In which we take back the drinking trip from the wine snob. Here's how to mix world-class adventure and tasting, from Kentucky to Japan.

The inexorable rise of mountain-town sushi

Avid game hunter Steven Rinella will eat just about anything. Or so he's told us. So what happens when our extreme gourmand travels across the world to face America's ultimate culinary aversion?

Down Boy: Q&A with Steven Rinella Though author Steven Rinella wrote the book on weird food (The Scavenger's Guide to Haute Cuisine), traveling to Vietnam to sample cooked dog for the October 2007 feature story “Down Boy” totally freaked him out. Rinella talks…

Gas grills may get the prime floor space at Home Depot, but for backyard gourmands, nothing beats the warm glow of charcoal

Napa's knack for producing world-class vintages has spilled across the Left Coast. Raise a toast to five getaways that mix bucolic adventure by day with fine wine by night.

As fall hikes give way to the first powder days of winter, there's a beer for every occasion

One man, one idiotic quest: to find El Mirador, a mysterious beachfront bar in a very remote and very dangerous part of Colombia. Who knew there would be complications?

Our Guide to the World's Wildest Bars

The Caribbean is home to as many rum distilleries as islands. Hop on board for a taste tour—and leave the Coke behind.

Feasting will doubtless bookend the feats of athleticism on the ice and snow at these Winter Olympics. Find out here what it takes to get through Piedmontese culinary boot camp.

Does staying out until last call make you miss first chair? Stick with sake.

In the early nineties, you couldn’t turn around without spilling a microbrew on some goateed guy’s flannel. Replace that six-pack with a bottle of brandy made from organic pears and you have the latest trend in happy-hour chic: craft distilling. Looking for ways to spice up your holiday liquor cabinet?…

IF YOU THOUGHT PAUL GIAMATTI’S CHARACTER in Sideways was obsessed, consider the growing cult of American oenophiles for whom only ultranatural “biodynamic” wine will do. Biodynamic Wine Vintners producing this exalted juice concoct compost by burying cow dung packed in cow horns in the fall, unearthing them in…

Our one-month plan (and some inspiring recipes) will help you elevate your fitness goals

Welcome to Nha Trang, where Vietnam's sophisticated new era and ageless culture meet on a gorgeous beach

Over here in Scandinavia—where I recently moved to edit Outside Sweden—the dark winters can get you down. Enter aquavit: From the Latin aqua vitae, or “water of life,” this missing link between vodka and gin is the favored spirit of Thor’s ski-hard descendants. A tasty, caraway-flavored libation, it’s chilled and…

Discover the wild, sandy stretch between Sydney and Melbourne, the next idyllic beach paradise Down Under

Lately, more and more indie beers—with their mad hops and big barley—are sporting names cribbed from the lexicon of the stoked. But are the brewers of these imbibables just appropriating the cachet of adventure sports to sell a few six-packs? Or do they live and love the wild life? We…

Blame it on the Naked Chef—suddenly everyone wants to know how to roll the perfect lumpia. Here are four resorts where you don't have to forgo active pursuits just to don your toque.

We’re not talking fries and fat, with fresh nowhere in sight. We’re talking about smart nutrition to help you charge up, trim down, and get the most out of mealtime. We picked the brains of top athletes for their favorite full-flavored quick-and-easy recipes. Prep time is less than ten minutes;…

Though we admire the ease of energy-replenishing snacks like Gu and PowerBars, man can’t live on them alone. So we asked top athletes, from marathoners to pole-vaulters, to cough up their best recipes—after all, if the fuel in their tanks isn’t effective, they’re out of work. They offered a variety…

Ready to take up the challenge of reviving the bloody old days of classic haute cuisine? Steven Rinella bites.

Eating Well along Mexico's Pacific Coast

For many, camp cooking is a messy, disheartening, ultimately bland affair. But it doesn’t have to be. Take, for instance, the following gastronomical field trip, led by three of the nation’s finest chefs, maestros of the kitchen who—surprise!—are also no strangers to the demands of wielding a skillet in the…

The South's true country cuisine rises again

Five top jocks share their recovery secrets

After being forced to stomach snake-blood cocktails and rooster-head soup, one afflicted traveler discovers that revenge is a dish best served by Norwegians