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Is protecting your children from harm the best way for them to explore and understand the world?

Let these pieces spark some gift ideas for Father's Day

Gifts that any dad will be stoked to get on Father's Day

Patagonia’s bunting is made for the adventurous baby. Our Gear Guy’s daughter, Jojo, loves this one for its warm and cozy 600-fill down. “Jojo even hunts for this bunting, picks it up over her head, and runs around with it, shouting her ‘vaventure!’ rally cry until my wife or…

Our editors regale us with their favorite memories of dad outside

Your pops is a good man. Get him something that will last.

My father founded the notorious 120-mile Triple Bypass bike ride in Colorado. After a few failed attempts, I set out to finally complete it.

Yeah, I'm a sucker for the latest, greatest hardcore equipment, but this everyday stuff is invaluable

From Carhartt Handmade Films, Fathers Talking Fatherhood features actor/climber/father/badass Jason Mamoa and a group of exceptional fathers as they reflect on what it means to be a dad.

Surf Photographer DJ Struntz had a long and illustrious career as a staff photographer at Surfing Magazine, but gave it all up for his family.

One day when Amber was nine years old, her father was photographing Pipeline and sustained terminal head trauma.

Jason Momoa is most known for his rugged exterior in Game of Thrones, but this film looks at his humble beginnings.

Hilary Hutcheson takes her father, Dave, fly-fishing for the first time

We've rounded up our favorite films that celebrate fatherhood and highlight how dads inspire their kids to get outdoors

My Old Man is a new video series produced by Farm League for YETI that celebrates fatherhood. Big wave surfer Shane Dorian, father of two, is profiled in the first installment, Between Pulses. While people tell Dorian that…

SUPs, souped-up bikes, sunglasses, and other things your dad will love

Becoming a dad lowers testosterone, but that doesn't mean your athleticism has to suffer.

A few gentle, words of advice to an athlete, father, breadwinner, and no-good freeriding, grooved-out, yurt-dwelling, patchouli-soaked dirtbag