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Schwalbe’s latest sustainability initiatives set a low-impact example for riders everywhere

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Want all the data but none of the difficulty? Hammerhead has merged a smartphone-like experience, easy device integration, and intuitive customization into the ultimate route-planning device with its sleek Karoo 2 GPS cycling computer.

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5 testers tried 14 bikes. These ones came out on top.

9 testers tried 18 bikes. These ones came out on top.

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The bereaved Steinsapir family is suing Rad Power Bikes after a tragic accident

Is Father Time catching up with you on the group ride? This checklist may help you determine if it’s time to prepare for the next phase of your cycling life.

Rivendell Bicycle Works built a loyal following by ignoring convention. But what happens when good intentions spark public outrage in a country divided?

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Protecting your head is serious business, but unless you’re knowledgable about the technical specs that differentiate helmets, it can be hard to know exactly what you need out side of the general buckets of road, gravel, and mountain biking. Thankfully Specialized makes it easy find the right helmet…

Modern drivetrains are a net win for consumers, but there’s a loss of simplicity in the push to add more gears

All helmets sold in the U.S. are subject to the same standards, so why should you pay more?

It’s easy to fall for the bells and whistles, but the hardtail wins with its affordability, versatility, and simplicity

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