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Yogis are flocking to plein air classes everywhere from the African bush to downtown Austin rooftops

The liqueur of your past bad decisions is having a second coming

Mountain Biker Patrick Rasche lives between the metropolitan and industrial sections of Ruhrpott, Germany. It's not quite the hotbed of biking he was hoping for.

'C&R - Crime and Reality' is a film from Brothers On The Fly about Germany's current policy making catch and release fishing illegal.

Tucked into the forests of Aachen, Germany lies a little spot very familiar to local rider Jan Kloke.

Home of the Tour de France and the bicycle, the continent is best explored on two wheels

Some of these funky foods from races all around the world will give you a performance boost. Others you should avoid at all costs.

Like any real estate choice, camping is all about location, location, location. Camping on a portaledge—a deployable, hanging-tent system—gives rock climbers locations worth bragging about: unimpeded views, no noisy neighbors, and everything from egress to big-wall climbs. In the U.S., there’s no better place for a suspension sleeping system than…

The Grand Budapest Hotel is no more real than Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory. And there’s no alpine country called the Republic of Zubrowka—where Wes Anderson’s new movie is set—either. But don’t worry: you can still find hotels that share many of the same features as the…

Brian Blickenstaff went to a not-quite-top-tier bobsled competition, and he found a bunch of people with a lot more in common than matching helmets

Brian Blickenstaff spent a day without his clothes on, taking baths with complete strangers

Brian Blickenstaff celebrates Germany's "Enjoyment Day" by drinking a lot of wine and then riding his bike home—all within the letter of the law

Traveling will drive you crazy, no matter where you are. But at least in Germany you get to choose how to be miserable.

The wildest two-wheeled events on the planet feature both world-class racing and world-class carousing

Over in Germany, water sliding is serious sport. Hiking up their Speedos, athletes of all shapes have learned how to top 50 miles per hour with only the occasional bloody nose and forehead stitches. This I had to try.

Some cities are magnets for groundbreaking industries. Here are 13 that have put themselves on the map.

Our man heads to Bavaria to partake of the national pastime.

I'm traveling to Germany this June for the World Cup. I'd like suggestions for both daylong and overnight hikes. Is there a hut-to-hut system? Bill Coral Springs, FL

Here's why ten Winter Olympics have been staged high in the Alps: James Bond glamour, beautiful slopes, and raging après—ski that lasts till 3 a.m.