Caught up in Electroshock Therapy

Killed over trespassing dispute

Prototype funded on Kickstarter

Obviously illegal, probably impossible

Blaze headed toward Palm Springs

After fishermen drag camera

Hope to finish in three months

Fourth incident in three years

Less than 50 of the birds left in wild

Emily Jackson takes home $4,000

Fire crews don't expect to make gains until rainy season

Following deadly terrorist attack

Using satellite imagery

Has a history of fishing violations

Passengers crowd into shelters

Young crushers today are sending grades that didn't exist 20 years ago. But can their growing bodies handle the strain?

Debuting at music festivals this summer

Will generate enough energy to power Denver

Goes to governor to sign

In new study from Yeshiva University

Foreign minister headed to Addis Ababa

Utah will host first competition

Uses accelerometer to measure pet activity

Won't compete due to knee injury

Could aid cloning project

Breweries rely on underground wells

Died in separate incidents on descent

Snake was almost 19 feet long

Tour leader captures video

Will use "fatbergs" from sewers

Suggests insects as food source for growing population

After complaints from tribes

Scandanavian country relies on trash to heat homes

Marathon sparked low point in social media

Mountain biker tackles 142-mile trail

Fell while descending from summit

Conservation groups to fight plan

I don't eat out a lot, but when I do, I like to order local. What are your recommendations for farm-to-table dining?

Exxon continues to deny contamination

Made first ascents of Castleton Tower, Naked Edge

British cyclist won't return for the Commonwealth Games

Des Plaines river expected to crest on Friday

Ski employees were headed home

Scotland Yard to review security plan

Citing inexperience, knee injury

Facing several multimillion-dollar suits

Making way for another UNESCO site

Suspected in 1,000 burglaries

Two American climbers started the Centro de Escalada Urbana with a vision: to give kids from one of Rio de Janeiro’s poorest neighborhoods a leg up by teaching them to climb the cliffs near their home. Before they were done, they would blaze new routes up Rio’s granite walls, weather the death of a friend, and see the social order of one of Brazil's biggest slums turned upside down.

As Chinese police arrest ten for rumors

Rattlesnake Canyon shuttered through April 30

First in climbing award's history

Study finds decreased frustration, engagement

Ghar-e-Dosar is fourth-biggest chamber