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The pandemic has led to an unexpected positive—people reclaiming streets in ways that have made urban America more bikeable, walkable, and enjoyable. Preserving that will take work, but it’s worth it.

You can tell a lot about a person by the bike they ride

Compact townie e-bikes are finally gaining popularity across the U.S. Here's where they've been, where they're going, and how to get in on the rise of electric yourself.

This task might seem daunting, but it's actually quick, simple, and cheap to do at home

Walking is a challenge for Duncan Booth—it's awkward and uncomfortable—but when he hops on an e-bike, everything changes

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When it comes to CO2 emission reduction, it’s no contest between e-bikes and electric cars

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I tested the Gazelle Medeo electric cruiser to see how many gallons of gas it saved me on my daily commute

It’s true. I am a bicycle scofflaw. Sue me.

These utility bikes might just be a viable option for replacing our cars (at least some of the time)

Most of us would groan at the thought of a two-hour one-way commute. Not Chris Schierholtz. Every day he rides 35 miles to and from his office at Mission Workshop, in the heart of San Francisco.

When I'm biking to work in the rain, I need my gear to stay bone-dry. Here's why I grab this bag first.

Why telling people you ride elicits serious bike-splaining—and what you can do about it

Sure, you can get your bike tuned or buy a spare tube. But at these shops, you can also order an espresso or IPA and find your community.

Just because the season is getting colder doesn't mean you have to stop riding

The kit you need to maximize winter saddle time

Bike to work, get your exercise in—and look great, too

From Diamondback and mountain biker Mike Hopkins, Skidsville is a video about the simple joy of riding bikes.

New York's Citi Bike, one of the largest bike-share programs in the world, relies on a volunteer army to help redistribute some 12,000 bicycles among 750 stations each day, ensuring that users can grab a ride when they need one. Most of these volunteers do a few out-of-the-way deliveries a month. Then there's Joe Miller, whose superhuman efforts seem to defy any plausible explanation.

Because you don’t want to look like a Tour de France rider on your commute to the office

Because safety and comfort are key for commuting

Vanmoof Bike Company has a policy: if your bike is lost or stolen, they will either hunt it down for you or replace it for free. How? Each bike from Vanmoof has GPS technology, which allows a dedicated team to track down its location. In Bike Hunters: The One That Got Away, two of the company's bike hunters head to Casablanca to close a year-long case.

In the Five Points area of Denver, there's a small bike shop called Chocolate Spokes with owner Gregory Crichlow who's been building bikes from the frame up.

The best and brightest innovations we came across at the annual Interbike trade show

Spice up your commute with this flashy bike.

Airstream designed a bike.

Watch to see what our gear editor, Ben Fox, loves about the Urban 8.0, a design-focused commuter bike from Canyon.

Innovation from the bottom up

Bugatti makes the world's fastest production car: the Chiron. More recently, they've also started making what could be the world's fastest singlespeed bike ($39,000), which weighs less than 11 pounds and is 95 percent carbon fiber.   Buy Now…

When you think San Francisco, you think tech companies. But the city is also chock-full of outdoor brands building high-end gear right next to the bay. From bikes to bags to boards, here are six of our favorites.

Bomber, good-looking gear haulers

11 tested products to navigate the streets in style and comfort

Most people these days ride name-brand bikes that are mass-produced in factories. But the tradition of the handmade, small-batch bicycle is still very much alive and well.

A spiffy commuting shell lets you wear your pride on your sleeve—literally

In 1967, Davis broke ground on the country's first true bike lane. Fifty years later, we look back on the inaugural system's impact—and how more work remains to be done to protect cyclists nationwide.

We sent out our writer Andrew Tillin to see just how easy it is to break a bike lock. Turns out, it was pretty easy.

Fashion brand Taylor Stitch designed this bike.

The new Ellipse comes with a whole suit of smart anti-theft and safety features

The best way to haul your stuff in the city

This is the Sprinter van of bikes

This is one of the lightest e-bikes on the market

The days are significantly shorter. Be prepared for your commute with the right lights and apparel.

Are fixies the true soul of cycling? Or are they just a ridiculous fad blighting urban streets? Two cyclists duke it out.