'Hydrotherapy,' from Friction Collective, highlights the benefits of cold-water swimming

Photographer Ben Moon spent much of his twenties living in a van and climbing by the ocean, but at 29, he was diagnosed with cancer

Nestled in Chattahoochee Hills southwest of Atlanta, the Serenbe community is designed to deliver everybody's favorite buzzword: wellness. You can't argue with the gourmet wine dinners, leafy walking trails, and goat yoga, but be aware that Paradise doesn't come cheap.

Doctors take an oath to do no harm. But in her book, 'Sex Matters,' emergency medicine physician Alyson McGregor explains how doctors are unintentionally harming women by practicing a model of medicine based on men.

After a monthslong search, a buckwheat-filled pillow helped one editor finally sleep comfortably

Zwift, track workouts, and more keep 47-year-old Jon Brown ready for next winter

Having a solid routine is more important than ever

They're not more tired than the rest of us, according to a new study—they're just better at sleeping

It's fair to be skeptical of instant coffee. But after tasting Laird Instafuel, even one of our coffee-snob editors has been converted.

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Learn to quiet your mind to improve your day, your night, and your game

Many male athletes struggle with eating disorders. By sharing his personal experience, Lightner hopes to let others know they are not alone.

Walking is a challenge for Duncan Booth—it's awkward and uncomfortable—but when he hops on an e-bike, everything changes

The American Mountain Guides Association published tips on how outdoor professionals can use "psychological first aid" to stay mentally healthy during these challenging times. But the advice is useful for all of us during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

During the pandemic, everything happens on video chat—including exercising with strangers from the comfort of your home

Nick Giacomini went from being a Bay Area burnout to a yoga celebrity. His career is also a window into long-standing debates about yoga and cultural appropriation in the U.S.

Sitting all day wreaks havoc on the body. Here's how to reset and recenter.

Turning to technology may be the best way to get a workout in as we continue to practice social distancing

Products and companies offering a quick and easy immunity boost aren't going to help, but these three everyday practices might

When the long-running TV game show relaunched in January, it promised a kinder, gentler version suited for the current health climate. It didn't deliver.

Men suffer higher rates of suicide and drug abuse than women. Many are anxious and lonely—and, as a result, they’re all too often angry and violent. Wilderness Collective thinks the solution lies in open spaces, UTVs, and fireside talks. But is that enough?

The Venture Out Project celebrates the LGBTQ community through backpacking trips throughout the U.S.

Emerging research suggests that you should embrace the steam

Yes, it's serious, and it's time to start taking some practical precautions

Outside's go-to physician, Dr. Brian Cole, weighs in on anxiety, headaches, and poor posture, in his Ask a Doctor column

Recent studies suggest that sunlight may lower blood pressure in ways that have nothing to do with vitamin D

After a nasty bike accident, journalist Sarah Allely found basic activities impossible. Then she started spending more time outdoors.

In this short video, photographer and fat biker Ann Driggers​​​​​​​ shares why her bike commute is an integral part of her day

The United States leads the world in spending for health and fitness but still ranks lowest in measurements of actual health. How do we break the cycle?

Launched by Specialized CEO Mike Sinyard, Project New Day promotes the use of hallucinogens like mushrooms to treat addiction and PTSD

Journaling is for everyone, but especially athletes. Here are the two types of journals you should have and how to get started.

A new study by Outdoor Foundation finds we're playing outside less than we did a decade ago

The empathetic host and vegan ultra-athlete shares his long personal journey and many hard lessons learned

For years, Benedikt Boehm has been chasing speed records on some of the world's tallest peaks

Work hard, play hard—that's how many of us live today. But it turns out that our supercharged lives aren’t so great for us, and fitness experts and doctors are now emphasizing restorative practices and rest to improve performance and overall health.

17 surprisingly easy steps to a happier, less strung-out life—starting with your vagus nerve

He overcame addiction and workaholism to become an elite endurance athlete and star podcast host. As he sees it, it's never too late to start over on the path to a more balanced life.

Both substances are being studied for stress and anxiety relief. We asked the experts if and how they work.

New Year's resolutions be damned. We like things just the way they are.

The experts have spoken on what we will see in the coming year

A desk jockey’s guide to not being a slouch

Beautiful places, kind people, and great food aren't just nice things to experience—they're key to good mental health

For snowboarder Megan Pischke, being a breast-cancer survivor and a professional athlete are both part of her identity

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Everything you need to know, from how it specifically helps aid muscle recovery to how to choose the right CBD product and serving size

Alex Honnold has made a career of facing down risk in the mountains. Because of that, he has insight into how to process that possibility.

The bestselling author is back with a bold book arguing that we desperately need to connect with other species

Biotech company Elysium Health just released an at-home DNA test that—supposedly—will tell you how well (or poorly) you're aging

In his new book, 'Lifespan,' celebrated scientist David Sinclair lays out exactly why we age—and why he thinks we don't have to

Powder days and gear bonuses are great, but welcoming environments that prioritize the work-life balance are what really make these companies exceptional

Featuring activities like scavenger hunts and three-legged races, adult recess is about more than winning

Across the country, grown-ups are bounding outside after work for kickball, capture the flag, and other kid games. What's going on?

Maybe not in our hearts, but certainly in our brains. Plus, they can make you love the indoors far too much—which is why there’s now a full-fledged, woodsy rehab center for joystick addicts who need a soothing pathway back to a normal life.

The author of 'Digital Minimalism' explains how you can maximize your free time

When your love for the outdoors meets chronic pain, you grieve—and then you adapt

A new meta-study, which followed 267,000 people, sheds a few answers

After I lost 20 pounds and my red-blood-cell count dropped to dangerous levels, doctors finally knew what the problem was. But no one knew how to fix it.

New centers popping up in New York City can help you reach peak wellness—for just a few hundred dollars per month

Hydrating is supposed to make us healthier and more vibrant. But how much is too much?

Journalist Rowan Jacobsen discusses his controversial feature suggesting we need to reconsider our relationship with the sun and sunscreen

New research suggests that the emotion has a singular ability to lower stress and improve our overall well-being. So how do we get more of it?

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No, we’re not talking about nailing the perfect Instagram story or crafting a funny Facebook post

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From summiting a mountain to going fake camping, here’s how to make the most of our favorite day of the week

Staying healthy is crucial to athletic performance, and a new analysis from the 2018 Olympics suggests some surprising defensive tactics.

Can a grassroots movement of physicians convince big health care that free medicine is the way of the future?

After years of empty promises, hydration-tracking wearables are finally close to hitting the market

David Sabgir, founder of Walk with a Doc, on why exercise is 100 times better than medicine

Ecologist Chris Morgan sensed that nature had healing powers. But it wasn’t until he tried forest bathing that he understood them.

Your head is pounding, your muscles are cramping, and your heart is racing. Then you get dizzy and the vomiting starts. Heatstroke kills thousands of people every year. This is what it feels like—and how to know when you’re in danger.

Exertional heatstroke can cause devastating damage, but it can also be treated quickly

How one nonprofit is working to get more people outside through urban adventures

More and more evidence suggests that nature does something essential for our mental health

Cal Newport, author of 'Digital Minimalism,' explains how we need to reimagine our relationship with technology

Despite shadowy origins and increasingly diluted claims, the beverage has officially entered the wellness scene

Getting outside on your period can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be

Silicon Valley’s latest foray into fitness tech offers a new way to measure up

It’s not a miracle, and it’s not a secret, but the link between fitness levels and the risk of lung and colorectal cancers is impressively strong

More companies are selling makeup specifically for sweating in. But do women really need it?

When it comes to spending time outside, the best app is usually no app. But there are a few notable exceptions.

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