From filmmakers Tyler Allyn and Cooper Lambla, Frontier of Firsts addresses the great lengths it takes to find unpaddled whitewater.

As a reporter, I’ve been taught to keep my opinions to myself. But I’ve also visited Alaska's McNeil River—the world's greatest brown-bear sanctuary—and to hold my tongue about its possible destruction would make me complicit in the death of something truly remarkable and wild.

A Normal Life, from Filson, profiles Russell Owen, a fly fishing guide on Alaska’s Alagnak River.

Even if you’re not planning on climbing Denali, you can still learn some backcountry best practices from these mountaineering incidents

Some see economic windfall. Others, a carbon bomb.

Matt Wells and Denny Hogan have been adventuring together for decades. As they push 70, they're not ready to give it up yet.

Tribes and Native-owned corporations are making huge profits by conserving their forests for carbon offset programs—an effort that could revolutionize conservation

A new Outdoor Industry Association report details outdoor rec spending by congressional district. Lawmakers should take note.

Evan Phillips climbed mountains until an injury took him out of the game. Now he pours his energy into making music and 'The Firn Line,' a podcast about the lives of climbers, artists, and adventurers.

The Bering Sea is one of the deadliest places on the planet. But for the fishermen who harvest crab there every winter, their work had steadily been getting safer—they hadn't lost a boat in a decade. That all changed on February 11, 2017, when the 110-foot Destination disappeared off the coast of Alaska with its six-man crew.

Corey Arnold photographs Alaska’s largest and most threatened salmon run—and the people who depend on it

Lawmakers didn't listen to the president’s call for less spending on land management and the environment—and put their foot down when it came to interior secretary Ryan Zinke’s reorganization plan, too

While political and legal battles rage over the future of our national monuments, one of the most important things you can do is go see them—and then share your experiences widely. Here are some of our favorite adventures. 

The two world-class alpinists haven’t been heard from since Monday afternoon, when they summited the Mendenhall Towers

A new report suggests that the answer is no, which could impact hunted species across the U.S. and Canada

Here you can send it right from the road

Take a page from Lael Wilcox's playbook and go long

The Alaska senator is gambling with America's most pristine lands—and winning

HandCrank’s Power of Film series follows brothers Sam and Zack Giffin who double as a filmmaker and pro-skier, respectively. In episode two the duo head to Alaska to film with cinematographer Ben Sturgelewski.

With his office's insult-laden response to the resignation of the NPS Advisory Board, the secretary proves that, like his boss, he's not above mudslinging

From Sherpas Cinema and the North Face, Tsirku is a three-part film series featuring skiers Hadley Hammer and Sam Anthamatten with snowboarder Ralph Backstrom attempting to ski Corrugated, a set of spines on the Tsirku Glacier.

Whether you want to dedicate a few hours or a few weeks, here's how to give back on your next trip

The new bill argues that lawsuits have made wildfires much worse, but its solution won’t do much to help

From filmmakers Paxson Woebler and Cale Green, Wild Ice highlights the endless opportunities for backcountry skating in Alaska.

Arguments against opening the last great American wilderness to oil companies tend to get emotional, but the best argument may be the cost

This month's massive government climate report sounds the alarm about the rising risk of wildfire. Will the Trump Administration listen?

From Scott Sports and their athletes, Sam Cohen and McKenna Peterson, Peak of Ill Repute follows the team on a three-week skiing expedition at the base of Alaska's Fairweather Range. 

Dallas Seavey's current predicament shows how the sport's most visible event, wary of controversy, has closed in and tightened the rules. It should do the opposite.

These two fisherwomen are ocean advocates and clothing designers during the off-season

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge—one of our most threatened landscapes—may be opened up to drilling, and opponents are taking to Instagram to protest

The longtime DOI employee says he was forced out because he spoke up about the risk climate change poses to Alaskans. We caught up with him to talk the state of the Interior, how his colleagues are faring, and what he'd say to Secretary Ryan Zinke if given the chance.

From the North Face and Camp4 Collective, Life Coach follows climbers Alex Honnold and Renan Ozturk in The Ruth Gorge in Alaska.

Who knew state parks were this good?

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Peak Design’s Give a Shot project matches photographers with nonprofits in need of eye-catching images

How an eventful anniversary trek on "the meanest 33 miles in history" saved a marriage

When the going gets rough, these duffels will protect your stuff

There's now a map for that, brought to you by the National Park Service

Pack the cooler. From surfing in Rhode Island to fishing the newly reborn Elwha River in the Northwest, these are the season’s quintessential weekend escapes.

American cowboy or posturing Trump enforcer?

Every July Fourth, hundreds of racers descend on Seward, Alaska, for one of the most difficult short-distance races on the planet—3,000 feet up, and then straight back down Mount Marathon

These summer cabins can help you have one of the best weekends of your summer

Dane Tudor is an Australian born freeskier who now resides in big mountain meccas of British Columbia and Alaska. Whether he's chasing freeride lines or tight singletrack, Tudor is always training for something.

Bear spray, plus a few other simple precautions, should keep you perfectly safe

This year’s race was fraught with frigid temperatures that frequently dropped to minus 40. Of the 25 racers intending to race the 1,000 miles to Nome, only six would finish.

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Third-generation pilot Leighan Falley on the importance of tundra tires, the devastating effects of the "white wind," and the sublime beauty of the Alaska Range

From filmmaker Tom Welsh, The Problem of the Wilderness is a film set to the poem of environmental activist Bob Marshall.

From We Are The Arctic, this film brings to light the beauty and wilderness within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

As Arctic sea ice melts, business for Alaskan passenger ships is booming. Can the fragile region handle the traffic?

When Adam Kuhn and Scott Nelson took off from their homeland of Kentucky, they set their sights on Alaska.

Professional musher Aliy Zirkle was prepared for the minus-50-degree temperatures and the brutally long distances of the Iditarod. What she didn't expect was a midnight attack by a snowmobile-riding stranger halfway through the 1,000-mile course.

From filmmaker Ryan Peterson, The Super Salmon, is a story of one fish's determination to reach the origin of the Sustina River.

There's one thing Zack Giffin won't give up in his Tiny House Nation contract, and that's two weeks chasing powder in Alaska.

Tucked away in the remote northern coast of Alaska lies the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. For some select few, this is a place of resources, mainly oil.

On a trip to Alaska, the filmmakers at Aura ran into a small town outfitter with a large story.

Heather Wilson monitors migratory bird populations for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from the captain seat of her amphibious Cessna 206

Five adventures that don't involve ski resorts

With the weight of the entire U.S. Government bearing down on them, the Gwich'in people gather together to restore their unified heartbeat.

Fed up with the routine photographs he was taking, photographer Alex Strohl set off with his friend Isaac Johnston for a trip to Alaska.

In high school, Adam Clark took a boat trip to Alaska with his mom. The trip was designed for photographers and though he didn't have a camera of his own, he showed promise and drive.

Genesis, the latest edition of The Shadow Campaign from DPS skis, takes a look at the origins of human existence.

Watch as Pro Skier Lexi Dupont reflects on the 2015-16 season in 'Maximizing Moments.'

Markus Eder is hot off one of the best seasons of his life. For the upcoming Ruin and Rose film, he traveled extensively, including to Namibia for some sand skiing

Mark Abma is known for delivering amazing segments season after season.

Eric (Hoji) Hjorleifson makes a glorious return after a two-year hiatus from filming with Matchstick Productions.

Cody Townsend and Elyse Saugstad bring you the second edition of It's Called Backcountry Skiing.

This summer, photographer Fredrik Norrsell and his wife Nancy Pfeiffer set out to explore a simple question: Could they live solely off the land for three months? The pair covered 566 nautical miles in Southeast Alaska in sea kayaks, surviving off whatever they captured or found. Between fresh crab and salmon, and foraged mushrooms and other vegetation, the couple lived like kings. Here, Norrsell explains how they did it.

Alaska is a playground, but can also humble any skier. Watch Sage Cattabriga-Alosa speak about how that's shaped his experience as a skier.

As part of Teton Gravity Research's Behind the Line series, this video highlights Sammy Luebke.

If you’re going to endure a trail-running race, you may as well do it someplace beautiful

Admirality Island has more brown bears than the entire lower 48 combined

The Mount Marathon Race is one of the oldest, fastest, hardest, toughest, and, ironically, shortest mountain races in the world

Here are a few of our favorite things about all it has to offer

Jon Krakauer’s obsession with what killed the star of ‘Into the Wild’ has persisted for nearly 24 years. Whether it was ignorance or arrogance, do the details still make a difference?

With state funds dwindling, what to do with a thousand pounds of mammal on the roadway, blocking traffic and attracting scavengers like bears? Tow the carcass out and deliver it to the needy.

This 1,000-mile race across the frozen wilderness of Alaska necessitates some very specialized kit

A new book simplifies the complicated decision of how to buy ethical salmon—and how to make it with a citrus-dill-vodka marinade

Dogsled racing, or mushing, is one of the rare professional competitive sports that is truly co-ed.

An Alaskan engineer brought a bicycle to a 1,000-mile dogsledding race through the remote Yukon. He spent two weeks pedaling through the wilderness, with no tent.

A few Alaskan outdoorsmen (and women) are trying to make distilling sexy enough for prime time. Have they figured out where everyone else has failed?