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“Spatchcocked” is just a fancy word for butterfly, and the technique ensures the quail meat to cook evenly

Protein and nutrient-dense venison cooks up quickly and pairs perfectly crisped potatoes

You might associate duck confit with fine dining, but at its core the dish is rustic and rather simple to make. All you need is time.

Got stew meat in your freezer? Add a few ingredients—red wine, barley, and cabbage—and dinner practically makes itself.

Venison and wild mushrooms fight for the spotlight in this grilled steak recipe

This turkey is brined in homemade stock, smoked until tender and juicy, and served with melted brown butter

This hunter’s stew highlights rabbit’s delicate meat and is best served over rustic mashed potatoes

Find essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium in everyday fruits

Broadly labeling a certain cuisine as “unhealthy” is not only wrong—it’s also harmful

These tiny speckled eggs pack a powerful punch of nutrients, but is it worth making the swap?

This drinkable tomato elixir is the ultimate post-workout thirst quencher

What word better describes the perfect camping meal than "instant?"

The lows and highs of swapping my daily dark roast with quali-tea matcha

Even a familiar place can deliver a dose of the unexpected

New York woman hosts soup-erb stew events in the park so everyone can get a taste

Taquitos are the best trail snack, according to a dietician

A lot of what thru-hikers eat on the trail is far from good for you. But some nutrition-minded backpackers are trying to buck the trend.

Heed the experts’ advice and do these things when cooking outdoors

Hearty grilled cabbage with soy brown butter hollandaise and fresh shiso leaves

Beloved social media pup Nala (and her owner, Chris) shows us how in a new TikTok cooking series

Does cooking spinach break down its essential nutrients? Does raw spinach have too much oxalic acid? We find out.

With more than six million views on TikTok, this cookie recipe might just be the dessert of the summer

Finally, a matcha recipe that’s not a latte

These days, meat lovers and vegans alike have seriously delicious grillout options. We asked experts on both sides how to do it right.

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The secret to a good life and good grapes: rugged terrain, challenging conditions, and just enough adversity to build character

Are you indulging in some bad grilling habits? Correct these common mistakes, and you’ll master good grilling practices.

From a summer camp party to a national trend, people are bringing a little holiday joy to the dog days of summer – and you can too

Tart, bubbly and chock-full of antioxidants, this is a mocktail that's made to celebrate summer

The writer behind the Franklin Barbecue cookbooks tells all

Bone-in pork butt grilled over direct heat for a juicy, flavorful finish

A photo collage of cycling journalist’s lunches throughout his coverage of Tour de France

We speak to WorldTour chefs and nutritionists to reveal the mega-carb menus that power the race for the yellow jersey

Good for the planet, better for your innards, vegan and vegetarian hot dogs are a win-wiener

How eight-time Nathan’s Famous winner trains for her ninth attempt at Coney Island

In a pinch, these on-the-go eats are nutritious fuel

TJ’s is officially the ultimate thirst trap

Although Instant Brands is seeing a decline in interest, we think these Instant Pot cookout recipes will always be priceless

Three cheeses — smoked cheddar, sharp cheddar and Parmesan cheese — commingle in this make-ahead mac and cheese. Sprinkle with green onions if you have some on hand.

Where do you fall on the grilled clams vs. grilled oysters debate? To settle which bivalve is better over the coals (or direct flame) and why, one seafood-loving writer asked the pros.

What to get the man who taught me an important life lesson through food?

This humble sandwich is actually an incredible snack hack for runners

Over 7,000 miles on trail, our hiking columnist has tried coffee and caffeine in most every form imaginable. But the humblest one of all taught him something about himself.

Fruity popsicles made with coconut milk, drizzled in dark chocolate, and sprinkled with your choice of toppings

Who knew a spicy sushi roll could be the ideal lunch on the trail?

As the celeb chef gets ready to launch two new YouTube shows, he offers up his tried-and-true tools—and rules—of the grill

Firing up the barbecue? This is the only sauce you’ll ever need.

A simple but delicious recipe to make sure barbecue season is a success

Move over, spicy margarita. You’ve got collagen-filled competition.

Tips and tricks to keeping your food safe and your camp bear-free

A quick, easy skirt-steak marinade with a pop of flavor and color

Learning how to buy, cook, and eat meat after eight years of vegetarianism

Don’t have a cow about cooking steak. We’ve got you covered.

A dish that fuels here, there, and everywhere

The days of broken tines and stomach aches are over

Tip Top’s canned cocktails are in a league of their own (and tailor made for your next camping trip)

Fast-food veggie burgers are hit-or-miss, but Shake Shack’s might be a winner

You don’t need to tote a frying pan into the backcountry to make a pancake breakfast. All you need is a canister stove with a pot, two or three ingredients, and a metal mug.

Though Andover Village Square is small, it houses a massive name in the Boston sandwich game: D’Agostino’s Delicatessen

Outside editors debate: Is “pancake” a flavor? Is syrup absolutely necessary? Are crepes just European pancakes?

If you’re sneezing, itching, and dodging pollen at every turn, it may be time to shift your focus to what’s on your plate

Seared-till-golden halloumi cheese is the star of this meatless salad with arugula, lentils, zucchini and a perfectly balanced Dijon vinaigrette

Get a fire started, and these skewers will deliver a complete meal in just half an hour

Avocados are like gold (and they cost that much, too). Don’t let them go to waste.

Celebrating mom has never tasted so good

The recipes of ‘Tin to Table’ will elevate your campfire meal—both in beauty and taste

This mushroom-based appetizer is the perfect vegetarian finger food

Step-by-step guide to fermenting your own vegetables

Fresh-fruit margaritas (nonalcoholic or spiked), charred guacamole, and the backyard are how we’re celebrating

Who is responsible? Without any real leads or suspects, the pastabilites are endless.