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Thanks to a new emergency SOS feature and significantly improved camera, Apple’s latest version of the iPhone is a great piece of gear for those of us who spend a lot of time outside

Less time digging through bags means more time nailing the perfect shot

As a professional photographer, I was disappointed in GoPro’s cameras until the brand’s newest iteration

As always, Apple found clever ways to improve upon its camera lenses, making the latest iteration increasingly useful for outdoor adventures

Polaroid-style photography is the antidote for the smartphone era, and a great way to capture your adventures on film

It’s the perfect size to haul around but still packs a big optical punch

Keep an eye on anything, pretty much anywhere, for just $150

The legendary skier's latest project since retiring is an Amazon series called 'The Pack.' It's the perfect lighthearted binge to get you through the pandemic holidays.

Like always, Apple made important upgrades to its new device. The 12 Pro Max, which launches in November, will be even better.

We asked professional photographers for the skills you can practice in your own neighborhood

From Patagonia to South Africa to Yosemite, visit some of our favorite places on the planet in real time via these live webcams—and start dreaming of where you want to go when we can travel again

You don't need to invest in a lot of equipment and expensive photography classes to get high-quality shots. Just use these simple tricks, courtesy of a professional travel photographer.

Use these tips to make sure you get the shot this year

After tragedy followed Hugo Sanchez from El Salvador to Canada, he started photographing the northern lights, finding a new sense of purpose in the wintertime sky

The new iPhone is an even better camera for people who want to adventure outside

The key to becoming an Instagram standout? Graduating from your iPhone to a portable, professional setup.

This revived classic is perfectly suited to city life

The collaboration could answer some crucial questions about what happens to helmets during a crash and points the way forward for better testing and certification

I beat the snot out of it to see how it holds up

Immortalize your adventures

What goes into making a great Outside photograph? Our designers and photo editors picked their favorites—from sky diving record attempts to skiers hucking 60-foot cliffs—from the magazine's Exposure section and describe what they love about each

Keep these lighting and composition tips in mind the next time you take your camera for a walk

How do the cameras stack up? It all depends on your adventures.

The XR is essentially just as good as its pricier, more feature-rich sibling

Going from an iPhone to a DSLR or mirrorless setup is expensive and time-consuming. Here are some benchmarks to guide your shopping process.

Stuart Palley captures images of wildfires at night, making some of the riskiest art around

Don't travel with your rig without these nine things

Michael Clark follows world-class athletes to the far reaches of the earth. This is his go-to gear to get him there.

Outside's social media manager shares her tips

Taking photos the old-fashioned way will make you better

The Australian pro has a few tools she never leaves behind

Pro mountain biker Katie Holden is on a whirlwind world tour. Here's the travel gear that keeps her cranking.

Setting up a mobile office anywhere just got easier

Snapping the perfect shot is hard. Snagging the perfect gear shouldn't be.

Whether for Instagram or the mantelpiece, these shooters capture your escapades best

The latest from the original action-camera maker promises unparalleled image stabilization

Adventure photographer Jen Edney embedded with the 2017–2018 Volvo Ocean Race, one of sailing's most dangerous competitions.

Leave your bulky camera bag at home and instead protect your expensive electronics in this unique pouch

The Olloclip Filmer's setup will seriously improve your iPhone photos

Tools to capture your most cinematic adventures

The new Hero is a good little camera for the price, and it's intended for those who are interested in buying a GoPro but aren't ready to drop $300 or more

At least that's the result of a new study, which also found that drivers tend to cause crashes and close calls way more often than road bikers

Running dead is not an option—at least not one we want to contemplate

The once dominant action sports company is beginning 2018 with some major changes

After several weeks testing the new camera, our editor came away seriously impressed with several of its upgrades

How the Pixel 2 improves on the search giant’s original smartphone release

Tools that make it impossible to take a bad picture.

The company’s flagship camera has important updates, including higher quality footage and better image stabilization

The software update, which launched today, is almost identical to what GoPro touted months ago but has yet to deliver

The GoPro founder always keeps one of his cameras handy, even when he sleeps

Thanks to new software, your #roadtrip photos are going to get a lot better

How to trick-out your picture-taking device without breaking the bank

For years, the action-cam maker insisted it wanted to become an entertainment company. Now it's back to focusing on a few core products—a strategy that is finally working

And stop taking goddamn selfies. Award-winning adventure photographer Krystle Wright lets us in on nine of her secrets.

A snapshot in the hand is worth two in the cloud

11 products that professional photographer Chris Brinlee Jr. keeps in his camera bag at all times

Nail the shot, anywhere, anytime

Essentials to make the perfect Earth Day Instagram picture

The brand seems to have moved 360-degree cameras forward in a big way with the Fusion

A legendary war photographer now leaves his Leicas at home

The 1DX Mark II is a pro-caliber workhorse with several upgrades that make nailing the perfect action shot much easier

A software update from the action-cam maker finally makes good use of the Hero5 Black's GPS

The action-cam maker has faced dismal stock prices and tough competition. Will this recall of its marquee product be the end of the brand?

The new Pixel delivers a top-notch shooter that takes crisp photos, high-res video, and that can go toe to toe with Apple's iPhone

If you shoot skiing or other fast-action sports for a living, you're going to want this camera

Leica just revived the instant camera

Sony just released yet another powerhouse still camera

Easy-to-use tools for turning out pretty pictures.

It's to be the best small, lightweight camera you can get for the money, ideal for shooting outdoor adventures when you don’t want to lug around pounds of heavy equipment.