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Sixty seconds. That’s how long it takes you to roll over and go back to sleep—or, with the push of a button on the Jura-Capresso Impressa J5, brew up a perfect cup of espresso to get you into your gear closet and out the door. Before you’ve even registered what…

How could he? As host of the ribald series ‘No Reservations’, Bourdain is the ultimate adventure traveler, eating (and drinking) his way across the planet, courageously swallowing whatever the locals do. This has 1. Caused him to acquire a very funky flavor and 2. Seriously altered his mind.

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Window shopping is nice, but there's nothing like wrapping your fingers around the sharp, hard edges of a new pair of skis to spark the urge to give (or get). To help you savor the mood this holiday season we present the year's best bounty in all its lust-worthy forms. From the slickest bike to the toughest laptop, these are the gifts you'll want to have—a

Thirteen otherwise courageous writers reveal their deepest, darkest fears in our homage to the creepy, crawly, menacing world of phobias. Prepare to squirm.

After being forced to stomach snake-blood cocktails and rooster-head soup, one afflicted traveler discovers that revenge is a dish best served by Norwegians