If you like trail over track (and if you like to hold onto the contents of your stomach), beer relays are where it's at

Meet the man revolutionizing how we save snow from season to season—climate change be damned

All the reasons 13.1-miles is fun for amateurs and pros alike

The Iditarod is one of the most grueling races in the world, covering 1,000 miles of Alaskan backcountry, and the dogs that run it train harder than almost any athlete

You can't. But you can channel it and grow from it.

Dogsled racing, or mushing, is one of the rare professional competitive sports that is truly co-ed.

The city may be the only one in America that can be confident in its Olympic hosting qualifications, and designers made an emblem that shows it

The Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom is the country’s longest-running snowboard comp, having started in 1985 as a flowy ride through a naturally-formed halfpipe that snakes down the White Salmon side of the mountain. Today, the pioneering snowboarding event is also one of the last in which pros compete alongside amateurs.

The Gelande Quaff harks back to the true spirit of skiing—having a damn good time

The big-wave contest is rare, but when it goes off in Hawaii on Thursday, it'll be epic

The highly anticipated Mavericks surfing contest has been nixed this weekend even as epic waves roll into Northern California's coast. Blame the Super Bowl.

Last week, 260 racers lined up to compete in Crested Butte’s inaugural Fat Bike World Championships.

The high-altitude, lung-busting challenge imported from Europe has become one of the hottest winter sports in North America. Why? Because this pursuit proves that premeditated suffering can be highly addictive.

It's expensive, demanding, and in the eyes of the many cities that have refused to throw their hats into the five-ring circus, a total scam

The North Face Endurance Challenge Championships in San Francisco, California, is quickly becoming one of the most most competitive races in the country.

The iconic venue, recently named host of the 2021 IAAF World Championships, is slated for big renovations to the tune of tens of millions of dollars

The first-ever documentary about the notorious ultramarathon was just as secretive and nearly as difficult to complete as the race itself

The year ahead will be filled with goggles that guide us down the ski hill, stoves that could save humanity, and Kubrickian pods that will carry us to the edge of space

The fastest American in the New York City Marathon proved she can run the roads, but she still has business on the track

The fastest American woman in New York isn’t anywhere near her peak

It'll leave you grinning—if you can overcome your nausea and fear of death

It's a predictable but delicious fun-run phenomenon. All that's left to figure out is: How concerned should you be that it'll kill you?

Athletes competing for no country are not new to the Games, but a concentrated effort to recruit more of them could bring exciting new competition next year

Our comprehensive guide to eating your way through the race

Learning to appreciate a sport that's more fun to do than it is to see on TV

Last Saturday, I lined up with Outside online editor Scott Rosenfield and 369 other riders for Giro’s inaugural, a 60-mile race-ride hybrid in the mountains above the tiny logging town of Quincy, California (population 1,728).

The rules: Pilot a boat 750 miles from Port Townsend, Washington, to Ketchikan, Alaska—no motors allowed. The prize: $10,000 nailed to a piece of wood. The result: Seven capsizings, four lifesaving Big Macs, one dramatic coast guard rescue, and a cast of oddball adventurers who reclaimed the salty heart of ocean racing.

A slow race had some runners questioning just how exciting a pacer-less event is

Get after it with these essential add-ons, from $3.50 to $900

A cast of promising and interesting characters who are sure to make this year's race a good one

Strava shares insights on the courses we know and love

We’re ready to quit our day jobs and go explore the planet

Stop whining about pedal assist. It’s here to stay and it’s totally rad.

We sent two intrepid reporters to this year's Great American Beer Festival in Denver, where more than 800 craft breweries from around the country were serving. Here's what they found.

Boston Marathon memorabilia you’ll actually wear

Regular mid-size wheels are so last year

The showdowns that captured our attention—and that are going to shape next season—as the biggest track meet in the world approaches

Numbers-obsessed fans are reinventing fantasy sports for the skiing, surfing, and fly-fishing set

Gravel grinders and disc brakes continue to take over, but throwbacks are also on the rise

You already know her as one of the best climbers in the world—and only 14—but this fierce competitor will also school you on mental strategy

Cyclists, take note. You'll want to watch these boutique gearmakers.

Every fall, the world’s best mountain bikers assemble at Red Bull Rampage to hurl themselves down cliffs in search of fame and fortune—if they make it down in one piece.

What the purchase by a Chinese billionaire means for the sport

Turns out you need to be mentally prepared for marathon registration, too

105 miles and 30,000 feet of vert make this race one of, if not the hardest on earth.

Three highlights from the opening weekend at the IAAF World Championships

The boom in trail and ultrarunning has already prompted a number of talented track athletes to try their hand at the sport. The results have been telling.

And you thought trail runners got all the good views.

This is America's version of the Tour de France. So why is it hemorrhaging cash?

But don't worry—a stateside version of Europe's grueling Skyrunning series is ready to kick your ass

ARTCRANK, which sells limited-edition cycling posters from local artists, is hosting an event in Breckenridge this week to coincide with the USA Pro Challenge rolling through town

We give the big outdoor brands a lot of love at OR—and for good reason. This year, however, we also wanted to highlight the little guys.

Our favorite titanic throw downs from the last half century

Gear companies from around the world released their brand-new summer 2016 products this week at Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City. We pored over all of it, and these five products—from a brilliant new water filter to a totally reinvented waterproof jacket—were our top picks for Gear…

Sadly, if you haven’t bought tickets already, you’ll be at the mercy of scalpers

To be an outlier in any sport now carries with it the taint of suspicion, but no matter how you put it, last weekend’s track meet in the tiny Mediterranean country is one for the books.

Some our favorite images from this year's Tour de France stages in the French Alps.

When the American cyclist quit the Tour, he did exactly what an athlete should do

With crash-filled stages, an American competing for the podium, and an astonishingly dominant performance by Chris Froome of Team Sky on Tuesday, it’s been an exciting start to the 2015 Tour de France. These images do the action justice.

Putting the new bikepacking rig through its paces on the Tour Divide

It’s taken a decade, but an American is finally riding out of Lance Armstrong’s shadow and putting the U.S. back in contention at the world’s biggest bike race

The notion that wave riding is a form of high art is outdated in the face of a multi billion-dollar global surfing industry. Young competitors want to represent their countries on the largest stage. We should let them.

The nature and brutality of these races makes the double-header particularly compelling

Blame the race organizers and the intense competition

A conversation with the new women’s record holder on the world’s hardest mountain bike course

The formula behind women’s mid-distance dominance in the U.S.

Nine months on the open water racing a 66-foot sailboat around the world is an endurance feat like no other. Here’s how the winning team prepared for the task.

Chefs are getting into cycling in record numbers. Will that change the decadent fare we've come to love and expect when we dine out?

There’s more to pro running than the Olympics. Here’s what you need to know.

A group of eccentric engineers flocked to a dried-up lakebed in California to race for the championship title of a 117-year-old sport you’ve never heard of

A new race in San Diego is betting exclusivity will increase demand right from the start

The Spaniard is inarguably the most successful stage racer of his generation, but can he win both races in one season?

In the grueling world of ultrarunning, she's an anomaly: a low-key athlete who thrives on unstructured training, competes by instinct, and crushes men in the sport's most prestigious race

This year’s film festival, which kicks off Friday in Telluride, is chock full of 100 films, ranging from feature length documentaries about climbing the world’s toughest mountains to short, art films. Here are the 10 you shouldn’t miss.

The Race Across the Sky adds a three-day option for novice mountain bike racers and those looking to qualify for the LT100.

You aren’t a diehard unless you vacation like one. These over-the-top trips put you and your wheels to work in some of the most stunning places on earth.