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Use a slow cooker to make the perfect post-workout meal

In a world where our time and attention are fractured into smaller and smaller bits, legendary biologist and runner Bernd Heinrich is a throwback, a man who has carved a deep groove in his patch of Maine woods

We know a thing or two about the Southwest—our offices are located in Santa Fe, after all. So trust us when we say that these radar-ducking adventures are full of hidden rivers and otherworldly canyons. Just don’t pass it on.

A new generation of bio-inspired prototypes are poised to join search and rescue workers on the front lines

Ten pro tips for reaching—and maintaining—peak performance

Artificial intelligence is making its way into fitness apps

Fear not winter’s harshest bite with these foul-weather friends

We put 161 pairs of planks through the paces during our annual ski test at Snowbird mountain in Utah. These eight won out.

Size matters. For speed, go big. Wanna goof around? Stubby is best.

In buzkashi, Afghanistan’s violent and ancient national pastime, riders battle for control of an animal corpse that they carry toward a goal. Sixteen years after the U.S.-led invasion that ousted the Taliban, the sport is dominated by rival warlords who will do anything to maintain power in a turbulent country that once again is up for grabs.

Plus two more books we're reading this month

Teens are breaking trail in the backcountry well before they can drink, vote, or even drive. Avalanche educators are hustling to get to them early.

Who knew that it’s easy to find great backcountry skiing in Scotland? Nobody, because it isn’t. But that doesn’t stop a committed group of hard-asses from clicking their boots and heading into the mud, rain, and heather in search of stoke.

And a worthy investment for any caffeine addict who plays hard

Caroline Gleich’s Instagram feed is full of epic shots of the pro skier conquering the planet’s hardest lines. But in recent years, it was marred by an ugly shadow: anonymous bullies whose abusive comments left a wake of anxiety and doubt. Then Gleich spoke out about her tormenters—and realized she wasn’t the only adventure athlete being harassed online.


As mountain towns in the West struggle with the soaring cost of real estate, tiny Stowe, Vermont, remains an affordable bastion of outdoor living. It’s a place where ski bums aren’t an endangered species, good food and beer are plentiful, and everyone puts a premium on playing outside. Welcome home.

It’s Like the NFL. But with Horses and a Headless Calf: Warlords 1, carcass 0. In the ancient Afghan game of buzkashi, there is more at stake than just the score. For a country where conflict is now woven into everyday life, the sport serves as a proxy battlefield to decide who holds power—and for how long. —Jason Motlagh

Braveheart Couldn’t Handle This: Bow down to the intrepid backcountry skiers of Scotland, who never let a little mud, rain, or fog get in their way. They buckle up their boots, shrug off gale-force winds, and tromp over heather and up rock to shred tiny ribbons of snow. —Simon Akam

“You’re a Joke.” “She’s a Pretty Face, That’s Her Paycheck.” “No One Really Cares.” “STFU You Dumb Ass.”: What is it about Instagram photos of a beautiful skier on the steeps that inspires such venom? Cyberbullying victim Caroline Gleich isn’t the only adventure athlete who wants to know. —Kate Siber
The Last Naturalist: Bernd Heinrich is a legendary biologist, a record-breaking ultrarunner, and a man whose daily existence has become inextricable from the birds, trees, and rhythms of his beloved Maine woods. In other words, a model for those of us looking for meaning in our fragmented lives. —Bill Donahue

Style Special

The Wild East: Good music, ripping trails, and a local vibe. Life as a ski bum in Stowe, Vermont, is plenty chill.


First Look: Teens are getting schooled in backcountry safety as junior avalanche education takes off. 

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Icon: Why Lindsey Vonn is the greatest American skier of all time.

Epic: A gang of climbing superheroes take on Antarctica.


The Southwest: Now is the time to light out for red-rock territory, with its warm, crowdless days and cool desert nights. Float the free-flowing Yampa River, get lost in New Mexico’s empty Gila Mountains, bike the Arizona Trail, and bed down in cowboy cabins and luxe lodges along the way.


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