Five essentials to keep you safer, and happier, on the slopes or in the city.  (Zeal Optics) Zeal Optics HD2 Goggles Zeal Optics’ HD2 goggles incorporate a 170-degree high-definition camera that’s operated by a three-button control on the side of the frame, so you can discreetly capture action…

Whether you need to cut ounces or film backcountry turns, here are four items for charging hard on the slopes

From water to powder to gravel, these four new toys give you extra float—and will have you grinning from ear to ear.  ​(Tahoe SUP) Tahoe SUP Keep Tahoe Blue Rubicon Paddleboard The crew at Tahoe SUP shaved pounds off the 12-foot Keep Tahoe Blue Rubicon paddleboard by constructing the core…

Cold weather doesn't mean you have to forgo hard workouts. Keep your edge with these four indoor training tools.

Training Essentials: Gifts for Athletes

We love stocking stuffers, but the big-ticket hero gifts are the ones we really look forward to. Presenting eight splurges to buy—or maybe just drool over.  (Salemtown Board Co.) Salemtown Board Co. Mimosa Oak Cruiser Close to two hundred bucks might feel like a lot to spend on a skateboard,…

Do you long for a remote, snowbound cabin with a real wood-burning stove and flannel on the bed? So do we. This is the gear you need to look the part when the dream becomes a reality.

Show how much you care by attacking your loved ones' taste buds.

Even the dirtiest of dirtbags deserves to clean up nice at the beginning (and end) of the day.

Travel feels the most glamorous when you’re not physically traveling. So it follows that the nicest thing you could give someone is a way to escape the dreariness of airports, nonreclining seats, and sad airplane food.

Organize your warm-weather gear so it’s ready to go come spring

Raid your gear shed before this weekend’s party

From a supercharged light for a GoPro to a bike light that actually keeps you safer, these are our nine favorite little things for the gadget geek in your life.

Camp lights for when you don't have to worry about fast and light

Most of us will spend a third of our adult lives at a desk. Make the most of that time with these six workout essentials and transform your desk from a shackle into an efficient, flab-busting fitness tool.

It all depends on what you’re watching and how much you want to spend

If it’s next to skin, it had better be good

We break down the science behind these devices and explore which ones will keep you safest

We love bikes, but you’ll see a lot more country on a motorcycle

Essentials to keep 'em entertained and ready to explore

No arguing, no questions. Just a rock-solid promise the gear will work or your money back.

The peak of the season calls for maximum relaxation (bonus points for style). Here’s what to keep at the ready for all the best days of the year.

You've had all summer to prefect your grilling skills, so make this event one to remember

We asked Burner veterans for tips. What they suggested will make your stay more pleasant, but no less weird.

Yes, you read that right. We tracked down the best do-anything, go-anywhere sandals, good for so much more than just lounging on the beach.

We stopped seven trekkers passing through Oregon to find out what they couldn't live without on their 2,550-mile journeys

We love these workhorse bags because they’re so damn useful

Sure, lasts, uppers, and midsoles all matter. But above all, get the ones that feel good.

From survival strategies to kindling tricks to impress your friends, we’ll cover it all so you can make sure you’re warm and well s’mores-ed

Take the appropriate precautions so you can concentrate on your ride, not the pain coming from your inner thighs

We give the big outdoor brands a lot of love at OR—and for good reason. This year, however, we also wanted to highlight the little guys.

The coolest outdoor toys don't always cost a fortune

If you want clean, safe water in the backcountry, this is the only purifier you should be buying

Don’t feel like making friends with bears and raccoons? Keep your campsite locked down with these simple tips.

From mountain biking to paddleboarding, your best friend can do it all with a bit of basic training

There’s no reason to sacrifice function for fashion. These seven items—from the world’s most versatile shorts to the ultimate koozie—give you flexibility to relax, run around, and keep the booze chilled all day long.

Six versatile essentials to help you look and feel your best

Getting into paddling is a good call. Blowing your money on unnecessary gear is not. Here’s exactly what you need.

Surfski (noun): The fastest, tippiest kayak. If you’re just getting into the sport, this is the boat for you.

The six swim trunks you should be wearing this summer

Climbers love them, and we ran a half marathon in them to prove that you should, too

Six innovative tools to keep your favorite hiking buddy safe on the trail

If you’ve committed to your first half, you’ll need the right gear. We’ve got you covered.

The best gifts don’t have to cost a fortune

Pro adventurer dads share their suggestions. (Hint: Rooftop tents, not ties.)

There’s a whole world out there beyond U.S. borders. If you plan to explore it, you’ll want these things with you.

If you plan to run this summer, you better have a hat. Here are our five favorites.

6 packable products for the tiniest of city apartments

The 7 commandments of shopping for a car-camping shelter

Just because backyard barbecue season is here doesn’t mean it’s time to break out the Solo cups. It’s time to upgrade.

Picking up a new sport? Repurposing these five items will save you some dough.

With Memorial Day unofficially ushering in summer, it’s time to break out the grill and car-camping gear and hit the road

You don’t have to cross an ocean for travel to become a major hassle. Like an overseas journey, flying domestic is easier if you have the right stuff.

Freedom on the open roads: What more can you ask for? Here are 10 pieces of gear to prep your adventure-ready rig for whatever you decide to throw at it.

After a day in the woods, you deserve a place to sit comfortably.

2015 Gear of the Year Winner

The trick to choosing the right boat? Think hard about where—and how—you'll use it.

Tools to improve backcountry adventures.

Angry hikers are setting up booby traps on popular trails to scare off cyclists. Is segregation the answer?

You know how much the ladies in your life have done for you. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show them all they do hasn’t gone unnoticed.

The gear to make you (sleep) better in bed

An outdoor shed that costs less than $150 and a bombproof bike locker? We’ll take two!

The steeplechaser failed hard, then became a superathlete a week later—fueled by beer and burgers.

We spoke with six park rangers to find out what products they won’t leave home without.

A taste for high-end fly-fishing gear is like a taste for fine wine: an appreciation for the subtleties is extremely personal and can get pricey fast.

Six of our favorite items to keep you comfortable and visible on the road

If you want a true survival tool, look elsewhere. These are the best knives for everyday use, whether you’re backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail or car camping with the family.

Absolutely. You just need to get creative.

Few things can ruin a would-be stellar trip like realizing you forgot something really important. With this guide to packing, you won't have to learn the hard way.

Perpetually foggy goggles are one of the few things that can ruin a precious powder day. Thankfully, two companies agree and are working to produce the world’s first anti-fog technology.

Don’t just throw money at the problem. Master layering—yes, even for summer!—and the outdoors will never be the same.

Now we can all (basically) have the car of our dreams

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