut up his doubters in January when he came back from an injury to win the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials. Here are the songs he's using to get ready for the big race.

Ballot measure seeks to drain reservoir

Announcement sparks outrage among donors

Los Alamos and Oak Ridge on the table

Was in the front car on the world's tallest coaster

Two Americans went missing after summit

Hits 536 mph in 18-mile skydive

The latest addition to Metolius's SafeTech line, the Patriot is a lightweight, minimalist harness that weighs in at just 14 oz.

Climbers Kennedy, Dempster, and Novak

Blames technical issues, topography

Coffee drinkers polluting Pacific Ocean

Record die-off had mystified scientists