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Canadian adventurer Bruce Kirkby decided that his family was in a technology-driven rut, so he set up a grueling journey from British Columbia to Zanskar, a remote region in northern India. The dream was exploration and growth. The reality involved unexpected risks that made him wonder if the whole thing was an epic mistake.

Fed up with tight National Park regulations—no BASE-jumping, no slacklining, no fun!—adventurers are getting cozy with a surprising new advocate: the Bureau of Land Management. Nowhere are the agency's lenient recreation policies on better display than Moab, Utah.

Creative casual in Honolulu's new art hub

They know their coffee, beer, yoga, and outdoor boutiques. We've picked the highlights.

Does an enigmatic ­European have the secret to ultimate performance? Laird Hamilton and Tim Ferris think so—and research backs them up.

Proulx’s chronicle of two families who inhabit and ravage North American forests might be her best book yet

With his new film 'Popstar' in the can, we helped the SNL alum 
blow off steam the best way we know how—birding

Sally Bergesen created Oiselle to give female runners great-fitting shorts and sports bras with a dose of style. Now the swift little brand is on a mission to empower athletes by taking on Nike and its dominance over track and field.

Long overdue, disc brakes are finally taking over the roadie world

Help came right away. And then it stopped. Patrick Symmes reports on the business-as-usual corruption that brought a mountain kingdom to the ground.

No Restrictions Apply
Anything goes in the red-rock country outside Moab, Utah, where a motley collection of slackliners, off-roaders, mountain bikers, rope swingers, and BASE jumpers have established a playground of anarchy on public land. By Grayson Schaffer

What Has Dad Got Us Into?
Here's one way to avoid helicopter parenting: pack the kids onto a cargo ship, trek deep into the Indian Himalayas, and spend three months living in a monastery. Oh, and hey, why not bring a film crew? By Bruce Kirkby

Watch the Birdie
Since it was created in 2007, the fledgling women's running brand Oiselle has lured some of track's most beloved athletes to its stable, stormed New York Fashion Week, and—not least—created an alterative to poochy shorts. Now can it take on Nike? By Elizabeth Weil

Nepal might have been fine if the $4.4 billion in aid pledged by donor countries had ever made it to the victims of last April's earthquake. But in a nation as famous for corruption as it is for towering peaks, improvement is coming slowly. By Patrick Symmes

First Look
: Yukon singletrack gets world-class.
Drawing Board: A memorial to extinct species.
Media: Anthony Doerr on Annie Proulx's new eco-masterpiece.
Outsider: Andy Samberg will now go birding.

Weekend Escapes: Plotting your summer can be stressful—so we planned all your weekends for you, packed with fly-fishing, mountain biking, and beer festivals. You're welcome.

Road Bikes
: Disc brakes have finally made it to the peloton—and the latest adventure rigs.
Spectrum: Cushy trainers for hitting the road.
Upgrade: The nuts and bolts of a day at the beach.

In the Lead: A breath exercise for peak performance.
Tools: Next-gen recovery aids.
Fuel: Get watered by plants.
Active Cities: Portland, Oregon.

Creative casual in Honolulu's new art hub.


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