You’ll be surprised how far we’ve come from the blocky, cumbersome ice coolers of yesteryear

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The 26-year-old downhill skier's advice on how to be a happy traveller? Always be prepared for powder days and impromptu concerts.

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We're not sure we'd try Ian McIntosh's bold lines, but we'd certainly give his favorite stomping grounds—and gear—a try.

The pro skier and mountaineering badass shares her favorite winter destination and gear.

The Olympic champion's favorite place to ski and sticks for the park.

The pro traveler needs cutting-edge survival gear as he explorers the farthest reaches of the planet. And his favorite place to play might surprise you. (Hint: It’s in the Midwest.)

The backcountry legend weighs in on his favorite gear (we bet you can guess it) and why California is a splitboarder's paradise.

There are thousands of outdoor apps to download, but few that will get you where you need to go. These four rules will help you choose the right one.

Hack your way to comfort in the great outdoors

The best way to keep your water supply squeaky clean

I'm looking to swap out my mass-manufactured camping gear for the latest handmade designs. What are your favorite custom options?

I’m going trout fishing in Northern New England in a few weeks, but I don't know the area. What gear should I bring to reel in the fish?

I’m training for an ultra and log some long runs in the backcountry. If I carried all my water, I’d probably be running with four pounds of fluid. Is there a lightweight filter I can carry instead?

I work on trails to help my local mountaineering club. Is there anything light enough to carry with in my backpack?

I work on trails to help my local mountaineering club. Is there anything light enough to carry with in my backpack?

I need a new flotation device for kayaking, and I’m ready to move up to something with more serious features. What’s the state-of-the-art?

I work on trails to help my local mountaineering club. Is there anything light enough to carry with in my backpack?

I work on trails to help my local mountaineering club. Is there anything light enough to carry along in my backpack?

I’m trying to find a long-sleeve shirt that feels good while mountaineering but also looks good on a date. What have you got for me?

On a humid night in July, I slept in friend’s hammock on the trail. The cool breezes were great, but I wondered about weight. How do they compare with other shelters?

I’m looking for an affordable satellite communicator, something that will let me calm my family’s jitters at home with a quick note, or come into service as an SOS device in an emergency. What do you recommend?

After my first marathon, I was so hungry, I remember eating a whole pizza. What does Kilian Jornet, who races 100 miles and more, eat?

I’m running the Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Race in July, and friends have pointed out that it may be cool at night in high elevations and hot during the day. I can’t bring a lot of clothes. What shirt should I wear?

For safety reasons, I always leave my trip plans and return time at home. But they’re usually scrawled on a piece of junk mail stuck to the fridge. Is there a better system?

I train barefoot at an easy pace on trails, but when I race, I tend to run fast 10K’s and 5K’s, and the asphalt isn’t friendly at that pace. What shoes should I wear?

Since I was a kid, it’s been droned into me to carry a map and compass in the outdoors, even if it’s a backup for GPS. What’s the least I can get away with?

I’ve heard of shoes and special boot inserts that generate electricity every time you step down. It sounds far-fetched. What’s the reality?

I know beer cans are easiest to pack in and out of the camp site. But I’ve heard rumblings of new can designs to make it taste better. Is there anything to it?

My family’s going on a camping trip next month, and we’ll have five in our party. What’s the best way to get water for cooking and drinking each night?

One of my favorite chores around the campsite is to chop wood for the fire. What’s the best tool for the job?

Stands out in on-the-fly convenience, spaciousness, and durability.

With summer approaching, I'm on the lookout for a hardy cooler that will keep things fresh for days when there's no fridge on hand. Any recommendations?

I’m looking for something long-lasting and bright that won’t let me down in the backwoods. What do you recommend?

I’m training for a trail race, and I’m looking for a way to bring water for a couple of hours’ run. I don’t want to haul a huge waterbag on my back. What’s my best bet?

When I’m in a road race, sometimes I hear a guy running nearby who’s louder than a Budweiser draught horse. How do I learn better form so I won’t end up like that?

My girlfriend is looking for a new phone, and she’ll be using it outdoors a lot this summer. Which one has the most protective case available?

I’m looking for something waterproof and rugged for the ocean, but that polishes up for a meeting at work.

One of my favorite rites of summer is to run along a marshy trail to our family’s backwoods cabin. But my trainers are always soaked and uncomfortable when I get there. Is there a better alternative for my feet?

When we were caught in a sudden storm hiking in Acadia last summer we donned garbage bags to keep dry. Some rain jackets feel almost as clammy as those garbage bags. What’s a good, breathable one?

I’m looking for something small and light to stow in my pack while hiking or kayaking in case something goes wrong, but I’m overwhelmed by the options. What kind of beacon do you recommend?

We had a handful of writers running the 117th Boston Marathon on Monday when a series of explosions rocked the city. Here are some of their stories.

I'm getting ready for a two-month trip around Asia and I need luggage that can hold up to serious abuse. What do you recommend?

After spending the winter dreaming about fly-fishing, I'm itching to get back out on the river. What are the best waders for early-season fish-stalking?

I’m looking for a new, relaxed way to get from point A to point B. One of my friends suggested longboarding, but I haven’t touched a skateboard since junior high. What kind would you recommend?

My New Year's Resolution for 2013 was to learn to kiteboard, but I don't know where to start. Help!

What are the best backcountry skis for tearing up East Coast powder?

I’m training for a triathlon, and I need to take in a lot of calories when I’m on the bike or trail. That often means eating energy bars, which get old fast. What's the best bar for alleviating taste fatigue?

I run in minimalist shoes, and I like to wear some type of sock with them. What’s a thin pair that provides good ground feel and will keep me blister free?

I’m looking for a pair of quick-drying pants for hiking in the slush and rain over the next few weeks. I need to look presentable if we stop at a brewpub on the way back. What have you got for me?

I'm looking to upgrade my camera, but I don't want to lug around a heavy—and pricey—DSLR. What are my options?

I love to grill—steaks, veggies, sausages, anything. How can I bring my grill camping with me?

I'm looking for a sleeping bag for extreme cold temperatures. I'm talking Arctic. What's my best option?

The weather's been bad, and all I've been doing is sitting at home and practicing my knots. Is there an app for that?

I'm trying to measure my progress on a new exercise routine. What's the best device for tracking body fat at home?

I need a pair of good-quality ski goggles to protect my eyes, but I don’t know where to start. Help me out!

I'm starting to get more serious about my training. What heart-rate monitor should I buy?

I'm looking for a good, stable lantern to light up my campsite. What do you recommend?

My kids have convinced me to rig up a zipline on our property, but I don't know where to start. Got any ideas?

I want to go beyond normal camp food for my next trip. I'm talking cobbler, cornbread, even pizza. What should I do?

I want to get a small portable solar panel to charge my phone. Do any of the ones on the market work, or are they more trouble than they're worth?

I’m looking for a minimalist shoe for running on trails with a lot of rocks and brush. What do you recommend?

I’m looking forward to spring skiing—and to staying comfortable without a heavy jacket. What do you recommend for those days when a hardshell is overkill?

I’m starting to get into slow-shutter photography and other artistic effects using my iPhone. What are the best tripods for keeping my phone completely still while taking pictures?

I’m going to Hawaii for work, and need travel bags that are business-appropriate but rugged enough to let me explore the island by foot when I get there. Any suggestions?

I’ve started using my mobile phone to view topo maps when on the mountain. What app would you recommend to look at them offline?

I'm looking to invest in some body armor for the slopes this winter. What should I get?

I want to build an igloo. What kind of tools do I need?

Can I use my three-season tent in the snow? Or should I cough up the money for a four-season model?

The pool bores me. But I swim a few days a week during the winter to stay fit. Is there any waterproof gear that can make it more interesting?

One of the hardest parts of leaving the mountain is stowing a pair of soggy boots for the airplane. What’s the best option?

Last year, my snowboard pants didn’t work out so well—I was sweaty and wet most days. This season, how do I keep my lower half from becoming a hot mess?

I do a lot of ice and mixed climbing in rocky areas of New England. What are the best crampons for me?

I have a marathon coming up in a few months. How can I get online coaching tailored to my ability? Oh, and how can I get it for free?

I can’t seem to find a warm hat I like. They get sweaty when I’m playing hard, then freeze my noggin when I’m standing still.

How breakable are the new glass water bottles? Can you take them outdoors, or are they only for the office?

I’m no Apolo Ohno, but I have been curious about speed skating ever since I saw people doing it on a local river last winter. I have never seen speed skating equipment in stores. Do the skates cost an arm and a leg?

I’d like to do more biking on dirt roads in the countryside, but my road bike just can’t hack it. I’ve been hearing about new “gravel” bikes. What’s the deal?

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