Return from Desolation from OARS and filmmaker Justin Clifton, highlights Eaton’s struggles as a veteran, river guide, and oil man. 

This is the trailer for Redd a film about an all-female group of horsepackers traveling 900 miles over endangered salmon habitats.

My Mom Vala from YETI and Tributaries Digital Cinema profiles its namesake character Vala Arnadottir.

A four-year battle over a tiny patch of river beach in Northern California—between two middle-aged guys with way too much time on their hands—illustrates the deep divide in how we perceive access rights to public lands

The meeting of the Little Colorado and Colorado is sacred to many Native American tribes. For years, a developer worked to build a 1.4-mile tram that would shuttle up to 10,000 daily visitors into the canyon. Activists in the Navajo Nation, however, were determined to defeat it.

Before her death last November, Katie Lee spent half a century working to restore Glen Canyon, a lost place that was even more astounding than Grand Canyon

Nikki Cooley and her sister want to get more Native people working in some of the the outdoor world's most coveted positions

In 2009, San Diego native and surfer Jack Christiansen found himself in Missoula, Montana.

Brad Dimock has been building wooden dories and guiding in the Grand Canyon since the 1970s.

On the morning of May 10, 2017, three whitewater kayakers embarked on a 24-hour expedition to paddle 300 miles.

In October, the 107-year-old Boy Scouts of America announced that it will begin accepting girls as Cub and Eagle scouts for the first time. But the Girl Rangers toppled this gender barrier more than 48 years ago.

Since 1997 there have been four attempts at a first kayaking descent of British Columbia’s Klinaklini River, none have been successful.

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Play and relax like a true Montanan at these eight iconic lodges, ranches, and cabins

The floor of the Grand Canyon is unlike any other place on earth.

The Una River in Bosnia is known for its exceptional trout waters.

While dams are being decommissioned throughout the developed world, activists are descending on Albania to fight for the Vjosa River.

A good general rule of thumb is to never drink unpurified water. Yet if you do, then use common sense first.

Shrinking the national monuments was just the tip of the iceberg

An unlicensed truck driver killed a 13 year-old cyclist in Brooklyn. It’s time to take motor vehicle licensing and registration into the 21st century.

An Outside investigation of sexual harassment in outdoor workplaces, where unwanted advances, discrimination, and assault are a frequent and destructive occurrence for far too many women

From Trout Unlimited, Smith River chronicles the importance of Montana’s most family-friendly river trip.

In Arizona, the Verde River was running dry, so Kim Schonek devised a plan to save it with the help of everyone's favorite malted beverage.

At Reeder Creek Ranch in Kremmling, Colorado, the Colorado River benefits both fishing and farming.

Upon arriving in northeast Oregon, conservationist Brian Kelly was given two job offers; cook or sheep herder. He took the obvious choice and spent the next year shepherding a herd of sheep through the landscapes surrounding Hells Canyon.

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Get ready for lawsuits. The five tribal nations that supported the formation of the monument say they will respond with legal action and continued collaboration.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. has spent a lifetime protecting rivers, an ethos born on childhood expeditions

The activist, singer, and writer died at her home in Arizona

A leaked five-year strategic plan has zero mention of “climate change” or “diversity,” marking a major pivot away from its predecessor

From Logan Bockrath of Thelonious Step, this video profiles U.S. Women's Raft Team member Julie Sutton as she makes her yearly migration from the Arkansas River to the Gauley.

As the largest federally maintained wilderness area in the lower 48, The Frank Church Wilderness holds a special place in the hearts of the rangers that protect it.

When one looks out over the vast horizon of Kremenchuk reservoir in the Ukraine it’s impossible not to be entranced by its beauty. But the man-made imposition has drastically impacted the local townships and environment.

Canada has a world renowned river wave. It's remote and less than dependable for its conditions, but when it's firing - well you be the judge.

Advice from a longtime NOLS instructor on when and how to cross a river, without drowning

The Chinese government's interest in damming rivers for hydropower motivated Winn to open a rafting company in an attempt to bring people to see rivers before they disappear behind a dam.

Undisputedly, one of the most challenging rivers in the US, its famous Pillow Rock Rapid has been the catalyst for many flips and dumptrucks.

Peter Grubb, founder of Row Adventures, talks about embracing the lifestyle, getting the certifications, and making it pay

For the first time, a new study from the Ocean Cleanup quantifies how much plastic the world’s rivers are pumping into the sea

On March 30, the five kayakers launched their boats at the village of La Tunia, attempting to make the first descent of the Rio Apaporis over 30 days. Twenty-one days and 500 miles later, FARC rebels ended it.

From Octave Zangs, Together Against The Mines shares the success story of a campaign to disallow a nickel mine to be placed on the Hunter Creek watershed.

Astral's high-performance Layla is specifically designed for big-breasted paddlers

For the last 30 years, American Rivers, a nonprofit advocacy group out of Washington, D.C., has been calling attention the plight of the country’s rivers. Today, the group released its annual Most Endangered Rivers report, a catalogue of the ten rivers in America most threatened in 2017.

From kayaker and filmmaker Mike Mckay, 'Jondachi' tells the story of young man and his connection to the Rio Jondachi in Ecuador.

The Grand Canyon is a river trip above all other river trips. Normally done over the course of weeks or months, a few members of the U.S. Men's Rafting team decided to set a new speed record; 34 hours.

From filmmaker Ryan Peterson, The Super Salmon, is a story of one fish's determination to reach the origin of the Sustina River.

In the heart of the Frank Church Wilderness, four guides on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River explore the tributaries of this mighty river.

Mountain Mind Collective released their full film, For The Love back in April. This segment entitled Liquid Lumination challenges the assumption that paddling is only a day-time sport.

When the Director of the Sierra Club, Stacy Bare, returned home from Iraq he thought he had two options; go back to the war or kill himself.

After many years of travel together, Jim Slinger and Andrew Tip Taylor revisit The Noatak River after a 35-year hiatus.

The Green River was the perfect place the folks at BOTE Boards to test out their new inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards.

Growing up in Salt Lake, Dan Gavere often found himself in some whitewater on the weekends. He's learned a lot of lessons from the river and continues to teach them to the rising rippers.

A peaceful 5 day float down the Klarälven River shakes off the work mode blues.

When summer hits and waves flatten out, Evan Adamson, Tommy Witt, and some friends took to Lake Austin for a seemingly never ending wave.

The OARS founder and conservation icon was among the first to run non-motorized river trips down the Grand Canyon

But it isn’t because of my dance moves: my life at the helm of a Colorado River latrine raft