Normally, not something you want a shark scientist to say. But Eric Stroud is talking about his chemistry-lab quest for the ultimate shark repellent, which he appears to have found. The questions that remain: Does it work on the great white, the ocean’s most fearsome predator? And can a couple of rookie entrepreneurs get it to market?

Beta on four of the newest long trails

Inspired by iconic American long trails, a new generation of pioneers are creating paths for hikers and bikers the world over

Sometimes setting an unreasonable goal is the only way to jump-start your fitness

For the past two decades, the website has straddled the lines between gossip, investigative reporting, and hardcore training advice, angering Nike, USA Track and Field, and traditional media in the process. Charles Bethea joined them at the 2016 Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon, to figure out how they’ve managed to become the most important, and controversial, outlet in competitive running.

Many travel insurance providers don’t cover the deadly sport of wingsuiting. But the case of one American man whose $161 plan covered the $175,000 cost of his air evacuation and treatment shows that it’s possible—under the right circumstances.

On Sunday morning, Karl Meltzer broke Scott Jurek's year-old Appalachian Trail speed record, completing the 2,190 mile trek in 45 days, 22 hours, and 38 minutes. Here, the winningest 100-mile racer in history tells us how he pulled it off.

Some argue that so-called trail angels, who hand out 
food and water (and beer!) 
to weary through-hikers, 
are cheapening what should be a life-altering experience

The British ultramarathoner is currently on pace to break the trans-American record, but followers of his run are already crying foul

The NBA great is as competitive on the trail as he was on the court

Jordan Lewis runs the ritziest pot store in the country: Aspen, Colorado's Silverpeak Apothecary, where sommelier-like "budtenders" sell gourmet ganja in a designer showroom. But soon after he arrived, he found himself under siege from locals worried about that skunky smell wafting over their mountain valley. It's enough to drive a man to toke.

Now that legalization is taking hold, there’s a huge array of cannabis products hitting the market. Here are our six favorites.

Riding from Durango to Moab on a mountain bike isn't easy: you cover around 215-miles, climbing 3,500 feet a day, some of it probably during a lightning storm or through thick mud, with temperatures ranging from forty to 115 degrees and plenty of route-finding involved.

Across the Web, the Silicon Valley executive has been recognized for his role in bringing Street View to Everest and his other accomplishments at Google. Here, two close friends recall the spontaneity and energy that made him so endearing.

After Lonely Planet's new owner hired a 25-year-old neophyte to helm the famed but flailing guidebooks brand, it was anyone’s guess as to which direction it would go. But new clues to the company's future may be found in this startling acquisition.

More pain quest than workout, misogi is the secret, punishing ritual that has revolutionized Atlanta Hawks supershooter Kyle Korver's game. You have time for this—if it doesn't kill you first.

Jack Kerouac spent the summer of 1956 manning a fire tower on Washington's Desolation Peak, in the northern Cascades. He didn't do much writing there, apparently, despite being alone with pencil and paper. But he stayed for 63 days. The views were good.

Last year, a media-shy billionaire bought the flailing Lonely Planet travel-guide empire, then shocked observers by hiring an unknown 24-year-old former wedding photographer to save it. Charles Bethea straps in for a bizarre ride as a kid mogul tries to remake a legendary brand for the digital age.

Adopting a dog can be difficult. But in the end, we wouldn't trade our oddball pets for anything.

On the plains of New Mexico, a band of elite marathoners tests a controversial theory of evolution: that humans can outrun the fastest animals on earth.

The Contour is light and strong—made with a tough aluminum alloy—and the new Airshock cushioning system (which can be turned off if more stiffness is required) serves up a soft ride. 15.8 oz per pair;…

A carbon lower shaft and aluminum upper section mean you save weight and money with this utility pole. But you give up the more comfortable ergonomic grips of pricier sticks. 19.2 oz per pair;…

No cranking required to loosen and tighten the super-secure twist locks on these aluminum poles. And, as with the others, long foam grips let you instantly adjust to frequently changing terrain. 18 oz per pair;…

BD’s signature FlickLock mechanism makes adjusting these sticks literally a snap (no twisting required). The oval-shaped, aluminum shafts are the stiffest we tested, and the grips nest perfectly in hand. 20 oz per pair;…

Healthy. That's the word we kept coming back to. And we don't mean a fit or skinny population; we're talking about a city's cultural vibrancy, economic well-being, and overall quality of life. Presenting our picks for the 10 best cities in America, from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Plus: Our 10 favorite small towns.

It's Games time. Hit the couch—or don't—for some Olympian flicks.

How a barefoot sport laced up its cleats

In which we take back the drinking trip from the wine snob. Here's how to mix world-class adventure and tasting, from Kentucky to Japan.

An Aussie filmmaker makes waves with a documentary about gang life Down Under

Scientists proclaim Indonesia's Bird's Head Seascape the most biodiverse marine area in the world.

Ten iconic athletes name their favorite sports films of all time, from the touching and zany to the truly awe-inspiring. Clear out your Netflix queue.