Plenty of food trends from this year should stay in the past. And a few of them should come with you into 2020.

A guide to help you wade through the misinformation and buy just what you need

We tested the most nutritious cookbooks that came out in 2019. Here's what we're sticking with in the New Year.

A registered dietitian nutritionist could help you solve a mystery gut issue, boost your training, or develop a better relationship with food. Here's how to know what to look for.

The holidays are all about sharing delicious food with loved ones. These recipes from athletes and chefs will nourish and satisfy.

Sourdough is delicious and good for you, and with just a little practice, you can make it at home

A few athlete chefs share their favorite recipes for eating healthy—and hearty—when the cold settles in

We took a peek inside their packs and had a nutritionist grade their choices

And everything else you're wondering about the carbonated-water craze

These underappreciated, nutrient-dense farmers'-market finds are worth adding to your shopping bag

Caffeine is old news on the supplement scene. These next-gen coffee products aim for additional benefits.

What we teach our kids about nutrition can impact them for the rest of their lives

Making your own delicious performance beverage is as cheap as it is easy

Here's how to tell if you're getting enough of this essential, overlooked nutrient

A good diet is a balance of nutrition, flexibility, and giving your body what it needs

The new program, called Kurbo, could encourage dangerous habits for young people

When it's too hot to cook, opt for refreshing salads, noodle bowls, and smoothies

Start-line nerves, finish-line beers, and lots of fast, hard miles in between aren't easy on the gut. Here's what I've learned over a decade of racing.

Alt meat isn't going to stay alt for long, and cattle are looking more and more like stranded assets

We have a lot of opinions about how to make the most of your pit stop, whether you're headed to or from an adventure

The global meal-replacement market is growing at nearly 7 percent annually and expected to reach $20.6 billion by 2021. But as we hack nutrition for hyperefficiency, have we evolved past the need for deliciousness?

Calorie counting can be a huge burden. Plus, you're probably terrible at it.

The world-champion obstacle course racer has had a 20-year history with anorexia. But now she's in the process of recovering, and she has some important lessons to share.

Late-night calories can boost recovery and set you up for an active day. Here, a nutritionist weighs in on athletes' favorite snacks.

The days of veggie burgers that taste like cardboard are over

The tastiest nutrient-dense options for backpackers on a budget

The breakfast staple has had a rough go of it in the last few decades. So are they good for you or not?

Hydrogels, electrolytes, and drink frequency top the list at this year’s ACSM conference

Insights from this year’s ACSM conference on how to lift, what to eat, and how that affects endurance athletes

I thought most of the food I ate came from nearby—until I put that presumption to the test

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How this ex-combat surgeon, ship’s doctor, fourteener hiker, and aspiring ninja stays strong

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Losing 100 pounds was only the beginning. Here’s how Brianna Bernard, a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and mother, stays healthy every day. 

We won’t tell you what to think; we’re just here to share the latest data.

Energy that tastes more like a meal than a dessert

We wanted to know: in the face of climate change and innovation, how will food fare? Top food experts weigh in.

The thresholds that define low iron can be different for athletes compared to non-athletes

Healthy and convenient or too good to be true? Our writer sampled a dozen of the most popular brands to find out.

Power your day with this protein-packed grain

How to fuel for an action-packed 24 hours

Old-school diets may have fallen out of favor, but diet messaging is still everywhere. Intuitive eating promises to help you drown it out.

The ketogenic diet is all the rage in the fitness world. But does it really make athletes healthier, stronger, or faster?

Recommendations from athletes and chefs on boosting flavor and nutrition in this all-American snack

New research suggests that a month of probiotic supplementation reduces GI symptoms in runners

Even bagels, pasta, and sweets deserve a place in your personal food pyramid

Thanks to savvy marketing, science, and luck, blueberries helped usher in a new era of health food obsession

Once again, science says that fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are really good for you

In this short video, Mike Hopkins honors the true hero behind all great adventures—the humble peanut butter and jelly sandwich

To counteract caffeine tolerance, new research suggests you need to swear it off temporarily

Bored with plain old soy milk? Here's everything you need to know about the ever expanding milk aisle.

Signs that your coffee habit is doing more harm than good

Spice up your on-trail diet with these creative vegan recipes

Trying to eat perfectly all the time is a losing battle

Eating out ruining your diet and your budget? Here's how to do it less.

Spending time in the kitchen shouldn't feel like a chore

Coconut oil's health benefits are overblown, at best. Here are five healthy alternatives.

Oranges, ginger, garlic, even chicken soup—most of our so-called cold-fighting foods don't do much for us when we're under the weather

The evidence in support of carbohydrate drinks is flimsier than you might think—which is why the results of a new study are worth paying attention to

When outdoor athletes launched the first energy bars more than 30 years ago, no one could have predicted it would revolutionize the way Americans eat. A look inside the hottest—and strangest—category in natural foods.

The benefits of beet juice seem to be weaker in trained athletes. They just need more of it, a new study suggests.

A new multi-study review finds no advantage to following a hydration plan compared to simply drinking when you feel like it

This fall I joined the ranks of Shawn Baker's all-meat cult for 30 days. Here's what happened. 

Five different ways to store a week's worth of food

No matter how many miles you're putting in, these recipes will satisfy your cravings

A fast-mimicking program called ProLon claims it can

The editors weigh in on all the things we ought to give up... but won't

Our advice for maintaining your nutrition and training goals this holiday season? Chill out.

Give the ultimate holiday present: new ideas for healthy and delicious meals

Delicious recipes for easy, all-in-one meals packed with nutrients

Kimchi, kombucha, and pickled veggies all have one thing in common: good-for-you bacteria

Dietary fiber contains prebiotics, compounds that boost the growth of beneficial bacteria

To fuel for athletic success, consider specificity, periodization, and personalization

Wild rice stuffing, date pumpkin pie, savory sprouts, and more