Ellen O'Brien
The features include new metrics for cyclists, improved cellular access data for hikers, and mood tracking for wellness-enthusiasts.

The ancient ritual turned TikTok trend is happening everywhere

Instead of berating yourself for wasting away your time, focus your energy on these three key benefits

Gladys McGarey, MD, explains what we should all be doing to seek out happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives

These science-backed hacks can help you lower your stress levels almost instantly

Kelly Murray, a certified pediatric and adult sleep consultant, shares what you need to know about this common habit

Losing a close friend taught the fitness instructor that embracing your emotions is a sign of strength and growth

The sport sweeping the country taught me how to feel like a kid again

Answers to three of the most common questions asked in the springtime

These 8 concepts I learned translated far beyond just the physical practice

Reap all the physical and mental advantages of mindfulness without ever saying “ohm”

You'll want to try this hack to beat your insomnia

How to satiate your curiosity about the cosmos

The temperature of your room may be more essential than you may think

How to deal with death, injury, and loss, and why the tough-guy culture of the mountains is so toxic to healing.

Training, tools, and techniques vary. What you need to know to choose a physical therapist versus a chiropractor.

Chances are you can catch the nighttime spectacle from your backyard

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How to best care for your body to keep doing the outdoor activities you love

At a dark moment in his childhood, the actor found belonging when he buried himself beneath the snow

Outdoor time with your partner is more than just fun—it can be the key to a superstrong bond

Taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body

New studies confirm that spending time outside can ease physical symptoms

We asked experts what to consider before you hit the pavement

After a grapefruit-size cancerous tumor nearly killed her, the physician committed to spending as much time as possible doing what she loves most

Experts weigh in on whether your period ought to have a say in your workouts

One yoga teacher immersed herself in freezing water for 31 days. Here’s her advice for how you can do it, too.

Research makes a strong case for taking your practice into the wild as the weather warms—or at least your backyard

Exploring how the simple act of spending time outside can solve so many of life’s problems

All that hiking, biking, and climbing can take a toll on more than your quads

According to the longest happiness study in history, we all need to be strengthening our relationships

Yogi Bryan explains what you can try anytime your anxiety becomes overwhelming

Healthy habits are hard to maintain. We sent five writers on long-overdue quests for self-improvement.

I love to cook, but finding time to make dinner remains a challenge. I figured it was time for an assist.

After years of infinite scrolling, it was time for a drastic intervention

A working mom's experiment with forced midday snoozes

Believe it or not, talking to new people won’t kill you

Figuring out how to get better sleep and more excise and is hard—which is why we tried out some new programs for you

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If the wellness industry doesn’t prioritize the health of the environment, is it really looking out for yours?

This diagnostic tool promotes fatphobia, which can cause more health problems than extra weight, and is rooted in racism. It's time to throw it away.

Instead of putting pen to paper, consider audio journaling as an alternative method of reflection

If we remain curious instead of ashamed of our tears, crying can inform us of our true feelings when we’re adventuring outdoors

In an excerpt from her new book, “The Gospel of Wellness,” Rina Raphael explains the broader cultural shift that's made some fitness classes feel like church

Depending on your sleep habits, waking up early in the name of productivity may not be beneficial for your physical or mental health

New research suggests that exercising only once or twice a week can deliver similar health benefits as more frequent workouts

Unwise lifestyle choices jacked up the amount of bad fat in my bloodstream. Could I fix this by getting back in the saddle and eating right?

A new study on exercise at different periods of the day begs the question: When do you work, out and why?

​​In some corners of the internet, low-impact exercise is having a moment. Even the most hard-charging athletes can benefit from a change of pace. 

TikTok is brimming with people who swear by the sound frequency for improved concentration and a sense of calm. We spoke to sleep and psychology experts to find out what the science says about the brown-noise trend.

These stories examine the most widespread health misconceptions in our world, the science that’s still unsettled, and the facts you can rely on when in doubt

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Moving your body has plenty of physical benefits, but that’s just the start

Wildfire seasons are getting worse. The increase in smoke is harming heart, lung, brain, and skin health.

This routine can help you stretch out and stay active even when you're sitting down

It's no secret that athletes need to develop their mental game to compete at their best, but a growing number of athletes in many sports are now seeking out expert-led training for their minds

New research on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programs highlights the importance of consistency

Doesn’t look like you’ll head back to the office any time soon—why not add some luxury to your home setup?

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Choose wisely to take care of your skin and the planet at the same time

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Set yourself up for sleep success with these important tips

Perfect for the on-the-go adventurer, these portable products make sunscreen application—and reapplication—easy

A skateboarder, business owner, husband, and friend, DJ Stewart was just getting started

Our basic biology can steer us toward bad habits and compulsive behavior. Overcoming these pitfalls requires effort and discipline.

Want to grow your own food but don’t know where to start? Plant a few of these and you’ll have a full pantry in no time.

Five scientifically proven ways to up the fun in your life

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Professional athletes and everyday recreationalist swear by active recovery with OOFOS

The elite athlete opens up about the pressures to be light and fast—and her journey toward a healthier relationship with her body and performance

Our best advice for growing your own food and foliage

Take your gardening indoors with houseplants. Use these tips to place them in proper sunlight, water them correctly, and feed them so they survive and thrive.

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And why we’re already stoked for next season

Drew Petersen seemed like just another free-spirited mountain dude. But the pain he was hiding nearly destroyed him.

Critiques about body size and type can not only cause physical and mental harm but also reinforce implicit gatekeeping in sports

After a day of tackling moguls and black diamonds (or even the bunny hill), hit the mat with these poses that stretch your muscles and aid in recovery

Why is taking an hour off so difficult?

Work less, adventure more, and get some rest

Water-cooler chat? Make an appointment.

The world of fitness is always changing—for better and for worse. Here, we’ve focused on the bright side, spotlighting five faces in the health and wellness scene that are pushing for inclusivity, justice, and kindness, toppling old conventions to make their own.