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Studs or chains? LTs or P-metrics? Here's everything you need to know to find the perfect flexible, grippy tires—no matter the weather conditions.

Having the proper equipment is the best way to stay prepared in an emergency—and to help you prevent one

It’s the little, forgettable things that make the difference between a good trip and a bad one

The well-known climber was helping guide a group of skiers in Utah’s Wasatch mountains last month when a slide engulfed him in several feet of snow

The accident highlights an industry at a crossroads and raises a crucial question: As safety schools boom, who is responsible for making sure the students come home?

While climbing Alaska’s Eagle Peak, Joe Yelverton’s life changed in a single moment. His account of the experience won our inaugural survival-stories essay contest.

Over two decades of ambitious adventures, elite skier and climber Zahan Billimoria has had some very close calls in the mountains

Outside’s ethics guru weighs in on what to do if you trigger an avalanche in the backcountry

A fatal avalanche near Hoosier Pass, Colorado, is a reminder that dangerous slides can occur on gentle terrain

Ski patrol has become an increasingly unsustainable career path. Now unions are popping up across the country to try and change that.

Climber Marc-André Leclerc may not have craved the spotlight, but his feats in alpine free soloing certainly warranted attention

A transceiver, shovel, and probe have long been considered nonnegotiable. Airbags should be, too.

Only the very best makes it into print. But there are some pretty great runners-up you should know about, too.

The access gate atop the Ninety-Nine 90 chairlift offered some of the easiest access to sidecountry terrain, which the resort argued was a big part of the problem

That shiny sheet of plastic you have wadded up at the bottom of your daypack can help you stay alive. Will it help you stay comfortable? That’s a different story.

A hard carrying case is being issued to solve potential issues with DSP beacons switching modes accidentally

Mountain guide Mark Smiley released a digital snow safety course. Here’s how it stacks up to the real thing.

When an avalanche killed Caroline Gleich’s brother, it didn’t end her pro skiing dreams. But it did change her approach to the mountains.

A poem to remind you to stay safe out there

Know the risks, the terrain, and the gear you need before your maiden voyage into the backcountry

Versatile lids that keep your noggin safe, inbounds and out

A harrowing backcountry rescue at 11,000 feet exposes the precarious situation first responders are in thanks to the coronavirus pandemic

Yes, getting outside is good for anxiety, but you should think twice about crowding backcountry trailheads and risking getting hurt

We included this insulated bottle in our 2019 Winter Buyer’s Guide. Whether you’re hunkered down waiting for a rescue snowplow or returning from a hot summer day trip, the ChuteMag’s double-wall insulation will ensure your water doesn’t freeze or get too warm.

This beacon has all the functionality you need in an actual avalanche without the fancy features that could get in the way. The Tracker S’s usability won it a spot in our 2020 Winter Buyer’s Guide roundup of the best snow safety gear. It includes three antennas, a 164-foot…

The latest video from Sweetgrass Productions profiles the ski patrollers keeping the harrowing slopes of Alta, Utah, safe for the masses 

Three skiers died at Silver Mountain, Idaho, on January 7. In the wake of yet another ski-area avalanche tragedy, it's time to awaken our mountain sense. 

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort​​​​​​​ created this video to celebrate the women of its ski-patrol team

What to do if you've gotten yourself so stuck that you can't dig out with a shovel and traction aids

Skiers and others venturing into the backcountry often end up too far apart to help each other when an avalanche strikes

It all starts with having the right tools stashed in your vehicle

Wes Siler explains the basic skills you need to drive safely

Melting snow for drinking water isn't as easy as it sounds

State-of-the-art protection, minus that clamped-down feeling

The entire chair fell from one gust of wind, which makes us feel totally safe and not at all concerned

Although it’s minimal, this kit contains the most commonly needed first aid products, including gauze, scissors, band-aids, and ibuprofen.

Gear, classes, and other resource recommendations for those who want to get far, far out there in the winter

Safety first! In this episode of The 101, Bryan Rogala​​​​​​​ walks us through the basics of buying a ski helmet and goggles

Education is the best investment you can make while learning to backcountry ski

It’s time we made America’s prime backcountry skiing and snowboarding terrain safer and more accessible. First step: bombing slopes in the way-out-of-bounds.

This beacon is among the smallest and lightest on the market. It automatically switches to search mode when light hits it and features a flagging option for multiple burials.

Yellow snow is a no-go. But that's not all you need to know.

Two men died in one of the worst inbounds avalanches in decades. What happens now?

A slide off Kachina Peak—steep, rowdy terrain at the New Mexico ski resort—buried two men on Thursday

It's not all throwing bombs and having the mountain to yourself—but those are big perks

Put the beers in the snowbank. Drinking while shredding—or running or biking—is for Joes, Chads, Barts, and Squis

Gear that’s got your back, should things go sideways

It's no surprise that travel nursing makes for a great occupation if you like adventure.

Study finds that high-elevation areas in the Himalaya are seeing wetter, more frequent slides

Meet Henry, Vail Resort’s first patrol dog.

If you own a Generation 3.0 Mammut avalanche airbag pack from 2016 to 2018, the deployment cable may have been installed incorrectly.

From the Utah Avalanche Center To Hell in a Heartbeat follows three friends on a day in the backcountry when things go horribly wrong.

The first new collection of avalanche stories in decades seeks to help us better understand risk and consequence

While in the backcountry, there's an array of different variables to be on the lookout for. This animated video from SINTR Visuals specifically examines two of those, snow faceting and sintering.

Teens are breaking trail in the backcountry well before they can drink, vote, or even drive. Avalanche educators are hustling to get to them early.

The most perilous road in America gets 300 inches of snow a year, features 70 named avalanche paths, and has almost no guardrails. Who would be crazy enough to keep Colorado's infamous Highway 550 clear in winter? Leath Tonino hopped into the cab of a Mack snowplow truck to find out.

We break down the differences between various off-the-grid communication devices. Getting the right one could save your life.

A regular day of skiing requires a lot of gear, so you can imagine how much ski patrollers have to carry while they’re out keeping us safe on the slopes. To find out exactly what they pack, we caught up with Robin McElroy, an 11-year veteran of the Squaw Valley Ski Patrol, Alaskan heli-ski guide, and former big-mountain ski competitor.

A long-time Colorado patroller talks about avoiding mountain lions, the biggest storm he's ever seen, and the high cost of backcountry rescues

These should all get lots of use from November through May

Greg Hill is an accomplished backcountry skier with a laundry list of accolades. He's here to provide you his 7 tips for enjoying the backcountry.

The Scope ley's you instantly measure snow pack characteristics while ski touring.

With peak season in full swing, High Fives Foundation released this safety documentary explaining what can go wrong in the mountains.

This snow shovel can handle winter's worst.

And Ortovox will help incentivize you: it'll pay $75 for any old transceiver through a new gear-retirement program

Utah-based Mountain Hub is out to crowdsource backcountry safety

If you live in the mountains or are looking for a furry friend to keep you warm, these are the best dog breeds for cold-weather climates

I want to go ice skating on the lake near my house. How do I know if it’s safe?