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'Recycled to Ride' features New Hampshire surfer and shaper Korey Nolan building boards out of trash he's collected

This film, from the Flylords, examines how the women who fish in Martha's Vineyard have rallied around their collective identity

'Big Ben' profiles former professional surfer Ben Wilkinson, whose current career is working with unwieldy Hawaiian trees

The latest video from Sweetgrass Productions profiles the ski patrollers keeping the harrowing slopes of Alta, Utah, safe for the masses 

Powder days and gear bonuses are great, but welcoming environments that prioritize the work-life balance are what really make these companies exceptional

That could be you, thanks to a contest the brand is running through September 16

In this film, the OARS team profiles Samantha 'Derby' Derbyshire, a prominent female river guide on Utah's Cataract Canyon

Though Gabe Messam's life has been fraught with challenges, he's a surf instructor at one of the most prestigious surf schools in Ireland

Lifeguards in Hawaii wake up early, have a healthy breakfast, and take time to work on their personal fitness

'The Ornithologist,' from filmmaker Jevgenij Tichonov, features Lithuanian native Marius Karlonas exploring his hometown of Merkine

The route to being a national park ranger is hardly ever a direct one, and for Jessie Snow, it definitely wasn't

Since flying is the only way to access most of Alaska, aviation has woven its way into the culture of this vast state

'Running Shallow' features bonefish fly guide Prince Emmanuel, who's learning the ropes from a few of the veterans on South Andros Island

The host of the podcast 'Wild Ideas Worth Living' will put out her 100th episode this spring. Here she tells how she got into the podcast business.

The pros talk about their experiences guiding on rapidly deteriorating glaciers

Jon Rockwood started his own production company to capture all the talent the ski industry has to offer

This short film features fly fishing guide Maddie Brenneman and her journey to find fulfillment in wild spaces

It's not all throwing bombs and having the mountain to yourself—but those are big perks

Building some of the country’s best trails isn't just about crafting flowing ribbons of singletrack. It's also about navigating miles of red tape.

What does it take to land on our annual list of the country's best employers? Perks like on-tap kombucha, free gym memberships, and company-sponsored ski trips certainly help. But it's a commitment to fun and supportive work environments that really makes these companies stand apart.

We dig into the finances of an Alpine Ascents International guide

Boards of Legends is about surfboard shaper Christian Bradley who has built surfboards for many of the world tour’s best surfers.

Echo of the Wild, from filmmaker Mathieu Le Lay, follows a horse caretaker named Nelu who lives high in the Apuseni Mountains.

Think you have one of the best jobs on the planet? Now's your chance to get your employer to help prove it.

In 2017, Hawaiian lawmakers removed liability protections for lifeguards exposing them to risk of lawsuits.

It's no surprise that travel nursing makes for a great occupation if you like adventure.

'Of The West' from Orvis features silversmith Jillian Lukiwski sharing how her work is influenced by a life outside.

Camp Walker is a thirty-year-old fly guide in the south Florida, where the last thing they need is more fly guides.

Creating a workplace that truly makes us happy and healthy takes a lot more than standing desks and on-site yoga. Thankfully, new research has sparked a growing design revolution.

Tom “Pōhaku” Stone is a native Hawaiian who practices the art of hand-carving wooden surfboards.

When the clock strikes 5:00 we find out what all their employees are really working for, The Night Ride. 

Want a job in the outdoor industry? Check out these resources.

Some companies go beyond kegerators and ping-pong—from unlimited vacation time to powder days, these are the places that know how to treat their employees

First it made a kick-ass camera gadget. Then it made some money. Now, with a finely honed mission, Peak Design has set its sights on employee happiness and positive environmental progress. Is a workplace utopia within reach?

Come prepared. Be curious. Keep it real. And don’t forget to bathe.

In an effort to get us all stoked for winter, Squaw Alpine dropped this video about the effort it takes to get the chairs turning every morning.

As the largest federally maintained wilderness area in the lower 48, The Frank Church Wilderness holds a special place in the hearts of the rangers that protect it.

Austin Horse on working as a courier in the age of apps

How We Grow Is film from Haley Thompson and Tomas Zuccareno about how young people in Colorado are becoming the next generation of farmers.

For over 112 years The U.S. Forest Service has been the caretaker of America's public land.

Elk sightings and waterfall hikes are all part of a day's work for Grand Canyon park ranger Perri Spreiser

A long-time Colorado patroller talks about avoiding mountain lions, the biggest storm he's ever seen, and the high cost of backcountry rescues

A former banker started from scratch to create what might be Patagonia's first distilled spirit

A new workplace grading system from the CDC puts a high premium on offices that embrace nature and encourage workers to be active

We've all read how Google pampers its employees with sleep pods, laundry service, and four-star meals round the clock. That's nothing compared to what other companies are doing to make their employees happy.

More companies are mimicking nature scenes in their offices. But why do that when you can just set up your desk outside?

Our list of 100 finalists showcases companies that make employee health and happiness a point of pride

Like the idea of traveling the country, making bank, and setting your own schedule? Travel nurses are in high demand just about everywhere.

All the outdoor access in the world doesn't mean much if your job keeps you chained to a desk with no time to enjoy it. So to find the best places to work in the U.S. in 2015 and 2016, we started by creating five company categories that reflect Outside's values and focus: Gear, Adventure & Travel,…

Columbia Sportswear announces it will pay two people a full six-month salary, plus benefits, to test gear around the world

Warning: serious life envy ahead.

It's still possible to be what you wanted to be when you were a kid.

Five business icons share how they flipped the switch on their careers—and how you can follow in their footsteps.

100 companies that believe the secret to success is empowering employees to live bigger, better lives.

It started with a salsa bowl, some cheap Australian sunglasses, and a little help from Kickstarter. Now, Sunski is making waves—and its founders are living the dream.

An eight-step plan for rebooting your career and finding a job that you love.

Two years ago, Filipe Leite turned his ponies south on a journey from Canada to Brazil. Ten thousand miles later, he's almost home after facing drug traffickers, grizzlies, and mad bulls on an epic transcontinental trip.

With a little help from Make-A-Wish, Yosemite’s first honorary park ranger earns his keep and proves his strength

There are only a few carefree summers in your life. Don’t waste them interning at law firms—opt for one of these adventure-packed seasonal gigs instead.

Four classic dream jobs and the new rules for landing them

Enlightened companies seek ambitious individuals who work hard, think big, and crave life-affirming careers, lunchtime bike rides, and soul-expanding travel

Just when we need it most, along comes a wave of enlightened companies that believe success starts with smiling employees.

Superstar chef Jamie Oliver became a hero in England by convincing his countrymen to eat better. Now he's on the case in the U.S. with Food Revolution, an ABC series in which he exposes the evils of processed fare, sends Americans back into the kitchen, and learns firsthand just how much we hate to change our recipes.

Margie Shapiro, 34, Herndon, Virginia

Apply Liberally: At Outside’s 50 Best Places to Work, you can’t go wrong

Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin, 35, Lawyer, Wyoming

Richard Jeo, 43, Portland, Oregon

A five-step strategy for landing your dream job in the action-sports or outdoor industries

Cliff Hodges, 31, Santa Cruz, California

Even if you're not a professional climber or cyclist, there are ways to get in on the action.

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