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Your perfect summer vacation may be just around the corner.

Emily and Dane Jackson of Rock Island, Tennessee continue a family tradition of kayaking excellence.

Charlie Engle was a crack addict who saved himself through ultrarunning, becoming an adventure-film star known around the world. Then he was convicted of mortgage fraud and sent to prison. [Oops.] He's out now, with an audacious new goal: to rebuild his life and run 5,000 miles, from the Dead Sea to the top of Mount Everest.

This year’s bumper crop of paleo-inspired health, diet, and exercise books is proving that the prehistoric movement is here to stay

Already an Everest record-holder, the 29-year-old climbing great shares what it takes to reach the top

A team of African-American climbers heads to Denali this June with a lofty goal—to inspire more diversity outside

How do you teach a boy to love the wilderness when you’re terrified of what might happen out there? Hiking with his ten-year-old son, William Broyles confronts his memories of Vietnam–and one very large grizzly. (And three other great essays on fatherhood, from Jack Hitt, W. Hodding Carter, and Anthony Doerr.)

And we mean "trips" in the literal sense. Our contributors share their most-loved, go-to spots across the U.S.

W. Hodding Carter, Jack Hitt, and Anthony Doerr look back on their attempts to raise kids who love the outdoors.

Why the intrepid Vanagon has once again earned its place as the ultimate outdoor vehicle

In March, a Utah man died while attempting to replicate a rope swing made famous by YouTube. Will the tragedy curb the latest adventure trend?

David Oliver Relin made his name as coauthor of the disgraced bestseller Three Cups of Tea—then tragically committed suicide. Now, a major publisher hypes Relin’s posthumous history of the inspiring Himalayan Cataract Project. Should we buy it?

There's a new generation taking over the Bay Area who aren't afraid to play as hard as they work.

A brilliant American financier and his wife build a lavish mansion in the jungles of Costa Rica, set up a wildlife preserve, and appear to slowly, steadily lose their minds. A spiral of handguns, angry locals, armed guards, uncut diamonds, abduction plots, and a bedroom blazing with 550 Tiffany lamps ends with a body and a compelling mystery.

Using Twitter and a lot of hugs, a renegade tribe from Boston attempts to reimagine fitness as a social event

Keep ticks (and Lyme Disease) away this summer with a few simple guidelines

Carl Zimmer walks into the woods to find out why these tiny beasts are skyrocketing in number—and outsmarting scientists with every bite

The FDA regulates sunscreens just like any over-the-counter drug, which means that all those words on the label actually mean something. Here's what you need to know to slather smart.

A speed ascent of a Grand Canyon spire proves that light is right

That's right, you should like your footwear. This will help.

He's the savior of fromage, the scourge of McDonald's, the protector of organic goodness against the specter of mad cows and bioengineered crops. Busted in France, evicted from Brazil, this pipe-smoking, draft-dodging, ewe-raising farmer is a bona fide environmental star. And now he's going to jail for it. Florence Williams on the trials of José Bové.

Are you, like the fabled Spicoli, searching for a cool breeze and some tasty waves? Look no further. These six sweet spots will make you wish you were born with fins.

Come, stymied climbers, stalling cyclists, and ragged runners--behold the year's top ten fitness trends. We promise they'll punch up your performance.

An adventurer's guide to animal migrations—the greatest shows on earth

Once you've made a name for yourself in the burly world of ski mountaineering, astonished your buds, bagged a few sponsors, shot some sick footage that had Banff buzzing—in short, once you're at the top of your game, can you actually take a vacation? The author investigates in Peru's Cordillera Blanca, where six adventurers scramble to beat "poachers" to f

Richard Synergy is taking kite flying to new heights—14,509 feet, to be exact.

The brutal Southern Ocean has seen more races this year than ever before. Here's why.

My Son and the Bear
William Broyles thought he had overcome the fear of wild places that he’d developed during the Vietnam War. But when he and his ten-year-old son met up with a grizzly on a hiking trail, his demons came roaring back. PLUS: Adventure dad ­essays from W. Hodding Carter, Jack Hitt, and Anthony Doerr.

Feeding Frenzy
That sucking sound you hear in the forest? It’s the slurp of ticks feasting on our blood. Their numbers are multiplying, their range is expanding, and the threats they carry go far beyond Lyme disease. By Carl Zimmer

Double Agents
Silicon Valley is swarming with hardcore endurance athletes. How is it possible to work startup hours and train like an Ironman? Five hyper-fit techies explain their complicated formulas. By Michael Roberts

Dead of Night
When millionaire couple John and Ann Bender built a ­mansion and wildlife preserve in Costa Rica, it was supposed to be the start of a fantasy life. But something went ­terribly wrong in the jungle: John was shot dead, and Ann was accused of his murder. Ned Zeman follows the dark trail of guns, jewels, and money.

The Road Goes On Forever
Ultrarunner. Philanthropist. Adventure-film star. Convict. Charlie Engle has put prison and drug addiction behind him and set his sights on running from the Dead Sea to Mount Everest. For a man who’s ­already seen life’s highs and lows, what’s another 5,000 miles? By Rachel Levin

First Look: Why roving bands of fitness freaks are taking over parks to offer free workouts.  
Risk: A death in Utah exposes the dangers of rope jumping.
Primer: As the Endangered Species Act turns 40, we look at which ­critters have had the most impact on our favorite playgrounds. (Thank you, salamanders.)
Big Idea: A team of African-­American climbers plans to become the first to summit Denali—and boost minority participation ­outdoors along the way.
Rising Stars: Kayaking ­royalty ­Emily and Dane Jackson on ­competition, rivalries, and family values.
Covet: The VW Vanagon is still the best road-trip machine ever invented. Discuss.
Books: The haunting legacy of Three Cups of Tea ghostwriter David Oliver Relin.
Media: Kon-Tiki’s big-screen debut.

Weekend Escapes: From beating the crowds in the Northeast to ­escaping humidity in the South, we’ve got 19 ways to maximize Friday-to-Sunday bliss.


Dogma: A raft of new paleo ­lifestyle books—and a few that deflate the underlying “science.”
Grooming: Smart sunscreen choices.
My Body: How Melissa Arnot, queen of Everest, prepares for 29,035 feet.

Foot Feel: The Best Road Running Shoes of 2013