Hilary Achauer
After years of science failing to show the benefits of multivitamins, research has found multivitamins may benefit older adults and athletes

While plant-based meats may sound like a no-brainer for your health, athletes need to read the fine print

Vitamin B12 is an important player in keeping your engine running and your energy levels up. Find out which foods can increase your intake naturally.

Find essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium in everyday fruits

Broadly labeling a certain cuisine as “unhealthy” is not only wrong—it’s also harmful

They’re all over your social media feeds, but do they actually work? We turned to a pharmacist and dietician for answers.

Here's why you need to monitor your water intake

Here's what to keep in mind about hydration supplementation at all elevations

Does cooking spinach break down its essential nutrients? Does raw spinach have too much oxalic acid? We find out.

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Balancing training intensity, rest, and nutrition can help your body bounce back faster, reduce soreness, and improve overall performance

How concerned should we be about heavy metals in our favorite beverages?

Many believe intermittent fasting negatively affects women’s hormones and fertility. The science suggests otherwise.

Because staying hydrated doesn’t have to be complicated

How Outside’s endurance brand director fueled for the most important running day of the year

Plus, why post workout fueling is so important

Have an uncontrollable sweet tooth? It might be your brain.

We asked experts how much protein, and what kind runners should be eating, covering vegan to meat-eaters and everyone in between

The fitness industry is rife with harmful messaging around food and exercise. Here’s what to know about when food behaviors are a problem.

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Hydration isn’t just for race day. The latest science shows that it not only makes you feel better and stronger today, but is key to a long and healthy life.

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Learn about the benefits of being properly hydrated daily

It’s no surprise that what people eat has an impact on their health, but trying to pinpoint exactly what diet out of the hundreds out there is most optimal for a long, healthy life can be overwhelming

How I broke my obsession with the delicious little packets and fueled with real food instead

How Jenelle Manzi fuels to combat health condition and get through her busiest season

This herb’s relaxation properties may be the reason peppermint is in every product on the shelf. Could you benefit from a cup of tea, capsule or drop of oil?

Instead of sending your peels to the trash, there may be a way to repurpose them—no composting necessary

It’s easier than you think to add nutritious foods into your diet this season

We asked a chef to test an array of vegan cheeses. Here are his favorites.

These made-from-scratch vegan bratwurst sausages may be better than the all-meat variety

We had a chef put these egg replacements to the test

Before you grab a colorful, flavorful sports drink to sip after your next workout, read this

The process is as easy as making a smoothie

The proposal will affect the marketing and packaging of certain cereals, nuts, and fish

Don’t let an upset stomach ruin a good workout

Top athletes—from Nordic skier Jessie Diggins to mountain runner Joseph Gray—share a meal-by-meal plan of what they eat on typical winter days.

Once vilified, foods containing high dietary fat are now being promoted as an important part of our daily diet

Put down that hydration mix and pick up some carbs

Level up your fall cooking game with these delicious and nutritious gourds

How far can professional coaches and a revamped diet take an average off-the-couch gravel cyclist? Pretty far, apparently.

From cheese to leafy greens, serve something unexpected at your next barbecue

Eating for activity is not as complicated as you think

Being metabolically flexible helps performance, but do you need an app to track it?

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Celebrate your miles all summer long with a crisp and refreshing nonalcoholic beer that won’t undo your hard work

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Recipes and advice from the women behind one of Alaska's most conscious salmon purveyors

Delicious and good for the environment? Sign us up.

Your unexplained fatigue may be due to calorie deficiency, with serious implications for your health and performance

Eating right looks different for athletes, and following vague nutrition maxims can have a surprisingly negative impact

‘Maintenance Phase’ hosts Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes are tackling everything from Halo Top ice cream to the war on obesity

Overcomplicating sports nutrition wastes money and time. It also perpetuates privilege.

Actually, we can’t get everything we need from nature

The food-mood connection is interesting, but the research is still in its infancy. Here’s what we know.

Eating disorders affect people of all backgrounds, at all weights. To tackle them, we first need to reframe the way we think and talk about them.

The popular app promises weight loss without dieting. Then it proposes restrictive eating habits.

We asked a handful of athletes competing in Tokyo in various sports to share how they fuel themselves

The nutrition trend is all over TikTok, and it’s actually not a bad idea

From cereal and waffles to cottage cheese, we found retooled takes on the morning classics

The buzziest supplement on the market might just live up to the hype. Here are our favorite new products.

Quick fixes and one-size-fits-all solutions abound in the world of wellness influencers. Here’s why you should avoid them.

Sustaining and delicious whole-food meals and snacks to pack for your next mission

A DIY almond—or cashew, or sunflower—spread should be a staple in any kitchen

It’s a fun, easy DIY project that will help elevate any meal or snack

Body fat is not a reliable indicator of health. So why are we obsessed with it?

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With a little planning and some inspiration, you can make this the summer of alfresco dining

Your microbiome absolutely impacts your health, but taking postbiotic supplements won’t do anything to help

For two years, I logged nearly 70 snack varieties in a spreadsheet on my search for the perfect adventure snack

The popular brand Oatly claims it’s a health food. The internet claims it’s more like a can of Coca-Cola.

Challenge what you think you know about diets, nutrition, and why we eat the way we do

Most trendy kitchen appliances are a waste of space. The air fryer is an exception.

Your diet impacts your health, but stop expecting so much from it

Dialing in your nutrition when you’re on the couch can be hard, especially for an active person. Here’s what you need to know.

A dietitian weighs in on our favorite packable midday meals

Alternatives to animal products aren't necessarily better for you

The key to a good diet is flexibility

Spoiler: it isn't all that different from real ground beef

You can grind almost anything into a flour, but that doesn't mean you should. Here are six alternative flours that are actually worth trying.

Swap your protein shakes for these cozy beverages packed with protein and electrolytes

Delicious meals can make extreme circumstances feel a little friendlier. These recipes from a backcountry chef are a good place to start.

We asked a professional chef and a nutritionist to evaluate ten meals. Here's what rose to the top.

In the latest installment of Ask a Doctor, Outside's resident physician dives into trends like vinegar shots and Theraguns