Two years ago at Kitzbühel, American downhiller Scott Macartney survived a high-speed crash that would've ended most skiing careers. He immediately began plotting a comeback, drawing on deep stores of willpower and courage to overcome a unique kind of terror that every racer knows. They even have a name for it: the Fear.

Just a head's up to all of you in the Santa Fe area: Tomorrow, at the Armory of the Arts, Conrad Anker and Jimmy Chin will be speaking as part of The North Face's Never Stop Exploring Speaker Series (sponsored in part…

Saturday was the big day for and their campaign for climate change. People in 181 countries participated in events to draw attention to the cause, and has some great photos up that capture the different actions. Here are some of our favorites.

Three years ago, May Boeve was another college student discussing global warming at the campus dining hall. But since graduating from Vermont’s Middlebury College in 2007, Boeve has built both a career and a movement. Along with five classmates and author Bill McKibben, Boeve…

Chris Lieto is poised to make Americans care about the Ironman again—if he can just hold on to his lead.

Last week, Outside's John McCauley and Will Palmer (based in Santa Fe) and Jeremy Spencer (based in Portland) participated in the third annual Portland Oyster Race, part of Merrell's 2009 urban-adventure-race series, which moved on from Portland to San Francisco last weekend and concludes in Austin (Oct.

The Single Speed World Championships is the wildest mountain-bike on earth, where Halloween comes early and sobriety is akin to doping. To infiltrate this derailleurless debacle, we would need a thoroughly mediocre racer who could stomach the sight of way too much beer-addled flesh and report back. So, naturally, we recruited Bike Snob NYC.

This August, the 16th annual Leadville Trail 100 mountain-bike race kicks off in America’s highest city. An expected record of 1,300 competitors will climb more than 14,000 vertical feet at an average elevation of two miles. Lance Armstrong says he’s returning, and Levi Leipheimer has committed too, both hoping to…

For more than 600 years, judgment-impaired men (and a few women) have tested their speed and luck at the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. The event, the most popular attraction at the San Fermin Festival (July 7–14), draws nearly 4,000 runners every day at 8 a.m., when six…

Nothing beats a great live show, especially when you’re enjoying it under the sun or the stars. Presenting the 15 best outdoor music festivals in North America. Because summer is the time to play the field. Sasquatch! Bonnaroo The Roots Picnic Telluride Bluegrass…

Every year, thousands ofericans race. Very few of them win. All of them have a blast. Isn't it time you joined the party?

The year is half over, but there’s still plenty of time to get in shape and compete in an Olympic distance triathlon. Choose from our select races, throw on some Lycra, and start training.

Choose one of these 15 road rides from around the country and start training.

With Kelly Slater as his chief ambassador, SoCal surf legend Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz had a plan to teach the kids of Israel and Palestine how to get barreled—and bring peaceful vibes to the Middle East along the way. Of course that was before the Hamas supporters, the hashish, and the paparazzi got in the way.

Using cutting-edge techniques, three young mavericks set out to tackle one of the hardest routes in the Himalayas

New School Skiing is teaching good old hotdogging some radical new tricks

What happened that summer at Miss Katie’s camp